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Of course it isn’t Thanksgiving yet, so Sarah hasn’t announced anything for which she is thankful. This is just a prediction. I may be wrong, but these are the things that strike me as possible things for which Sarah Palin might be thankful…
Sarah might lead her family in prayer at the Thanksgiving table, and she might say that she is thankful because:

1. That the family drug dealer is finally giving us a volume discount.

2. I shot that gecko. so now I save 20% on my car insurance.

3. The APD never charged Bristol for repeatedly hitting that guy at the party.

4. Even though I’m no longer popular in Alaska, at least people still know who I am.

5. My old wig still looks smoking-hot.

palin wig

6. Bristol’s jaw is still aligned.

7. Bristol has learned her lesson and from now on whenever she goes to a brawl, she always wears Depends.

bristol hiding face at party

8. Todd knows that I’ve got Joni Earnst in my back pocket and her maiden name was Joni Bobbitt.

9. I’m thankful that the pilgrims landed in Anchorage or we wouldn’t be celebrating Thanksgiving today.

10. I’m thankful that if Trig doesn’t achieve his full potential that we can blame it on the dog.

11. I’m thankful Pastor Muthee found all the witches before the Ebola scare.

12. I don’t have to set two extra places at our Thanksgiving table for any spouses of my kids.

13. I don’t have to pretend I wrote another book.

14. Taco Bell is having a Thanksgiving special.

15. That photographer who took my picture had a fire in his apartment, and he won’t be bothering me any longer.

palin yoga

16. Those pictures Glen took of us have never been seen by anyone but us.

glen rice and palin

17. We never had to pay for wedding gifts or parties for the kids.

18. We never had to pay for some expensive college tuition.

19. There’s not enough snow left in Alaska for Todd to ride his snowmobile on, so I don’t have to appear to welcome the losers across the finish line of the Iron Dog.

iron dog winners 2014

20. Nobody noticed the changes in my eyebrows that has occurred since’08.

palin eyebrows

21. Nobody has noticed the changes in my bust line that occurs on a daily basis.

palin pink shirt new york

palin no boobs

22. Track still thinks Todd is his biological father.


23. I don’t have to go to that God-awful turkey farm today.

24. The pilgrims were all Caucasian, Christian, Heterosexual, Mono-lingual, people who never had premarital sex, never had abortions, and knew how to shoot animals.

25. That can of spam that Todd threw at me when I told him he had to wash my panties, didn’t hit me.

26. If I sting words together that nobody understands, then nobody can be critical of me for anything I say.

27. All the illegal immigrant children will be sorry they aren’t home for Thanksgiving.

28. People have forgotten that I ever said I’d get back to Katie Couic.

29. David Letterman is retiring next year.

30. John Cleese has only compared me to a parrot,

and that’s better than to a witch.

bill cosby wonderfulness

In 1967 I was 10 years old. Our family sat gathered around the RCA stereo listening to a Bill Cosby record.

rca stereo console

Chicken Heart was my favorite routine on that single Bill Cosby record we owned.

Bill Cosby was hysterical! I loved to listen to him. I was a fan from a very young age. It was not until the last couple of weeks that I realized that the entertainer that I loved was a perverted rapist and abuser of women. After learning of the multiple examples of immoral behavior, it was difficult to understand how and why Bill Cosby had escaped media attention. Surely the press wouldn’t have intentionally covered-up the outrageous behavior of such a celebrity?

Today, to my dismay, I realize that the media ignored multiple stories and allegations against Cosby for years. In 2007 the Daily Beast reported specific information, but nobody in the media picked up on them. Nobody wanted the truth. Everyone wanted to believe that Bill Cosby was a very funny fellow, who could do no wrong. The story the media ignored was that:

1. Several young, impressionable, beautiful, and talented women were each victimized by Cosby. Each of these women were given spiked drinks or drugs misrepresented as medicine. Each of these women became incapacitated. Each woke up realizing that they had been sexually assaulted while unconscious.

2. Cosby was charged with an extra-marital affair with Shawn Upshaw in the mid 70’s. In the settlement, Cosby paid Upshaw over $100,000.00 and set up a trust fund in her name.

3. In 2000 it was alleged that Cosby had exposed himself to La’Chele Covington, a 20 year old actress. Cosby allegedly fondled her breasts.

4. In 2004 Andrea Constand alleged that Cosby drugged her, fondled her breasts, and put her hand on his genitals. Ms Constand passed out. When she awoke her clothing was disheveled, and she thought she had been raped. A lawsuit resulted but was settled. The terms of the settlement are confidential.

5. In 2005 Tamara Green came forward with claims that Cosby drugged and assaulted her. Green evidently fought so hard that Cosby pulled up his pants and left two One Hundred dollar bills on her nightstand.

Constand filed a civil lawsuit against Cosby in which 12 anonymous women agreed to testify, and Green agreed to testify and be named. The case was settled out of court and the women never testified. The stories of the women were remarkably similar. Each involved drugs and a woman who didn’t have a strong network of protective parents or a strong boyfriend who might make a fuss. Yet it seems that five different claims of assault and three law suits wasn’t enough to incentivize anyone in the national media to report on it.

It was not until November of this year that women began to speak up, and the rest is history. Green reported that after the initial claim that Cosby had assaulted her, she was adversely affected professionally and socially.

The parallels between the Bill Cosby story and the Todd Palin story are frighteningly similar. Cosby relied on his lawyer to answer the allegations but has not himself bothered to issue a denial. Todd Palin has never denied the allegations of Shailey Tripp, reported in the National Enquirer, and the book written by Shailey Tripp herself. Like Bill Cosby in his interview, Todd Palin and his attorney were specifically invited to deny the allegations, and refused to do so. Martin Singer, Cosby’s attorney, didn’t deny the allegations, but instead made the argument that it was “ILLOGICAL” that the so many people would have said nothing, done nothing, and made no reports to law enforcement or asserted civil claims. The reality is that women had reported the claims of rape and assault. Suits were filed and Cosby’s attorneys settled the suits with settlement agreements that require the settling parties to keep this matter confidential. The only thing “illogical” is that the media failed in its duty to reveal a predator.

The Daily Beast has covered the story for years, but it wasn’t until the report by Janice Dickinson, that people began to believe the stories of rape and assault from so many.

Today the Daily Beast reports that the story of Bill Cosby’s life of pathology and predation has been known for 45 years. Cosby is described as an “incurable womanizer,” “adulterer,” and a “serial rapist.” The media was complicit in covering up the story of Cosby. Bill Cosby may be the most prolific serial rapist that ever got away with his crimes for the longest period of time. To date, at least 17 women have accused Cosby of rape or sexual assault.

bill cosby compeletelyillogical

The frightening thing is that Cosby’s reaction to the question of whether he wanted to respond to the allegations was to say “there is no response to that.” “I don’t talk about it.” Cosby then went on to ask the reporter not to publicize his non-denial and threatened the reporter, implying it would ruin his career if he published the interview.

The women who have come forward to report rape and sexual assault by Cosby have nothing to gain from speaking out now. The statute of limitations has likely passed with regard to all civil and criminal laws. Each of these women have nothing to gain personally or financially. However it is precisely because Cosby was not held accountable after the initial reports, that Cosby was allowed to rape and assault more women. Unfortunately in 2014 there is still evidence of gender bias in news reporting. Eighty-three percent of women fail to report rape or sexual assault. Half of those women felt it would be too embarrassing to report the incident. Two-thirds of women say they would be hesitant to report a rape or sexual assault due to low conviction rates. The majority of women cited the legal system, the media, and society as being unsympathetic to rape victims.

I have never been sexually assaulted or raped. Until my personal interview with Shailey Tripp, I too assumed that a prostitute was untrustworthy. I equated the willingness of a woman to prostitute herself with a willingness to lie. However all that changed after my interview with Shailey Tripp. For the first time, I realized the desperation a woman might feel if confronted with the choice of prostitution or watching her disabled children starve to death. Until speaking with Shailey Tripp I couldn’t imagine the hardship of living in a public restroom, unable to afford sanitary napkins or toilet paper.

boys will be boys

Having communicated with Shailey Tripp over the last3 ½ years, I have come to understand the frustration of being unable to obtain the records to confirm her story. Even with a Law Degree, I have been totally thwarted in every attempt to gain access to the most basic of records. I have sought records from the Alaska DMV through appropriate means. To my amazement the government of the state of Alaska has refused to provide them, without explanation or justification. I have sought records from telephone companies, only to be told they do not exist. I have sought credit card processing records and had the processor hang up the phone on me. I have made repeated attempts to obtain copies of Ms.Tripp’s records seized by the APD, which were ordered by a Judge in Alaska to be returned. The APD has refused to produce them. I personally found a Secret Service agent to take a statement from Shailey Tripp, but he apparently did nothing with her statements. I have tried for over two years to obtain documents from the Department of Homeland Security and have received a total of three pages of redacted documents. People have described my conduct as bizarre and obsessive. I wasn’t the prostitute and I have simply tried to get confirmation of the truth. The mere fact that Todd Palin and his attorney refuse to deny Ms. Tripp’s allegations is all the proof I need that her story is true. The reason they are afraid to deny the allegations is that they would then open themselves up for a defamation suit. Bill Cosby refused to deny the allegations for the same reason.

todd palin sunglasses

Shame on Bill Cosby. Shame on Todd Palin. Shame on the national media for its failure to report on the pimping activity of Todd Palin. It is painfully clear to me why so many women are unwilling to subject themselves to the further humiliation of making a report that nobody believes, or is unwilling to do anything about. If Shailey Tripp or the National Enquirer had lied about the involvement of Todd Palin in the business of prostitution, it seems there would have been at least two high profile lawsuits, in which the Palins would have sought millions of dollars in damages. The Palins have a lust for money. They have attorneys on retainer. They carry significant influence with the APD and the government in Alaska. The Palins have a propensity to blame the media for false reporting of information, and to always play the victim. Yet in the case of the allegations of Shailey Tripp regarding Todd’s role as her pimp, the Palins have been noticeably quiet. TODD HAS NEVER DENIED THE ALLEGATIONS. Why has there been no media coverage of this important story? Is the national media so afraid of Sarah Palin that they are willing for the First Dude to remain a predator of women? Is the national media so afraid of Sarah Palin that they are willing to sit back and allow the APD to misreport facts of the investigation regarding Todd Palin? Has the national media refused to cover the story because some female blogger is the only one who seems to care that Todd Palin was Shailey Tripp’s pimp? Why hasn’t Todd Palin sued me for defamation? Maybe he, like Bill Cosby, doesn’t want to talk about it. I wonder if Todd and/or Sarah threatened a reporter, like Bill Cosby did? Bill is an old man so there isn’t likely much left to report about his life. Todd and Sarah are young enough that the media may be afraid that they will be shut out of news stories regarding the Palins if they report the truth?

Where are Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein when we need them?

Nobody does it better than Stephen Colbert.

palin funny one

Wonkette features a video of Sarah Palin that is available free of charge. It is the same video that Palin supporters paid to have the privilege of watching.

palin funny face

Virtually all of the rants of Palin from this clip are random and unintelligible. It is clear that she is trying to criticize President Obama. Yet it is the typical Palin tossing of word salad that makes it impossible to understand her point. Thus Palin supporters paid to watch Sarah Palin speak in a random string of words, to hear the same gibberish that others are able to watch for free. It’s like Palin supporters paying to watch this video, that the rest of us watch for free. The rest of us were laughing. Palin supporters act like they understand the gibberish and agree.

The funny thing is that because nobody understands what Palin is saying, it is hard to argue with Palin or her supporters.

palin wink

At the conclusion of the rant, Palin advocates that the Republican Congress “defund his amnesty.” The use of the term “defund” and “amnesty” establish beyond a doubt that Sarah Palin has not a clue about amnesty, the funding of deportations, or the President’s recent announcement about a new approach to dealing with the illegal immigrants who are already in the country. The announcement did NOT include the word “amnesty.” The announcement had nothing to do with funding or “defunding” the deportation of illegal immigrants. The focus of the President’s plan is simply the decision to target what type of illegal immigrants that will be deported. The administration has announced a focus on “felons” not families. It will deport “criminals not children.” The focus of Obama’s deportation efforts will be gang members, not mothers trying to support their families.

Only Sarah Palin could argue with that. Under the President’s plan, Obama has focused deportation efforts more intensely on removing criminals rather than families. Under his plan, the President attempts to prioritize recent illegal immigrants, and move to the bottom of the deportation list, those who have lived in the U.S. for more than five years. An estimated 3.7 million illegal immigrants fall into this category.

It is estimated that there are 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country. Obama is already responsible for deportation or removal of an estimated 1.8 million illegal immigrants during his first 6 years in office. Compare Obama’s removal or deportation numbers to those of George W. Bush during his 8 years in office. For his eight years in office, Bush deported an estimated 2 million illegal immigrants. Even conservative estimates of deportations under the Obama administration for 2014 predicts that Obama will pass Bush’s numbers this year. By the end of his presidency, Obama is on a pace to “crush” Bush’s numbers by the end of his presidency.

So who won’t be protected from deportation? First, if anyone has come to America illegally within the last five years, they are prohibited from applying for protection. Next, people who have already been deported can’t re-enter the country. Even people protected from deportation will get only a “temporary reprieve” that could be reversed by Obama’s successor. Obviously Obama’s plan is not a clear path to citizenship or permanent legal status.
The President’s plan is focused on deporting criminals, and protecting hard working families. Immigrants may be able to receive work permits, and obtain Social Security numbers. They will be allowed to work legally, under their own names, and travel within the U.S. In some states they may be able to obtain a driver’s license and obtain professional certificates.

obama time magazine person of the year

The truly amazing thing about Sarah Palin’s objection to Obama’s plan is not that she doesn’t understand it. The amazing thing is that Obama’s plan to allow illegal immigrants to work in America legally would boost the revenue of the country. Without granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, Obama has adopted a plan to legitimize workers who are working now, but not paying taxes, because they are illegal. A new study shows that allowing illegal immigrants to work legally would boost state and local revenues by $2 Billion every year. State income tax profits are estimated to increase by $1.6 Billion dollars, and sales tax contributions are estimated to increase by $420 million dollars. There would be an estimated increase in property taxes of $76 million dollars. Moreover, the study shows that immigrants paid an average of 6.4% effective tax rate and contributed $10.6 Billion in 2010 through payment of income, property, and sales taxes.

Obama’s plan to deal with the immigration crisis in this country has nothing to do with amnesty. It has nothing to do with changing of funding for deportation or attempting to secure our borders. Sarah Palin got it wrong again. Her objection to Obama’s plan would necessarily mean that she would like to see the federal government deport more families and fewer criminals. Since she is married to a criminal, it is easily understood why she would desire protection for criminals. Since she quit her job as an elected official, it is easily understood why she feels no moral obligation to educate herself about the actual strategy adopted by the President who was elected by the majority of Americans.

todd palin sunglasses

Jon Stewart focuses on Global Wabbling.

palin gluteus maximus

In 2008 Sarah Palin was specifically asked about global warming, and she specifically dismissed the notion that it was man made. In 2013 she made an ass out of herself, saying that:
Global warming my gluteus maximus.”

Palin has been a reliable denier of climate science in the past. She’s referred to studies supporting climate change models as “snake oil,” and as a vice presidential candidate in 2008, she argued that humans haven’t influenced changes in climate.

Just a few days ago, on October 27, Palin weighed in on the issue of global warming. As if she was educated on the issues, she claimed that the theory of global warming was “junk science.” She compared the threat of climate change to the eugenics movement of the early 20th century. “No one has proven that these changes are caused by anything done by human beings via greenhouse gases. There’s no convincing scientific evidence for man-made climate change. The climate has always been changing.” “Climate change is to this century what eugenics was to the last century. It’s hysteria and a lot of it’s junk science. And when it’s as discredited as eugenics, you know a lot of people are going to look very foolish and heartless.”

To compare the science of global warming to eugenics demonstrates Palin’s lack of understanding of both. Eugenics was based on the science of genetics. It was not the science that was questioned, but the ethics of eugenics that was criticized.
Palin’s remarks about global warming indicate just how delusional she is. Sarah Palin, the woman who earned a degree in Broadcast journalism, never took a single course in college that would educate her about any aspect of the science behind global warming. She has no background in any type of science. The scientists who study global warming include atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, biologists, astronomers, meteorologists, and even anthropologists. Not only is Sarah Palin not educated in any of these type of sciences, but she has never worked for any company employing these type of scientists…even as a janitor.
Palin’s latest remarks come just as a draft report by the United Nations’ climate panel finds that climate change may have “serious, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems.” The same panel reported last year that scientists are 95 percent certain that humans are the “dominant cause” of climate change.

It is interesting that Sarah Palin would have the nerve to comment on anything scientific, after the revelation that she believed dinosaurs lived 6000 years ago and co-existed with people.

palin dinosaur

President Obama has announced that in the short two years he has left in his presidency, that global warming will become his target issue.

Thus we can anticipate that there will be focus on global warming by Sarah Palin throughout the next two years. If you find someone who hasn’t been convinced about global warming, ask them about these findings by scientists, as compared to uneducated quitters who have lots of opinions but no education or experience on global warming.

1. Global warming is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature due to greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth.

2. Greenhouse gases keep heat close to the earth’s surface making it livable for humans and animals. However, global warming is happening largely due to an over-emittance of these gases and fossil fuels (natural oil, gasoline, coal).

3. With the start of industry in the 1700’s, humans began emitting more fossil fuels from coal, oil, and gas to run our cars, trucks, and factories. By driving a “smarter” car, you will not only save on gas, but help prevent global warming.

4. There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point in the last 800,000 years.

5. In total, the U.S. emits approximately 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. 40% of that comes from power plant emissions alone.

6. The NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) proposed the Clean Air Act to cut power plant emissions by 26% in the next 7 years.

7. Since 1870, global sea levels have risen by about 8 inches.

8. Consequences of global warming include drought, severe hurricanes, massive fires and melting of the polar caps.

9. Heat waves caused by global warming present greater risk of heat-related illness and death, most frequently among patients of diabetes who are elderly or very young.

10. According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the temperature in the U.S. has increased by 2 degrees in the last 50 years and precipitation by 5%.

11. Global warming puts coral reefs in danger as warmer water increases the possibility of coral diseases and the rising sea levels makes it more difficult for coral to receive adequate sunlight.

12. Global warming has ripple effects that include:

a. Energy Infrastructure – More weather and climate extremes are likely to impact U.S. energy security in ways that have not been adequately considered. Power outages are already becoming more common, oil and gas infrastructure in the Gulf region is at risk as hurricanes and tropical storms intensify, coal transport by rail and barge across the Midwest and Northeast will face more flooding disruptions, and electricity generation in the Southwest will be limited by water shortages and more extreme heat.

b. A Disproportionate Impact – More and more Americans will be living in places highly vulnerable to weather and climate extremes as population continues to grow rapidly in cities, along the coasts and in the South. Racial and ethnic minorities will be disproportionately impacted because their populations are concentrated in these places. Furthermore, global warming will add further stress to existing problems in urban areas, in particular poverty, inequities in access to health care, aging infrastructure and air pollution.

c. More Extreme Allergies – Unchecked global warming will worsen respiratory allergies for approximately 25 million Americans. These potential impacts of global warming could have a significant economic impact: allergies and asthma already cost the United States more than $32 billion annually in direct health care costs and lost productivity.

13. Warming of climate is unequivocal with many of the observed changes unprecedented over decades to millennia.

14. The atmosphere and oceans have warmed, snow and ice has diminished and sea levels have risen.

15. Human emissions of greenhouse cases are the highest in history and concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are the highest in at least 800,000 years.

16. The acidity of the oceans has increased by 26 per cent since the beginning of the industrial era due to increases in carbon dioxide.

17. Arctic sea ice has decreased over the period 1979 to 2013 at a rate of between 3.5 and 4.1 per cent per decade, while it has increased in the Antarctic due to strong geophysical differences between the two polar regions.

Scientists have concluded that most of the observed warming is very likely due to the burning of coal, oil, and gas. This conclusion is based on a detailed understanding of the atmospheric greenhouse effect and how human activities have been tweaking it. At the same time, other reasonable explanations, most notably changes in the Sun, have been ruled out.

alaskan stupid bear jpeg

It is particularly outrageous that Palin denies man-made global warming, when Alaska is showing the effects of global warming to a greater degree than any other state. Over the past 50 years, temperatures across Alaska increased by an average of 3.4°F. Winter warming was even greater, rising by an average of 6.3°F.[2]The rate of warming in Alaska was twice the national average over that same period of time. Average annual temperatures in Alaska are projected to increase an additional 3.5 to 7°F by the middle of this century. Did you know that:

• Over the past 50 years, Alaska has warmed twice as fast as the national average.
• Warming is contributing to the thawing of Alaska’s permafrost. By the end of this century, the permafrost boundary is likely to shift northward hundreds of miles, increasing the risk for infrastructure damage.
• Warming is contributing to the loss of protective sea ice along Alaska’s northwestern coast, leading to increased rates of coastal erosion.
• Warming is altering marine and terrestrial ecosystems, causing changes in the extent and location of habitat for fish and wildlife.
• Climate change places significant stress on the livelihoods, villages, and cultures al values of Alaska Natives.

Permafrost is the frozen ground located one to two feet below the surface in cold regions. As permafrost thaws and the soil sinks, structures built on or within the soil are damaged. Although most Alaskans live in permafrost-free areas, an estimated 100,000 Alaskans (about 14% of the population) live in areas sensitive to permafrost degradation. The impacts of melting permafrost on transportation, forests, ecosystems, and the economy could have widespread implications for Alaskans. The thawing of the permafrost will have devastating effects on the forests, the highways, the ecosystems, the oceans, and the Native Alaskan people.

Even though Sarah Palin is not a scientist, her refusal to acknowledge the urgency of curbing greenhouse emissions is criminal. She and Todd must have realized the effects of global warming on Alaska. Conditions have been so bad for the Iron Dog that as early as 2007 the “Drivers were pounded by a trail lacking snow. ” The Iditarod had to have its starting point moved 30 miles north due to lack of snow. Alaska has also been plagued by wildfires, extreme temperatures, decline in production in Salmon fisheries and declines in the timeber industry. Rising seas are destroying villages. Polar bears are endangered, and hundreds of other animal populations in Alaska are at risk.

The WWF estimated that sea ice has shrunk as much as 4 percent each decade between 1979 and 2012. “Walruses are telling us what the polar bears have told us and what many indigenous people have told us in the high Arctic, and that is that the Arctic environment is changing extremely rapidly and it is time for the rest of the world to take notice and to to take action to address the root causes of climate change.”

Ten years from now Sarah Palin may no longer breath the air that surrounds our globe. My grandchildren will hopefully never know about the quitter who could have become the President of the United States. My grandchildren will inhabit a world that is dramatically different than mine. They will wonder why nobody did something about the problem of global warming before it was too late. The tragedy is that Sarah Palin may have lasting effects on our world long after she is no longer a part of it.

global warming one

global warming two

global warming three

global warming four


Walrus on iceflow; Greenpeace tour investigating climate change effects, Chukchi Sea, Alaska.




palin hating haters

MSNBC reports on a new Sarah Palin video which may give insight into the paranoid, and perhaps delusional, thought process of Sarah Palin. Palin is reported to have said:
“We’ll survive this president. The question is (overdramatic pause) can we survive the people who voted for him, twice?”
“I don’t know, can we?”

The people Palin is afraid of are Sixty Six Million Americans who voted for Obama. Only six presidents have ever earned more than 51% of the popular vote twice and Obama is one of them. It seems funny for Sarah Palin to speak of the average American voters, and her fear of them, as we are fearful of the risk that someone so ignorant, uneducated, and foolish could ever have been the President of the United States. Given this admission, that Sarah is afraid of the majority of Americans, it is appropriate to consider the top 25 things that might also frighten Sarah Palin. Here are my thoughts, what are yours?


1. Having to care for Trig all by herself.

2. Going to a brawl where nobody knows who she is.

3. Going to a brawl where people know who she is but don’t care.

4. Talking to Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert about anything.

stephen colbert paul revere

5. Having to pretend to eat moose chili, and liking it.
6. Having to give another interview with Katie Couric and still not being able to remember the name of a US Supreme Court case.

7. Having to give another interview with Katie Couric and forgetting to learn the name of some newspapers other people read.

8. Seeing pictures of herself.

palin yoga

9. Seeing Todd.

10. Meeting Glen Rice when she is 30 years older.

11. DNA test of Trig, Track, and herself.

12. Seeing a person reading Boys Will Be Boys in an Anchorage book store.

boys will be boys

13. Seeing a flight attendant that was on her flight from Texas to Alaska, when she said she was about to give birth.

14. Hearing that her attorney was going to write a “fictional” book about how to coerce police departments to issue false press releases.

15. Hearing that the Department of Homeland Security had announced they were finally going to produce documents regarding David Chaney, Todd Palin, and Shailey Tripp.

16. Hearing that the APD had hired a specialist to investigate unsolved cases of arson, including the unsolved fires at Palin’s church, Dar Miller’s house, the fire at the Mat Su Dairy, and the fire in Shailey Tripp’s apartment building.

dar miller

17. Reading her own book, America by Heart, and realizing it was written by Jessica Gavora as a satire of Palin’s life.

palin america by heart

18. Getting a letter from God in the mail telling her to quit talking.

19. Being invited to be the keynote speaker at the national convention of “Quitter’s Anonymous.”

20. Meeting Gabby Giffords.

21. Dancing with Marcus Bachman.

22. Being in a room alone with Herb Cain.

herman cain

23. Being tapped by Rick Perry to be his running mate.

24. Being the President of the United States, and sleeping through the 3:00 am call when the country was under attack because her meds weren’t adjusted yet.

25. Having to watch Bristol in one more episode of Dancing With the Stars.

bristol monkey dwts

In October 2008 the Los Angeles Times ran a story about the lack of memory of people at Sarah Palin’s colleges. It was as if she had never been there. Just as she is now fading into oblivion, she did in college as well.

The article is an interesting read, and tells the story of Palin pulling a fire alarm in her college dormitory, not realizing that it would mark her hand so that administrators would be able to identify her. The even more amazing part of the story is that she didn’t realize that her hand was marked until another student told her! Maybe it was a sign of things to come?

palin clueless

For over two years I have been trying to obtain documents that might shed light upon the allegations of Shailey Tripp that Todd Palin was her pimp, that he introduced her to David Chaney who was the Secret Service agent involved with prostitutes in Colombia. He was also the agent assigned to guard Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign.

david chaney and palin

Shiley Tripp advised DHS that Mr. Chaney did come to her for services, and she provided them for money, albeit less than he promised to pay. When Mark Sullivan, the then director of the Secret Service, testified that the Colombia incident was an isolated event, and not evidence of a culture of corruption, that was contrary to the statement given by Shailey Tripp to Merek Shaffer. That led to my request for documents in June of 2012. I have been trying diligently ever since to obtain the documents.

Over the past few months, I have undertaken to locate and retain counsel to proceed with suit against DHS to require production of the documents requested. I have retained attorneys in Dallas, and we were close to being ready to file suit. I received this e-mail yesterday from Kristen Teal of DHS.

Ms. Litman,

Yesterday, November 19, 2014, DHS OIG received your letter dated November 10, 2014, referencing our first interim response and requesting production of additional records associated with your FOIA request 2014-123.

Following your discussion with me on July 1, 2014, we issued you a first interim response on August 26, 2014. In our conversation, I asked you to review the records that we had already posted online, which contains all complaints we have received against the US Secret Service (USSS) from 2003 until the date that data was run, 5/21/2012. It also includes one investigation report and two inspection reports which are responsive to your request. I asked you to review the complaints and additional reports, and advise if those records would satisfy a portion of your request. I also asked what, if any, complaints you were interested in receiving additional information on. To this date, you have not contacted me regarding this. Because this list contains all complaints we have received, we need you to specify which complaints you are seeking information on, as not all of those complaints are responsive to your request for specific allegations made against the USSS.

In our call, I also advised that I would run an additional search for complaints we had received from that date to present, tailored to your specified allegations. We conducted a search for those complaints, but are in the process of obtaining additional information from our program offices before being able to process and release those records. As explained in our acknowledgement letter dated June 18, 2014, we currently have a large backlog of requests. We are trying to respond to all our requesters in a fair and timely fashion in the order the requests are received. However, we anticipate being able to release these records to you by early December.

Please let me know if you have questions regarding this.

Kirsten Teal

FOIA/PA Disclosure Specialist
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Office of Inspector General
Office of Counsel

The following is my response.

Dear Ms. Teal,

I am copying my attorneys on this response. Their addresses are above and would ask that in the future any correspondence to me be copied to them also.

As a point of clarification, when we spoke in July, you agreed to send me a list of the type of documents that exist that were responsive to my request, other than those I had already seen which were posted on line. I never received anything from you , which has been typical of the lack of response I have received from the DHS.

So there is no misunderstanding, I am requesting ALL documents responsive to my requests. If you want me to narrow the requests, it is necessary for you to specify what documents you have, and what documents you are willing and able to produce. I am unwilling to limit my request when I don’t know what you have, and what you are willing to produce. To tell me that you have a “large backlog of requests” is not helpful. The documents in question have been the subject of FOIA requests that have been pending for over two years and I still have virtually NO documents.

You have indicated that you are trying to respond to all requesters in a “fair and timely” fashion. I can’t imagine how you consider two and one-half years a “fair and timely” fashion. Nevertheless, if you are able to give me a date certain, by which I will receive responsive documents, and you agree not to assert any objections to producing documents, I am willing to refrain from filing a law suit in which I would ask the Court to award me my attorney fees. If however you are unable or unwilling to provide a date certain in early December, I am unwilling to wait any longer. Once again, I implore you not to mislead me or promise to produce responsive documents when the DHS has no intention of producing the documents that are responsive to multiple requests. I have already incurred substantial attorney fees as a result of preparing the suit papers that I planned to file next week.

I was previously advised that documents responsive to my requests would be produced. Then, inexplicably, I was advised within a matter of days, that the documents would not be produced due to “ongoing enforcement proceedings.” Now almost two years later, it appears that there were no “ongoing enforcement proceedings.” I still do not have the documents that I requested. I am unaware of any enforcement proceedings that have been filed.

Thousands of people read my blog every day, and they, along with me, are waiting for the production of these documents. Citizens have a right to know what documents exist. Time is of the essence. We have waited long enough. I have been patient long enough. I have tried to avoid an unnecessary law suit, but if you fail to produce these documents, once again, you leave me no choice. I am willing to wait one more time, if you are willing to provide a date certain in early December when the responsive documents will be produced. Be assured that if you are unwilling to provide a date by which the documents will be produced, I will proceed with the suit, and will ask the Court to award any attorneys fees incurred. Further, if you promise to produce documents by a date in “early December” please understand that I will hold you to that date, and will accept no excuses or objections that might be made later.

It is my sincere hope that a suit can be avoided.

Malia Litman


I will advise you of any response I receive from Ms. Teal. I will wait until after Thanksgiving to file suit, as I would like to ensure that I have done everything a judge might expect in order to avoid incurring attorneys fees, and wasting time of the Court.

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