palin awkard with trig

Dear Sarah,

I know you read this blog because just this week you, or your staff, reacted to this post by pretending to wish Trig a Happy Birthday within minutes, even though Trig’s real birthday was two days prior.

trig going to school

I don’t expect you to be motivated by anything I say or write. However you have proclaimed your love of family, and you have often defended and rallied behind Bristol. Today on Bristol’s blog she posts pictures of Tripp (that’s two “T”s…as in Shailey Tripp) for the last three Easters. In each one Tripp is doing something that children love to do on Easter. Here are the pictures:


tripp 2012


tripp 2013


tripp easter 2014

Here is your “Easter” picture of Trig as you send him away.

sarah and trig school

We didn’t see a picture of a birthday party or an Easter celebration, even though this past weekend was both. For years people have speculated that Trig isn’t your biological son. We will probably never know the truth about Trig’s biological mother. What we do know is that every child deserves to live in a home where he feels he is loved and cared for by his mother. Because Trig is a special needs child he needs that love even more. It seems Trig no longer serves a political purpose for you. You will surely never hold another political position, so you no longer have a need to remind people of your position on abortion.


You travel around the country without Trig, endorsing candidates for political office who eventually lose,


palin serving sarah steelman

attending basketball games without Trig,

palin basketball

attending NASCAR races, with your husband the pimp, but without Trig,

palin nascar

meeting drug addicts with the girls, but not Trig,

palin and rush and girls

appearing with politicians for political purposes, without Trig

palin cruz born texas canada

appearing with famous hunters who promote statutory rape, without Trig,

palin and duck dynasty stars

giving speeches at graduation ceremonies in remote locations,without Trig,

palin graduation

appearing in New York for television shots, without Trig,

palin pink shirt new york

eating at Chick-fil-a, without Trig,

palin chick filet

and making “reality” shows about the great outdoors, in front of green screens indoors, without Trig.

palin reading green screen

You don’t have time for Trig, and we understand that. Make up a lie to explain why, but send Trig to Bristol, or to anyone that will raise him as their own son, who will love him and provide for his special needs. Trig needs a mother, and you need to tell him you are sorry you have used him for the first six years of his life. Let him experience the joy of making a snow bunny and coloring Easter eggs. His life is precious and he deserves a mother who will love him and celebrate his life. Make it easy on yourself, and give him a permanent home with a mother who will love him.

Malia Litman, and all mothers who love their children

old jewish lady

Mrs. Yetta Rosenberg gets off the plane in Miami and, being tired from
the flight, goes to the first hotel she sees in order to get a room. She
walks up to the desk and tells the clerk, “I’m Mrs.Yetta Rosenberg, and I
desire a room for the night.”

The clerk looks disdainfully at her and coldly says, “I’m sorry, madam,
but our hotel is “completely booked.”

Just then, a man with his suitcase in hand, drops his key and a check at
the desk, and heads for the door.

” What luck, says Mrs. Rosenberg. “I can take ‘his’ room.”
“I’m sorry, madam,” says the clerk, “but I thought you understood
my meaning. To be blunt, we do not cater to Jews.”

“Jews?” exclaims Mrs. Rosenberg. “So, who’s a Jew? I’m a Catholic.”

In obvious disbelief, the clerk asks her, “If you’re a Catholic, then
answer this question: Who is the Son of God?”

“That’s easy,” says Mrs. Rosenberg, “Jesus Christ.”

The clerk, still not convinced, then asks, “Who was Jesus’ mother
and father?”

“Mary and Joseph,” replies Mrs. Rosenberg , testily.

Then the clerk asks, “And where was Jesus born?”

“In a manger in a barn,” answers Mrs. Rosenberg, becoming agitated.

“And why was Jesus born in a manger in a barn?” asks the clerk.

“Cause a schmuck like you wouldn’t rent a room to Jews!”

palin mad

Dishonesty”, “disloyalty,” “lying,” “treachery,” “unfaithfulness,” are each antonyms for “loyalty.” In their personal relationships, “loyalty” is not a burden carried by either. We have repeatedly learned of Sarah’s unfaithfulness.

palin national enquirer brad hanson

An entire book has been written about Todd’s disloyalty and treachery.

boys will be boys

In the political realm, “loyalty” is also not a burden for either. Remember during the 2012 campaign when they both endorsed Newt?

newt family values

When Romney won the nomination, Sarah’s endorsement was too little, and came too late to be of any help to Romney.

When Sarah quit her job as Governor of Alaska, the GOP was critical of her. When Sarah was not invited to speak at the RNC in 2012, it was clear the Republican Party was trying to distance itself from Palin. However even the Tea Party seemed to desire distance from her too. She was not invited to the Tea Party rally the night before the RNC. Sarah has now made it painfully obvious to the Tea Party that she possesses no sense of loyalty to their leadership.

“M” brought this article to our attention. As indicated, Palin’s candidate for the Senate seat from Florida was State Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto. The Tea Party endorsed the winner of the Florida primary, Curt Clawson. Thus, Palin’s endorsement was contrary to that of the Tea Party which endorsed Clawson.

It is difficult to understand Palin’s decision to endorse Benacquisto rather than Clawson. Benacquisto has admitted that, contrary to Palin’s position on abortion, she is in favor of allowing a woman to choose abortion in cases of rape and incest.
Moreover, Benacquisto has previously been involved in politics and Clawson has not. Because Palin has been a proponent of “new faces” and candidates who are not part of the political “elite,” it seems likely she would prefer Clawson rather than Benacquisto. Most importantly, because Clawson was the Tea Party candidate, it seems that Sarah Palin would have either refrained from endorsing anyone, or endorsed Clawson, the Tea Party candidate. Instead Palin endorsed Benacquisto saying:

“Lizbeth Benacquisto is the only proven conservative in the race. She served her constituents well and has never forgotten who put her in office – the people,”
“Lizbeth will take these values to Washington to fight for us all.”

Benacquisto has “a record that demonstrates a willingness to take on special interests and rein in the scope of government.” She called her a “fierce advocate for her constituents” who has “introduced and pushed through legislation to protect our senior citizens.”

Like Sarah Palin, Benacquisto was defeated. It seems the Republican Party is still paying the price for giving Sarah Palin national notoriety. Perhaps the Tea Party is beginning to realize that Sarah and Todd are loyal only to themselves, and not even to each other.

palin funny face

palin and miller

Politico has an interesting analysis of the Senate Race in Alaska. The implications of Palin’s previous endorsement of Joe Miller may still cause havoc in the GOP’s attempt this year to remove Mark Begich as the Democratic Senator from Alaska. Even if Sarah Palin remains uncommitted in the Senate race this year, Joe Miller is known because of her endorsement four years ago, when he ran against Lisa Murkowski. If Miller runs as an independent, he may split the conservative vote, and Begich might win again! The Republican party had a chance immediately after the 2008 election to admit that the nomination of Sarah Palin was a dangerous and irresponsible decision. Because the Republican Party failed to do that, the Republicans have to endure the consequences, that they are still feeling more than four years later!

palin and miller two

ladies laughing two

A wife comes home late at night and quietly opens the door to her bedroom.

From under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two.

She reaches for a baseball bat and starts hitting the blanket as hard as she can.

Leaving the covered bodies groaning, she goes to the kitchen to have a drink and cool down.. As she enters, she sees her husband there, reading a magazine.

“Hi, sweetheart,” he says. “Your parents have come to visit us,so I let them stay in our bedroom. Did you say hello?”

old lady laughing

mccain laughing

This one will make your day!

mccain crazy old man

funny easter two

Sarah Palin has just announced she plans to pen a new series of books, designed to take us back to the true meaning of holidays. Inspired by her last block-buster book on Christmas,
palin christmas book

highlighting the sweet smell of boiled bear heads that filled the house during the holiday season, this will be the second in the series. As if an after-thought, since Easter has passed, Sarah shows that it is never too late to celebrate Easter, or a birthday…and it is the spirit of the celebration that is important, not the day you celebrate the occasion. “Better late than never” is the mantra of the Palin family, and Birthdays and Easter are no exception. If not a guide for this year’s Easter Celebration, maybe you can put the book on the shelf, and pull it out annually to help you put the “E” back in Easter. Here are a few of the Palin family traditions that you can incorporate into your own family traditions. It would be an Amazing America is every family bought a book and celebrated the true meaning of Easter, exercising their all important second amendment rights.

funny easter four mom

1. Exterminate Bunnies. Bunnies are a nuisance. They eat the vegetables in your garden. They don’t practice safe sex. Their eggs are a nuisance, causing cuts to the feet of special needs children, and attracting rats and snakes who are foolish enough to think that there is still a scrumptious bunny in the egg. Exterminate bunnies from your yard annually on Easter…or whenever you celebrate it.

funny easter five dead bunny

2. Envelope the Epidermis. “We kill so we can decorate.” That is also the motto of the Palin family. “Nothing wasted,” that is also the Palin family motto. All the bunnies that were shot for Easter should be skinned and their pelts make terrific

rabbit pelt
earmuffs, toilet lid covers,

rabbit toilet lid cover

Kleenex box adornments, hand towels for the kitchen, pillows

rabbit pillow

and smokin hot boots.

rabbit boots

God wants us to honor his creations by decorating our homes with reminders of his magnificence.

3. Eliminate Common Household Odors
. There is nothing sweeter than the smell of boiling bunnies to brighten the Easter morning of your family. After you have shot and skinned your bunnies, you can make bunny chili for your family to enjoy as they celebrate the holiday with you…on whatever day you celebrate the Easter.

palin moose chili

4. Educate Everyone. If there is one thing the Palin family is known for it is education. From a mastery of American history

to world geography,

to the importance of using God given secretions for proper grooming,

Easter is a time to celebrate the importance of education.

5. Election of Common Sense Conservative Politicians. Because most elections come in November, the Palins often celebrate Easter in November by “electing” Tea Party candidates. There is an “E” in Jesus, and in “Tea Party” Candidates, but there is no “E” in Rapublicans or Dimocrats.

6. Embrace Differences. The Palin family is all about enclusiveness. It is no accident that there is an “E” in “white” and three “E’s” in “heterosexual.” It is important to note that there is no “E” in Black, Asian, Hipanic, or homo.

7. Emphasize the Emportance of Embryos. Easter is a time to celebrate birth and the importance of human embryos. “Baby” doesn’t have an “E” in it so there is no need to focus on the child after birth. It is the potential of life that we celebrate on Easter, whether that life is later found in prisons, mental institutions, or a hospital on life support.

8. Empty your Pocket Books. Easter is a time to give to SarahPAC to fund essential travel in private planes and chauffer driven black Suburbans. Give often. Give extremely.

9. Enlarge your breasts. What better time to enhance your bust line than Easter? Pink is one of the colors of Easter, and pink shirts look better with bigger boobs.

palin pink shirt new york

10. Erect an anatomically correct monument to your husband. Easter is a time to celebrate the differences found in husbands, especially if they are bi-colored.

boys will be boys

11. Explore Eskimo heritage. Easter is a time that we contemplate the “E” in Eskimo so we remember the Eskimos who emergrated from Europe.

funny easter three eggs

12. Eyes. Easter is a time to celebrate all espects of eyes. From the eye lids that the dr raised , to the eyebrows that the cosmetologist enhanced, to the eyeglasses that hide our lazy eyes, to the warm eyeballs cut out of the head of a moose that your dad presents to you, Easter is a time to remember the emportance of eyes.


palin glasses

palin easter

Speaking of kids, this will bring a smile to your face!

men babysitting ten

chelsea clintonmarriage

Chelsea’s pregnant! Hmmm. Hillary hasn’t even announced her candidacy for President in 2016 and journalists are already attacking Hillary for the birth of her grandchild, that hasn’t happened yet, for what she hasn’t done yet, which the media hasn’t reported on yet. The suggestion is that the media was too harsh in it’s criticism of Sarah Palin in 2008 for using Trig as a prop, so Hillary might use her grandchild in the same way, but the assumption is that the media wouldn’t report on it if she did.

There are so many things wrong with this story that it’s difficult to know where to begin.
(1) When Sarah Palin paraded Trig at the RNC, he was her child, she carried him with his face outward as if to make sure the audience saw his face and knew he had Down’s Syndrome.


Remember the shots of her family sitting in the audience with Piper licking her hand and smoothing Trig’s hair.

Nobody was critical of her for having her family at the convention. We expect to see the candidate’s family.

Sarah Palin, Piper Palin, Trig Palin, Willow Palin

romney ryan rnc

romney kids pizza

(2) This baby would not be Hillary’s child, but her grandchild. Any person running for President with a child under a year old should be questioned about the time commitment necessary to devote to the Presidency and the child.

(3) During the time Hillary was the First Lady, she and Bill worked hard to keep Chelsea out of the public eye. There is no indication that Hillary would flaunt a grandchild. In fact history tells us she would work hard to keep reporters away from the child.

(4) If Chelsea’s baby was conceived for political purposes, this was poor timing. It would be sensational if the woman running for President had a daughter pregnant during the campaign, and Hillary would become a grandma during her first term as the first female President.

(5) Remembering the election of 2008, it was Sarah’s daughter who was pregnant at the time of the campaign. The party of morality and Christian values nominated a woman for Vice President who had been pregnant herself before she was married. Her daughter was pregnant out of wedlock DURING the campaign.

bristol pregnant rnc

(6) The contrast between Bristol and Chelsea is dramatic. Bristol had her first child while a teenager and unmarried. Chelsea is in her 30’s and has been married for almost four years. Bristol dropped out of high school and had to graduate late because of the pregnancy. She has never attended college. Chelsea graduated from one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, Stanford, where she graduated with highest honors. She has earned masters degrees (plural) from Oxford and Columbia. She is currently pursuing a PhD from Oxford and NYU. Her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is an investment banker, and has probably never shot a moose, or fathered a child out of wedlock named for a handgun.

chelsea clinton wedding family

(7) When Sarah gave birth to Trig (assuming only for purposes of argument, that Sarah gave birth to a baby that is now called Trig) when she was 44 years of age she had a 1 in 38 chance of having a child with a Down’s. When Chelsea has a baby at 34 years of age, her risk of her child having Down’s is 1 in 500. When journalists reacted to Sarah parading Trig around as if carrying a trophy, they were reacting to the impression that Sarah didn’t think of Trig as her child, but instead as a prop, to remind her supporters that she was a right-to-life advocate. Now that Sarah still uses Trig as a prop,

sarah and trig school

sarah kissing trig

leaves him with babysitters, and even forgets his birthday, it is clear that reporters were astute when they characterized Sarah’s relationship with Trig at the RNC in 2008.

palin neck

My post today commenting on Palin forgetting Trig’s birthday appeared on the Internet at approximately 12:55 pm.
Almost thirty minutes later a post on Sarah Palin’s Facebook appeared. Sarah was wishing everyone a happy Easter and in a “PS” she mentioned “Happy Birthday” to Trig. The timing was priceless! I waited until two days AFTER Trig’s birthday to post anything thinking that if pictures were taken, or a party was planned it could have taken a few hours to process the pictures or post them on Facebook. Trig’s birthday was Friday. The “PS” post came today, coincidentally thirty minutes after I reminded Sarah that she forgot the special day of her special needs son. The fact that the mention of wishes for Trig’s “happy birthday” came only in a “PS”…afterthought…was clearly confirmation that Sarah DID forget Trig’s special day. More telling was the fact that she didn’t post a picture to advertise a cake, party, or presents. She was kissing Trig as he headed off to school on the bus.

trig going to school

trig going to school kisses

While she mentioned he was taking treats to the kids at school to celebrate his special day, it surely wasn’t cupcakes or a birthday cake. It must have been something that could be transported in his backpack…maybe fruit roll ups or gummy bears. There were no pictures of an Easter Egg hunt, Easter baskets the kids got, or even a picture of the family dressed up for Easter Sunday services. Sarah’s shoes look more like slippers so this picture could have been taken any morning …and by whom? Notice how the picture is framed as if staged. The kiss that is given is also staged. Everyone knows that boys who are six years old hate mom giving a kiss. Everyone knows that when a mother drops her child off at school, or says goodbye, she gives him a HUG! Moreover this picture is taken not as Trig is getting out of the car, or while entering the school bus, or on the way down the sidewalk toward the bus, but as if the picture is staged with the picture being taken in front of the car where Sarah and Trig could pose for the camera. A hug in this context would have been a sign of affection. A kiss like this one is staged. The look on Trig’s face before the kiss is a clear sign he isn’t comfortable kissing this strange person. The turn of his foot is an indication of his level of discomfort with the charade. It’s like Sarah was posing in front of the green screen for a show.

palin reading green screen

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