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Focusing on a recent post from the SarahPalin channel, Fartknocker of Wonkette disembowels both the content and frequency of videos available on the latest attempt of Palin to make money. If Palin looks particularly bad to you lately, it may be the result of being disemboweled.

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With a majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate, it seems logical that there would never be a time when our military or DHS would be threatened with lack of funding. However it seems that funding for DHS hangs in the balance. If Congress doesn’t act soon the people working night and day to produce the documents requested two years ago might not get paid. Secret Service agents might not get reimbursed for the massages they already paid for, although they may have paid less than the going rate. Air Marshals might not be able to meet other Air Marshals in Hawaii! The country could come to a stand-still!

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Sarah Palin has used Facebook to once again portray herself as a champion of the military. She posts four different images. The top image is the most offensive. It includes this message:

“If you look for virtues, that set us apart from the enemy, you find them in those who wear the uniform, who take the oath, who pay the price for our freedom.” The quote is followed by the signature of Sarah Palin.

Clearly Sarah Palin has never served in the military. Clearly Sarah Palin has no personal knowledge of, or experience in, the virtues of the military. Clearly she has no personal experience with those who have “paid the ultimate price” for freedom.

It is excruciatingly difficult to listen to Palin promote her love of the military, and extol their virtues, and yet promote torture. Not only does she illustrate her lack of virtue by doing so, but she promotes the torture of members of our military who have the misfortune of being captured.

Shame on you Sarah Palin. You will never be capable of understanding the dangerous nature of your rhetoric, or its offensive nature. You dishonor the members of our military be pretending to be their advocate.

At CPAC the topic of Palin’s speech was the military. Obviously someone else wrote the speech for her. Who could fault her for wanting to take care of our vets. I have a couple of observations:

1. After the speech, in the Q & A Sarah couldn’t resist using her analogy to slavery, suggesting that the federal debt was akin to slavery. The amazing thing is that we can’t reign in the debt by spending more money on the military. Even Republicans have had a hard time supporting legislation to increase defense spending.

2. Palin got her statistics wrong. The 23 suicides per day she mentioned were a figment of her imagination. However she was focused on the PTSD of soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Those were the wars Bush got us into! Those were the wars Obama voted against. Obama brought our troops home from Iraq.

3. Because Palin quit as Governor, and has never served in any federal office, she has never had to make the hard decisions about how to spend our tax dollars. Of course we would all like to eliminate the national debt. Of course we would all like to spend billions of dollars supporting veterans suffering from PTSD. The problem is that wishing for something doesn’t make it happen. When somebody quits, they stop trying to make change happen. Palin quit. She quit trying to make a difference.

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“akgirls” sent this link for everyone to see:

As amazing as it sounds, it seems that it is acceptable in North Carolina for a lobbyist to hire a prostitute to persuade a politician of their position. Not only is it acceptable, but it doesn’t have to be disclosed as a gift, because it is deemed to have no value. I’m expecting Todd’s announcement of a move to North Carolina!

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It appears the Secret Service is not the only division of the Department of Homeland Security that has used tax-payer dollars to finance the sexual exploits of its employees. “nswfam” sent us this link. The article reveals that a supervisor in the Federal Air Marshal division of Homeland Security, Michelle D’Antonio, used her position to arrange for sexual encounters for herself and other members of the Air Marshal Service. For more than 10 years Ms. D’Antonio worked for the Air Marshal service where she was responsible for coordinating flights and schedules for other air marshals. It is clear that during her 10 years Ms. D’Antonio scheduled her travels with one thing in mind; Sex. Even when a fellow air marshal tried to back out on a rendezvous, she sent him a text, “No worries, The lube and bag o fun are already packed.”
While the number of air marshals is kept secret, it is estimated that there are a few thousand air marshals that we pay for with our tax dollars. The service has requested $816.7 million dollars for its 2016 budget. $100,000,000.00 of the 816 is for “travel and related costs.”
Ms. D’Antonio was placed on “administrative leave” in December of 2013. As the investigation has continued more than 60 federal employees are under investigation for possible inappropriate use of their positions for sexual encounters. It is unclear if Ms. D’Antonio was or is still being paid during her “leave”or whether she is still eligible to receive retirement benefits.
If , God forbid, we ever become the target of another terrorist attack, rest assured that the Air Marshals of America with be some of the first to know about it as they watch the television in their hotel rooms. Because there will surely be two air marshals in bed together they can talk about what might have been done to prevent the attack.

I wonder if the air marshal arrested for taking pictures of the view looking up women’s skirts was one of the people who reported directly to Ms. D’Antonio?

There seems to be a history of wild sexual adventures of Air Marshals from Orlando.

There have been 14 incidents of “suicides” within the Air Marshals.

CBS News reported over a year ago of the “train wreck” waiting to happen. They reported of Air Marshals involved with excessive drinking, use of prostitutes, and even rape of women. I want to know if women in America are safer now that we have a Department of Homeland Security, or are they at greater risk?

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duck dynasty at cpac

Sarah Palin gave a speech at CPAC.

Phil Robertson, senior actor on Duck Dynasty, gave a speech at CPAC too.

Can you identify the similarities and differences?


Both had white on their upper torso; Palin a white jacket, and Phil Robertson his scraggly white beard.

Both had papers with them to help them remember what to say.

Both are celebrities.

Both are responsible for the financial future of their children.

Neither spoke about any candidate for office.

Both spoke against the GOP.

Watching both was a waste of time.

Neither proposed a single measure to address any concern mentioned (one exception: Phil suggested that the secret to controlling STDs was for men and women to be std free when they marry, and to stay faithful)

Neither indicated if they have ever had an STD.

Neither indicated how many people they have slept with.

Neither indicated the ages or races of the people with whom they have had sex.

Neither brought a child to the speech who had special needs.

Neither brought their guns.

Both are over 50, and a grandparent.

palin duck dynasty two


Robertson received a standing ovation, and when Palin was finished, people were racing for the door.

Robertson wore his church clothes. Palin wore her others…

Robertson quoted a statistic that was probably close to correct. Conversely the statistic quoted by Sarah Palin was totally wrong.

Robertson brought his spouse. Sarah did not.

Robertson promoted the notion that “I love you.” Palin didn’t indicate that she loved anyone other than herself.

Phil indicated concern for the millions of people in the country who have stds. Palin identified her only concern for members of the military who had taken their lives.

People presumed that Palin hitchhiked to get to the speech, and Phil probably rode in his motorboat.

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The Washington Post provides a specific detailed analysis of the absurdity of Palin’s claim in her CPAC speech that 23 veterans per day were killing themselves as a result of their PTSD arising from their service in the Middle East.Not only was the basic information about veteran suicides fundamentally flawed, but the suicide trends to which she made reference related to ALL veterans, of any age who served in ANY war. The more accurate information regarding veteran suicides for veterans who were on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan indicated that there was less than one suicide a day over the last nine years.

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Any suicide of any veteran is a tragedy. However it is equally tragic that Sarah Palin uses the military for political benefit and can’t even get her facts straight. This may make the Politifact Lie of the Year, but that assumes they still consider Sarah Palin a politician!

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palin cpac black lace

Hoping that Sarah Palin didn’t repeat her performance in Iowa, CPAC had an idea. They would make sure her speech about the military was written for her. The speech was clearly written for her as it contained none of the typical Palin comments and hillbilly jargon. It was the question and answer session that showed Palin’s true colors. During the question and answer section they instructed her that she was to only give one word answers. The moderator told her twice that she should give one word answers.

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The organizers of the CPAC Convention wanted Sarah Palin to attract interest for the convention. However it appears they were concerned about what she would say. They gave her the military as her topic, which is something almost everyone could agree on. In less than a two minute segment, CPAC held a question and answer session at the end of Palin’s speech with a moderator asking the pre-planned questions. “Governor Palin” was supposed to answer five questions with one word answers. In the video she answers her five questions from 18:42 to 20:19. In an effort to limit the babbling, they required Sarah Palin to answer the questions with only ONE WORD. The thought was how stupid could she sound if she could only say one word in the “lightening round”. The problem was that she was incapable of answering the questions with one word. Instead of giving five words to answer her five questions

seasame street 5

she gave 174 words. Here are the questions, and the Baracudda’s nonsensical answers.

BaraclObama, one word answer, Barack Obama – “ Sorry, … hey we came in second out of two… sorry”

Hillary Rodham Clinton- “I’m sorry”

Lady Margaret Thatcher-“iron…earthquake”

What are the Issues for young folk – “Well hopefully, some of through osmosis some of the message that I ah just delivered will will be received by them but I know that the folks in this room get it they have that great love and that honor of those who are willing to sacrifice all in in terms of service in in the name of of freedom for us so that but also that these kids need to understand like Thomas Payne said if there be trouble let it be in my day that my child will then have peace meaning we have to make some sacrifices today and not be so well politicians today anyway so doggone selfish that they would get these kids, and then their kids, and their kids after that, so in debt that they are shackled, and that they are so constrained and confined to what we are doing today its unfair, immoral, unethical, and I think its illegal that debt.”

Is there a double standard between the way the media treats Republican women and Democratic women. “Yes”

We could spend days talking about how stupid her answer was, but the really sad thing is that she couldn’t follow even the simplest instruction, and say only five words.

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These are pictures associated with cell tower infrastructure. In what world does anyone believe this is the subject of dinner conversation at the Palin household?

cell tower infrastructure one

cell tower infrastructure two

cell tower infrastructure three

These are closer to what the Palin family might really be talking about. Enjoy!

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