The Daily Caller Highlights the GOP’s unwillingness to criticize Ted Cruz, as it failed to do with Sarah Palin.

It started with the nomination of Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate. Many Republicans immediately recognized the danger Sarah Palin represented to the country. However nothing was done. No attempt was made to substitute an alternate choice. Even McCain’s most trusted campaign staff recognized that the pick of Sarah Palin was irresponsible, “reckless” and dangerous.

There is never a good time for Sarah Palin.

Today Ted Cruz is the Senator from Texas because of Sarah Palin. Cruz himself has said that he wouldn’t be a Senator today, but for Sarah Palin.

sarah and todd ted cruz

We watched as Palin damaged the GOP, and yet REpublicans were afraid to speak out against her. Now even more Damage is being done by Ted Cruz, and they are still afraid to speak out.

todd palin sunglasses

The following letter is being sent today to both Todd Palin and his attorney John Tiemessen, by regular mail and by certified mail.


Malia Litman
(my address)

Mr. Todd Palin, via regular mail and certified mail
1140 W.Parks Highway
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

Mr. John Tiemessen, via regular mail and certified mail
Clapp, Peterson, Tiemessen, Thorsness & Johnson, LLC
411 4th Ave, suite 300
Fairbanks, Ak 99701-4711

December 16, 2014
Dear Mr. Palin and Mr. Tiemessen:
It’s been almost two years since I sent each of you my letter of March 8, 2013 inviting either of you to deny the allegations of Shailey Tripp that Mr. Palin was her pimp. Since I never received a reply to that invitation, I assume that everything Shailey Tripp has asserted is true.

As I am sure you know, I have been trying for over two years to obtain documents from the Department of Homeland Security that would confirm Mr. Palin’s involvement in introducing Shailey Tripp to David Chaney. You remember David Chaney. He was the agent assigned to guard Sarah Palin during the ’08 campaign. He was the agent that posted a picture of himself standing guard over Sarah, with the caption “checking her out.”

david chaney and palin

He was also one of the agents involved in the Colombia prostitution scandal.
Mr. Chaney was reported to be one of two “senior supervisors” involved in the Colombia scandal, and was reported to have resigned in April of 2012.

david chaney and prostitute

Shailey Tripp reported in May of 2012 that Mr. Palin has previously introduced her to David Chaney while Mr. Chaney was on assignment in Alaska. Ms. Tripp was very specific in her memory of the meeting and identified that it took place in a bagel shop in Alaska. Ms. Tripp reported that the purpose of the introduction was for Mr. Palin to make her prostitution services available to Mr. Chaney. Ms. Tripp reported that after that meeting Mr. Chaney did in fact come to her place of business, and availed himself of her prostitution services. According to Ms. Tripp, Mr. Chaney underpaid her for her services, just as the Secret Service agents had done in Colombia.

In a sworn statement given to the Secret Service, Mr. Chaney denied that he had ever met Ms. Tripp. That statement was dated June 6, 2012. According to that statement, Mr. Chaney was, at that time, still employed by the Secret Service. That statement was contrary to the the report of the Washington Post, which indicated that Mr. Chaney had been “ousted” from the agency in April of 2012, following the Colombia scandal.
The statements of Shailey Tripp and David Chaney are completely different. One reports facts that are totally contrary to the other. I have recently been provided with documents from DHS that indicate the Secret Service agents involved in the Colombia scandal signed non-disclosure agreements. According to the documents provided, the Secret Service agents were required to swear to withhold information from everyone, including members of the Department of Homeland Security that related to their use of prostitution services. The documents provided by DHS also indicate that it was not unusual behavior of Secret Service agents to avail themselves of prostitution services while on assignment. Thus it appears logical to me that Shailey Tripp is telling the truth and David Chaney is not. However Mr. Palin is the person who could confirm or deny the truth of the statement of Shailey Tripp regarding her introduction to David Chaney.

If you would be willing to send me a statement to confirm or deny that there was ever a meeting between Mr. Palin, David Chaney, and Shailey Tripp, I will agree to publish your statement in total, without editing, and without redaction, on my blog. In the absence of providing a statement, you understand why I would believe Shailey Tripp’s story instead of that told by Mr. Chaney. In the absence of a denial by you, you understand why the public will trust the statement of Shailey Tripp regarding Mr. Palin’s identity as her pimp.

I plan to write a book, and intend to publish the story of Shailey Tripp, David Chaney and Todd Palin, as reported by Shailey Tripp, unless I hear from you that it is incorrect or untruthful. I would like to avoid any claims for defamation, so I am asking for you to come forward at this time, if you are taking the position that anything said by Shailey Tripp is untrue. I would like to avoid disparaging you or suggesting that you were her pimp if it is untrue. I am giving you the opportunity now to mitigate any damage or harm that might result from the publication of such book, and by copy of this letter to Mr. Tiemessen, your attorney, I am asking that he explain to you that I am attempting to give you a chance to tell me I’m wrong before I publicize the story that you were the pimp for Shailey Tripp, that you introduced her to David Chaney, and that he availed himself of the services of Shailey Tripp.

If I should be sending this letter to a different attorney for Mr. Palin rather than Mr. Tiemessen, please provide the name and address of that attorney and I will gladly send a copy of this letter to that attorney. It has been almost two years since Shailey Tripp published her book Boys Will Be Boys, and I am unaware of any attempt by Todd Palin to assert that anything in the book is untrue or defamatory.

boys will be boys
It’s been almost three years since the National Enquirer broke the story of Mr. Palin working as a pimp for Ms. Tripp.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

I am unaware of any denial of that story by Mr. Palin. I am unaware of any suggestion that was made by Mr. Palin, that the story was untrue. I am unaware of any threat or filing of a defamation suit against the National Enquirer. I am aware of the request by the attorney for the Palins to the Anchorage police to issue a false “press release” that was contrary to the records of the Anchorage police. I am also aware that the officer, Dave Parker, who issued that statement, is no longer with the APD. Finally, I am aware of pictures of some of the evidence seized from Ms. Tripp’s office by the APD, that was never returned to her, that implicated Mr. Palin. If there is some reason of which you are aware, that the pictures of this evidence are not accurate, please advise.

I anxiously await your response.


Malia Litman

(Apologies for the citations, but they have to be part of the text in the letter and not links)

palin and cruz shoulder

Sarah Palin has helped Democrats through her stupidity. Ted Cruz is smart enough to know better, but in another effort to elevate himself in the eyes of the public, he screwed the GOP once again. Imagine the damage he could do to the GOP if Sarah were still in office!

sarah and todd ted cruz

As part of the Documents Produced by the Department of Homeland Security, the following entry has been produced:

Complaint Number – C13-USSS -AUG – 15896
Date Received- 9-25-13
Date Opened 9-25-13
Date Completed/Closed 9-27-13

“During the course of the OIG project # 13-131-ISP-USSS, DHS OIG Office of Inspection administered a survey to United States Secret Service employees. This survey obtained employees??? views on misconduct and security clearance concerns, among other topics. We administered the survey from May 13, 2013to June11, 2013. Twenty two survey respondents indicated that they observed either (1) the solicitation of prostitute by a USSS employee, or (2) other criminal sexual behavior by a USSS employee. We asked these 22 respondents if they reported the behavior; only one did. We asked respondents to only consider events between 2004 and 2013 but did not ask when the behavior occurred. We also did not ask where it occurred or who perpetrated the crime.”


In the documents produced by the DHS, this same verbatim entry appears 22 times, each with consecutive numbers from C13-USSS – AUG-15895-15911 (with a noticeable gap) and 15920-15925. One possible interpretation of the documents is that after surveying 22 employees it became so clear that everyone knew somebody who had used prostitutes or engaged in criminal sexual behavior that the Office of Inspections stopped asking people to confirm what they already knew.

You might be curious why only one employee reported this behavior. Remember this post where DHS documents confirmed employees reported they were TERRIFIED to come forward with information due to “excessive” and “unchecked power” supervisors wield. David Chaney was a supervisor. He was so proud of his behavior and attitude towards women that he posted a picture of himself standing guard of Sarah Palin with a caption “checking her out.

david chaney and palin

Thus it seems likely that David Chaney did not hire a prostitute in Colombia for the first time.

david chaney and prostitute

It seems likely that he availed himself of Shailey Tripp’s services in Alaska, while on assignment guarding Sarah Palin, just as Shailey Tripp reported. Tomorrow’s post will be a letter to Todd Palin and his attorney regarding this matter.

boys will be boys

Wonkette makes the observation that the SarahPalinchannel features a pathetic 22 minutes of video for the entire first half of the month. A significant part of that 22 minutes is re-posting of old video. It seems the quitter-in-chief has quit the Sarah Palin Channel, without admitting that she has quit. By not admitting that she quit she can still extract money from misguided supporters who think she is the holy one.

The video that is featured on the Sarah Palin channel, and duplicated by Wonkette, is focused on abortion. As if her fans had never heard Palin’s rants about abortion, Palin repeats her same message, which is that everyone should choose life. In her mind that means that women should never abort, and that women shouldn’t even have the choice. Perhaps she missed my post about my nephew Palmer back in 2010. She was probably still focused on how to contain the story that her husband was a pimp.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

In 2010 I told the true story of my nephew Palmer, who is alive today because his mother had the choice to abort his twin. The twin had developed a fatal defect in his vascular system that was sure to cause his death upon birth. That twin was endangering Palmer because he was taking all the amniotic fluid necessary to sustain Palmer’s life. By choosing an abortion of the malformed twin, Palmer’s parents chose to protect Palmer’s life. Until the problem had developed with the amniotic fluid, Palmer’s parents had chosen to allow the twin to survive in-utero, knowing that he would die within minutes of being born, and the his presence would present a greater danger to his mother and brother, simply because a twin pregnancy is higher risk than a single pregnancy. This is Palmer today:


When I hear Palin persist in her rants about “choosing life” I always think of Palmer who would not be alive today but for his parents having the choice of an abortion, and having the courage to save his life.
Today I’m reminded of Sarah’s hypocrisy in her attitude of “protecting life”. While she proclaims the “right to life” of a clump of cells, she ignores the children slaughtered in Syria, suggesting that we should let Allah sort it out. Palin recommends that we turn our heads while 3 and 4 year old children are gassed, but is a champion for the unborn.

syrian children dead

When innocent children are slaughtered at school, Palin proclaims that the right to own assault rifles is of paramount importance to the right to life of elementary school children. Her suggestion to address the slaughter of innocent lives in Sandy Hook elementary, Aurora, or Tucson, is to pray.

sandy hook three

Yet when it comes to protecting an undeveloped clump of cells, her advice is not to pray. Her advice is to take away the right to choose life from people like Palmer’s parents. In that case, to take away the option of abortion would have taken away the right to life of Palmer. What about mothers whose lives are at risk if their pregnancy has become life-threatening? Even if they are opposed generally to abortion, their choice to protect life may be to choose abortion. What about the teenage woman who has become suicidal because she is pregnant with the child of her rapist? In that case, once again, choosing life may depend on the pregnant teen having the choice of an abortion. Finally, when it comes to Palin’s “pro-life” agenda, she is only interested in protecting the lives of the unborn Caucasian Americans. If the life she is considering is an Hispanic child seeking a safe haven in the United States, Sarah Palin’s “pro-life” attitude is to protect that life long enough for a jet ride home. In fact, Sarah Palin is so strongly in favor of disregarding the right to life of Hispanic children that she advocated impeachment of our President for attempting to show these children some measure of compassion.

Sarah Palin pretends that Trig is her natural born child and that proves she is committed to the pro-life agenda.

palin thanksgiving trig

The debate of whether Trig is her biological child will likely continue. The debate about whether Sarah Palin is “pro-life” is over.

Sarah Palin

People who take delight in ending life can’t possibly be pro-life.

palin piers morgan hunting

palin wolves

palin moose

palin dead baby bear

No…just kidding, …these were other animals, that like Sarah Palin, are dangerous. One squeezes the life out of anything around, and the other is a scavenger who eats dead animals, or politicians, if it is particularly desperate for food. The main difference between these animals and Sarah Palin is that the yellow one doesn’t have fingers or toes like Sarah.

palin yoga

The other has claws,

vulture claws

but no wig.

pit bull 1

Take your pick: “Pit Bull” or “Barracuda.”

baracuda eating fish

Both are creatures that attack. Both are capable of indiscriminate violence. Barracudas have been known to eat their own. Pit Bulls have been known to “go for the jugular” if motivated to attack. Sarah Palin has been called a “barracuda” and has advertised herself as a pit bull. Her recent attack on members of Congress who narrowly avoided a government shut down …again…have fallen into her gun-sights. In a last minute vote, 162 Republicans voted to approve a budget, which avoided a government shut down. Law makers voted to pass the budget within hours of another government shut down.

Government Shutdown

It was that vote that Palin attacked. Regardless of the details of the budget, the fact that the members of Congress, agreed on anything, is a step forward. The fact that Congress recognized the absolute danger, and 24 Billion dollar cost, of a government shut down, is commendable. The fact that Palin was critical of law makers who worked hard to find a compromise, is an indication of a non-politician’s ability to criticize with no accountability. She complained that the 162 Republicans who voted for the bill “stinks to high heaven.”

Sarah Palin

Palin suggested that the Republicans had broken campaign promises by agreeing to this budget. Palin focused on the need to “get a handle on your debt” and to “stop Obama’s amnesty to illegal aliens.”

The fact is that Sarah Palin often rants, discussing things about which she knows nothing. This recent bill is no exception. For example there is no indication that this bill will increase our debt. Budget projections show that the debt will remain stable for the next couple of years as long as tax cuts do not increase. Palin reference to Obama’s “amnesty to illegal aliens” is misguided and misleading. He has not granted “amnesty” to anyone. He has simply declared that through his executive action that he will:
1. Offer a legal reprieve to the undocumented parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents who’ve resided in the country for at least five years.
2. Expand the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that allowed young immigrants, under 30 years old, who arrived as children to apply for a deportation deferral and who are now here legally. Immigrants older than 30 now qualify, as do more recent arrivals.

People in both groups will have to reapply every three years

Thus the recent bipartisan approval of a budget does not increase the debt or grant amnesty to anyone. Sarah Palin tries to incite further discord among voters who know no more than Palin herself.

We are tired. American tax payers are fed up with the inability of elected officials to put politics aside and get on with the business of running our country. The vote which resulted in the defeat of incumbents and the defeat of many Democrats was not a condemnation of their policies, but condemnation of the dysfunction of government. Now that we have a majority of Republicans in Congress and a Democratic President, there is a possibility that compromise will be achieved and our stale-mate will end. Sarah Palin was a Republican. Now that Republicans are in the majority in Congress, she is still on the attack. The clear message is that for Sarah Palin nothing will ever be good enough. Maybe that is why she quit. How could she complain about both parties if she were still in office? It is only the politicians who have to make hard decisions. If you are a quitter, you are free to criticize anyone for anything. If you no longer hold any elected office, you can blame all politicians for every problem, without any accountability.

It’s like a child blaming his mother for not having cookies in the house, after he ate all the cookies himself. If his mother buys more cookies, he can still complain that she bought the wrong kind or that she didn’t buy Twinkies. If she buys all the cookies and Twinkies in the store, the child can then complain that mom spent too much money at the store. It’s time to tell Sarah Palin that we are finished listening to her childish complaints. If she has a solution, she should state it specifically instead of only criticizing. She, like the child, should have to say what kind of cookies she wants, how much she thinks is reasonable to spend for the snacks, and go hungry when the snacks are gone. She must pay for the cookies with her own money so that she understands that everything costs money. If she is too lazy to go to the store herself to buy the cookies, then she should have to eat whatever another shopper brings home.

cookie jar

secret service badge

For the last several days, I have reported on the documents produced by the Department of Homeland Security in response to my FOIA request. At the outset, it is important to understand that the Secret Service, while part of the Department of Homeland Security, has NOT produced any documents in response to my FOIA requests that have been pending for over two years. The document that has been produced is from Kristen Teal, and appears to be a summary type of document that has been prepared to consolidate and summarize information in the files of the DHS. There has been no accounting or production directly from the Secret Service regarding the pending requests.

The following is from the DHS records that were produced, and is reported herein, verbatim:


Complaint Number C13-USSS SID 05696
Received Date 2-20-13
Date Opened 2-20-13
Date Completed Closed 4-3-13
“Shortly after the Cartagena prostitution scandal in April 2012, USSS Inspectors from the Inspection Division decided to interview and polygraph all the remaining personnel ( in addition to the 13 personnel relieved of duty) who were on the POTUS protection assignment at the Summit of Americas.
Numerous individuals, in addition to the aforementioned 13 personnel, made admissions and they gave written statements regarding sexual activities of themselves as well as others (i.e. poststanders, advance team, military, White House staff) with foreign nationals in Cartagena and previous assignments. Among these individuals who admitted to having has sexual relations with foreign nationals was a ##################### assigned to the visit.
These individuals were directed to update their foreign contact information listed with the USSS Security Clearance Division and then they signed the Non-Disclosure agreements. They were all warned to not discuss the matter with anyone, to include DHS investigators, outside of USSS Inspection.
Based on the admissions elicited during these interrogations, the decision was made by Inspection and Forensic Services not to polygraph these individuals. The focus of the USSS management shifted to containment and damage control, in an effort to maintain the Director’s plausible deniability that sex with undeclared foreign nationals/prostitutes is the culture of the USSS.”


According to the above entry, the conduct of the Secret Service is worse than we knew. The fact that we knew the Secret Service used prostitutes in Colombia, and other places was undisputed. The multiple acts of sexual abuse and use of prostitutes in the Secret Service was not limited to the Colombia events. Jake Tapper of ABC reported in October of 2012 that :

“… one of the agents who was in Cartagena during the scandal and picked up a prostitute “admitted to soliciting a prostitute on two previous occasions, once in El Salvador in 2008/2009 and one time in Panama in 2009.”

“The report also mentioned allegations of similar misconduct by agents on trips to Romania and China. Details from the report, labeled “law enforcement sensitive,” were shared with ABC News by sources who had reviewed it.
The investigation found that while Secret Service personnel were still on the ground in Cartagena, one of the supervisors that had engaged in misconduct was alerted that his actions had become known. He, in turn, warned other Secret Service staffers in Colombia that they should not bring prostitutes back to their hotel rooms.
A senior Secret Service official with knowledge of the investigation said Sullivan had been briefed prior to his testimony, and that “while some agents had been truthful regarding their conduct with prostitutes in Cartagena, none had confessed to prior contact with prostitutes. One agent, who later admitted to the OIG that he had indeed engaged in prior misconduct with prostitutes in El Salvador and Panama, had previously denied in an interview with USSS Office of Professional Responsibility that he had not had prior contact with prostitutes.”

By February of 2013, Mark Sullivan announced his resignation.

mark sullivan secret service

The “received date” of the document reported above was dated 19 days later, and discloses information of an extensive cover-up of the culture of corruption within the US SS.

The “culture of corruption” is indicated by the fact that DHS reports that “numerous individuals” beside the agents involved in Colombia had reported sexual “activities” of poststanders, advance team, military, and White House staff.

The COVER UP OF THIS CULTURE OF CORRUPTION is documented by the report also. The method used for the cover-up is the requirement of signing “non-disclosure” agreements and the warning and explanation that the agents were required to swear not to discuss this matter with anyone, including DHS investigators.” A conscious decision was made NOT to polygraph agents. “Containment” and “Damage Control” became the order of the day.

Now we have proof that David Chaney, one of the agents involved in Colombia,

david chaney and prostitute

the agent assigned to guard Sarah Palin,

david chaney and palin

and the agent Shailey Tripp reported was introduced to her by Todd Palin her pimp

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

for the purpose of providing sexual services,

boys will be boys

was required to hide his involvement with prostitutes by the Secret Service. If he would have otherwise confirmed the story of Shailey Tripp, he was warned not to discuss this matter with anyone, and required by the “non-disclosure” agreement not to tell anyone about this incident.

For over one year we have had proof that there was a culture of corruption in the Secret Service.


Now we have proof of a conspiracy within the Secret Service to COVER-UP that culture.

government corruption

Complaint No. C-13-USSS-WFO-06461
Received Date – 2-15-13
Date Opened- 3-4-13
Date Completed – 9-25-13

Four months after the incident reported here, another member of the Secret Service refused to deny the charges of molesting a child, but explained that he had “no conscious memory of the event.” He wanted to talk to an attorney before his memory returned.


Additional information received ###### 2013 Reference the original e-mail notification below, dated ########### /13, regarding SA##############. Additional reference is made to the DHS/OIG response , dated 3-5-13. The #######County PD and child Protective Services investigated SA ######### . Consequently, the ##### County PD closed their investigation. The USSSS Inspection Division (ISP) interviewed SA ####### who denied sexually abusing ##########. Inspection Division closed their special investigation in ### 2013. On ### 13, the County PD advised ISP that they had re-opened their investigation based on recent statements and information provided by ######. Specifically, ############ provided written and video recorded statements of SA ######## making admissions regarding abusing #################.. the case remains under review by the ### County PD and a decision regarding state prosecution has not been made. Based on the information provided by the “########### County PD, SA was placed on administrative leave and ####### security clearance was suspended. On ############# 2013 the ########## County PD notified the Inspection division that they are conducting an investigation regarding a report that SA ######## may have sexually abused############. The ########### Department of Social Services/Child Protective Services (CPS) referred the case to ######### “County PD in ##### 2013, after they received a report from ############## that SA “##### disclosed ########## said ###### sexually abused ################## reported to CPS that SA #### claims no conscious memories of sexually abusing ################# also reported to CPS that SA ######### claims no conscious memories of sexually abusing #############. ############# requested an opportunity to seek the advice of legal counsel prior to being interviewed. Continuing on ######### 2013 ####### County PD advised ISP that SA### requested an opportunity to seek the advice of legal counsel prior to being interviewed. As of this notification, interviews of SA ###########by ############### County remaining pending.

Convert to Investigation – Referred No Reply


Now we have two separate incidents of child molestation by Secret Service agents. Given this level of corruption, perversion, and debauchery, it is likely that Shailey Tripp’s report of Todd Palin introducing David Chaney to her, is true. Given the extend of the corruption and vile acts of Secret Service members it seems likely that David Chaney’s involvement with prostitutes in Colombia was not his first experience with prostitutes. In fact, given the culture of corruption within the Secret Service,it seems likely that Chaney had taken advantage of other prostitutes. If the DHS produces additional documents, we may finally have the confirmation we’ve been waiting for.

Just Say NO to BS

The Ignorance of Sarah Palin

Rebuttal to the Rogue


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