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Hoping that Sarah Palin didn’t repeat her performance in Iowa, CPAC had an idea. They would make sure her speech about the military was written for her. The speech was clearly written for her as it contained none of the typical Palin comments and hillbilly jargon. It was the question and answer session that showed Palin’s true colors. During the question and answer section they instructed her that she was to only give one word answers. The moderator told her twice that she should give one word answers.

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The organizers of the CPAC Convention wanted Sarah Palin to attract interest for the convention. However it appears they were concerned about what she would say. They gave her the military as her topic, which is something almost everyone could agree on. In less than a two minute segment, CPAC held a question and answer session at the end of Palin’s speech with a moderator asking the pre-planned questions. “Governor Palin” was supposed to answer five questions with one word answers. In the video she answers her five questions from 18:42 to 20:19. In an effort to limit the babbling, they required Sarah Palin to answer the questions with only ONE WORD. The thought was how stupid could she sound if she could only say one word in the “lightening round”. The problem was that she was incapable of answering the questions with one word. Instead of giving five words to answer her five questions

seasame street 5

she gave 174 words. Here are the questions, and the Baracudda’s nonsensical answers.

BaraclObama, one word answer, Barack Obama – “ Sorry, … hey we came in second out of two… sorry”

Hillary Rodham Clinton- “I’m sorry”

Lady Margaret Thatcher-“iron…earthquake”

What are the Issues for young folk – “Well hopefully, some of through osmosis some of the message that I ah just delivered will will be received by them but I know that the folks in this room get it they have that great love and that honor of those who are willing to sacrifice all in in terms of service in in the name of of freedom for us so that but also that these kids need to understand like Thomas Payne said if there be trouble let it be in my day that my child will then have peace meaning we have to make some sacrifices today and not be so well politicians today anyway so doggone selfish that they would get these kids, and then their kids, and their kids after that, so in debt that they are shackled, and that they are so constrained and confined to what we are doing today its unfair, immoral, unethical, and I think its illegal that debt.”

Is there a double standard between the way the media treats Republican women and Democratic women. “Yes”

We could spend days talking about how stupid her answer was, but the really sad thing is that she couldn’t follow even the simplest instruction, and say only five words.

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These are pictures associated with cell tower infrastructure. In what world does anyone believe this is the subject of dinner conversation at the Palin household?

cell tower infrastructure one

cell tower infrastructure two

cell tower infrastructure three

These are closer to what the Palin family might really be talking about. Enjoy!

If you like that one, Check these out!

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Us4Palin has confirmed that Sarah has answered a burning question in the minds of all who support her. What does the Palin family discuss at the dinner table? Possible topics included:

1. What Todd would have to wear in jail if he is found guilty of tax evasion.

2. What rehab place has the best tacos for Sarah.

3. Why is Trig’s favorite word “bullshit”?

4. How can we get more money?

5. Why does Dad keep entering the Iron Dog race when he keeps losing?

6. Did mom really make her shoes out of electrical tape? Did she steal the tape from Levi?

white dress comparison

7. Can we sue the people who sold mom the drugs she used the day she gave this speech?

8. Who’s idea was it to blame it on the failure of her teleprompter?

9. What else is mom “seriously interested” in doing?
Watermelon seed spitting?

Championship wrestling?

Mud wrestling?

Dwarf tossing?

Velcro Knife Throwing?

velcro knife throwing

Velcro Dwarf tossing?

No, none of the above. Sarah has confirmed that the answer is “cell tower infrastructure.” Even I couldn’t make this up! Us4 Palin has reported that she really said this! Just imagine the conversation between Todd, Sarah, Trig, and Piper as they discuss Fermat’s Last Theorem, whether the theory of cosmic inflation is correct, and cell tower infrastructure.

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It’s not clear,but I think this chameleon saw this picture of Sarah Palin…

palin wonkey eye

palin life lines

“Got-cha Question” has become synonymous with “Sarah Palin.” Some might think that poor Sarah has been the victim of unfair “liberal media” asking her inappropriate or unfair questions. Salon today identifies the questions and answers of Scott Walker as comparable to the “gotcha questions” posed to Sarah Palin. Just one example was weather Barack Obama is a Christian?

The truth is that Palin just clarified what we already knew. Politicians who claim to be the “victim” of gotcha-questions are in fact just stupid. Instead of admitting that their answer made no sense, they blame the media for asking a question that showed that the reporter knew more than the person giving the answer.

George W. Bush perfected the art of revealing his stupidity with an impressive and memorable performance. Remember these examples:

1. What is your view of tribal sovereignty in the 21st century?
Bush’s answer:
“Tribal sovereignty means just that; it’s sovereign. You’re a — you’ve been given sovereignty, and you’re viewed as a sovereign entity.”

2. Bush said: “My Job is to do My Job.”

3. Here is one of many interviews when Bush tried to tie 9-11 to the war in Iraq.

The Urban Dictionary defines a “gotcha question” as:

“A simple and straightforward interrogative expression posed to a person who is perceived to have intelligence but upon answering is proven otherwise.
If you ask what type of newspapers you read, then I just asked you a gotcha question.
What types of newspapers do you read?
How do you spell your name?

palin 2011

THE Urban Dictionary gives the top example of a “gotcha question” as a question that Sarah Palin was too stupid to answer. Here are the first examples from the Urban Dictionary:

“Any question that former Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is too stupid to answer.
Gotcha questions asked by interviewers Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric:

Charles Gibson: “Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?”

Sarah Palin: “In what respect Charlie?”

Charles Gibson: “What do you interpret it to be?”

Sarah Palin: “His world view.”


Katie Couric: “When it comes to establishing your world view, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read…?”

Sarah Palin: “I’ve read most of them again with a great appreciation for the press…”

Katie Couric: “But what ones specifically? I’m curious.”

Sarah Palin: “Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years.”

Katie Couric: “Can you name any of them?”

Sarah Palin: “{Long speech about how Alaska isn’t a foreign country}”… no shit.

The amazing thing is that Sarah Palin herself uses the term “gotcha” to describe this question. Here is the video of Sarah excusing her obscenely foolish answer by saying it was in response to a “gotcha” question.

In truth the question was a softball type of question. Sarah could have answered the question based on her individual reaction, talking about anything she saw, and how it made her feel, and there was no “wrong” answer. Here is the actual question:

Question: “What have you seen so far today and what are you going to take away from your visit?”

gotcha question paul revere

The indisputable conclusion is that any question asked of Sarah Palin is a “gotcha question.” ANY time she is required to answer a question it is likely that she will be unable to disguise her complete ignorance of just about anything, except what types of drugs are available in Alaska.

palin wonkey eye

In bold, all capitol RED letters, the Sarah Palin channel advertises that “THE CHANNEL IS ABOUT YOU!

In a 5 line pitch, Sarah explains why people should pay her money to hear her toss her word salad.

palin word salad one

The most telling part of the advertisement is the following:

“Plus, be the first to see my ideas for America…

It is easy to see how a subscriber would be the “first” to see Sarah’s ideas, since Sarah has yet to have any ideas! When you quit your elected office, you don’t have to be responsible for having any ideas. During the 2008 campaign, Sarah, barracuda, was all about criticizing Obama. She was sorely lacking in the “ideas” department. Sarah has never offered any solutions to any problems. She only criticizes after the fact. The only time she had to be responsible was the half-term she served as Governor. Her signature initiative while Governor was the ACES program. We know what a cluster that was!

The year is 2015. Sarah Palin hasn’t had one “idea” since the 2008 campaign. She’s come up with a variety of ways to criticize President Obama, including attacking his manhood. She’s glad to criticize any Democrat, and even moderate Republicans. Remember when she gave commentary about Libya. Not only did she fail to offer any proposal or policy to address the conflict in Libya, but she famously advertised her lack of understanding of military operations.

She couldn’t even identify the name of the conflict.


The Sarah Palin channel has links to 19 different matters that have been addressed since 1-22-15. However in the 19 identified, there is not a single positive idea. Every one is a direct criticism of Obama, or an attempt to advertise Sarah Palin’s patriotism. None are policies. None offer any ideas on how to solve the complex problems facing our country. Anyone who gives Sarah Palin money is obviously not interested in finding solutions to problems. Instead they are happy to bury their head in the sand, fearful that too much information might complicate things. They just know that they “love our freedom” and they “support our military,” so Sarah Palin is the person to whom they will give money.


The good news is that by giving money to Sarah Palin, at least their money will not be supporting anyone running for elected office.

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Salon reminds us of the gift of Saturday Night Live.

Chevy Chase doing Ford.

Betty White.

The Delicious Dish. (Betty White’s Dusty Muffin)

Will Ferrell impersonates George Bush on global warmings.

Several Presidents

Tina Fey

The reenactment of the Debate

palin drill baby drill

It’s been 6 years since Sarah Palin coined the phrase “Drill Baby Drill.” She has said often, and loudly, that she is a conservative, and in favor of less regulation and lower taxes. However the ACES program, for which she takes credit, did exactly the opposite. ACES had the effect of raising taxes on oil companies in Alaska. It had the effect of discouraging production or the drilling of new wells. Oil and Gas companies preferred to explore in other states that did not impose such high taxes on their production.

Here are the facts:
1. During the 2008 campaign, McCain claimed that Sarah Palin knew more about energy production than any other American.

2. During the 2008 campaign, Sarah Palin became famous for the motto: “Drill Baby Drill.”

3. Sarah Palin took credit during her short term as Alaska’s Governor for the ACES program of taxation on the oil & gas companies drilling in Alaska. ACES had the effect of causing a decline in both production and development because of the high taxes that would have to be paid to the state of Alaska.

4. Palin now reports that:
“ From 2007 to 2012, employment in the energy industry rose a dramatic 31.6 percent while employment nationwide fell 2.7 percent. U.S. oil production increased from 6.5 million barrels per day in 2012 to 7.4 million barrels per day in 2013, and in December, the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas produced its billionth barrel of oil. Thanks to American energy entrepreneurs’ drive and innovation, we’ve surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest oil and gas producer. This truly is a great American success story, and it’s a proud moment for those of us determined to educate D.C. bureaucrats on the link between energy and our security and prosperity.”
“Apparently, the president is pretty proud, too. In his State of the Union address last month, he boasted about the surge in oil and gas drilling, saying, “We are as free from the grip of foreign oil as we’ve been in almost 30 years.” From the way he’s talking, you’d think he coined the phrase “drill, baby, drill.” But it was just three years ago while campaigning in Miami that he lectured, “We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.” Respectfully, Mr. President, “yes we can.” And yes we did. Average gas prices were well over $3 in 2012, but in the first months of 2015, they’re near $2, with some states enjoying even lower prices.”

5. It is true that America is enjoying an 8 year high in domestic oil production. U.S. Oil Imports and Exports , the independent and bipartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) notes that since 2005, U.S. domestic production of oil has increased by 24%. Over the same period, Americans’ petroleum consumption actually decreased by 9%, falling to 18.8 million barrels per day. From 2005 to 2011, net U.S. oil imports fell by 33% and now account for 45% of the nation’s total oil consumption, down from 60% in 2005. The trend began under the Bush Administration. Domestic oil production increased at a similar rate during 2004 to 2008, the last four years of the George W. Bush administration. In other words, the increase in domestic oil production under President Obama is, in reality, a continuation of a trend which began under President Bush .

In addition, the President of the United States – any President of the United States – can only control oil and gas exploration and production on lands and offshore areas owned and controlled by the federal government. According to U.S. Oil Imports and Exports , 96% of the increase in domestic oil production since 2007 has taken place on privately owned, nonfederal lands, thus making it oil and gas production in which Presidents Obama and Bush had little or no role. Thus it is the private sector and the allure of greater profits that has inspired production.

6. While the United States has enjoyed a huge increase in oil and gas production over the last 8 years, Alaska has declined in its production during the same period. Oil production in Alaska is now lower than it was on the day in 1977 when the first oil flowed through the pipeline. Alaska has lost more than 200,000 barrels of oil/day under the flawed ACES tax regime, and the pipeline is operating at dangerously low levels. Since ACES passed in 2007, North Slope production has fallen almost 31 percent. In contrast, New Mexico production increased 38 percent during the same period, Oklahoma 35 percent, Utah 46 percent and Texas a whopping 70 percent. Alaska was the only North American oil province to suffer declining production in 2011-2012 and now ranks behind Texas, North Dakota, California and Alberta in daily production.

7. Sarah Palin endorsed and campaigned for Bill Walker in the recent Governor’s race. A pivotal issue in the race was Walker’s support of the ACES program. He opposed the conservative approach advocated by Sean Parnell which was designed to give more incentive to oil companies through tax breaks. Walker defeated Parnell and in the short time he has served as Governor, he has already been identified by Oil and Gas companies as the opposition. “Most notably, Walker raised strong objections to a newly enacted tax structure on oil production that was intended to encourage investment in the state. It was an abrupt – and alarming – shift on his part, as he pledged during his campaign last year that he would not undo the tax law that Alaskan voters upheld in a referendum this past summer.”

Walker has reneged on other campaign promises
. He filed a private lawsuit against a deal the state reached with ExxonMobil that paved the way for construction of a natural gas facility at Point Thomson on the North Slope. Walker pledged to drop that suit if elected. Now that he is governor, Walker has not only refused to drop the suit, but has put his lieutenant governor in charge of overseeing the suit.

The damage inflicted upon Alaska by Sarah Palin while Governor, continues. By creating ACES and campaigning for Walker, Sarah Palin did, and continues to, promote the decline of oil production, and revenue therefrom, in Alaska. Concurrently, Palin takes credit for the increase in production nationally, even though she quit her only elected office, because she advocated “Drill Baby Drill” during the 2008 campaign.

Anyone who believes anything Sarah Palin says should be required to wear a warning sign.

stupid sign

Stephen Colbert features his best work from the last 9 years!

stephen colbert high five

stephen colbert facts

stephen colbert one

stephen colbert paul revere one

Just Say NO to BS

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