Submission to the Alaska District Court

As previously reported Judge Pamela Washington is considering the issue of the missing evidence seized by the Anchorage Police Department in the arrest of Shailey Tripp.  In particular, it is my understanding that a cell phone and lap top computer of Shailey Tripp's have not been returned.  Shailey Tripp has asked me to submit a... Continue Reading →

Shailey Tripp Fights Back!

Shailey Tripp is not an attorney, wealthy, or an Alaska resident.  Yet she is fighting for her rights in Alaska.  As I have documented on this blog, the Anchorage Police Department have disparaged her by issuing false "statements" and "press releases" to the National Enquirer.  According to Shailey, she gave not one, or two, lie... Continue Reading →

Internal Affairs of the Anchorage Police Initiates Investigation

By way of update, I provide the following report regarding the "evidence seized" of Shailey Tripp, and which has not been returned. Ms. Tripp has advised me by e-mail that she has contacted various departments at the Anchorage Police Department regarding her property which has not been returned, in spite of an order of the... Continue Reading →

Lt. Dave Parker in Violation of Judge’s Order?

Lt. Parker, I’d like to believe you that you called me; however, after a thorough review of my cell phone log, I can find no evidence that you attempted to reach me. Perhaps you called the wrong number by mistake. 907-***-**** is the correct number. Before discussing my property I need to correct a misstatement of... Continue Reading →

Pretty Boy Mitt Is a Corrupt Bastard, Too!

In the beginning I thought Mitt Romney was the most likely Republican to win the nomination. Until today I perceived that the most likely reason that he would NOT win the nomination was the fact that he is Mormon. However, being Mormon may be the least of his challenges in securing the GOP nomination.   While... Continue Reading →

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