The astute, savvy, intellectual Sarah Palin has made a video about the true meaning of Labor Day. While explaining that we shouldn’t get political, she uses the political term “conservative” four times during the short clip from the Sarah Palin Channel.

palin geek

palin funny one

Jill Hadassah is the name of the Palin’s new dog. The purpose of this post is not to question the Palin’s choice of names for the dog. There is a nationally known Jewish women’s group by the name of Hadassah, which probably doesn’t appreciate the use of their name in connection with a bitch. I’m sure “Hadassah” is a common word in the Paliln household, so I’m sure no offense should be taken. The purpose of this post is not to suggest that there is anything wrong with buying a dog to provide the love, nurturing, and education Trig needs,… but there is, …and Sarah should be embarrassed to admit that she thinks that a dog could do a better job than she to be a mother to Trig that he has been looking for since he was born at least 6 years ago.

The purpose of this post it to wish any member of the Palin family who is working, a “Happy Labor Day.” We know that Jill is working, trying to teach Trig to speak. Happy Labor Day Jill!

palin dog

We know Todd quit his job in the oil field. We know that he “owns” a fishing lodge, but owning something isn’t a job. We know he used to be a pimp, but so far I haven’t been able to confirm whether that is a job he still has? Certainly the clients that frequent the Rainbow Bay Lodge represent an ideal demographic for Todd’s clients, as they are almost all men, they can afford $7250 per week at the lodge, and most of the men probably leave their wives at home.

The web site of the lodge explains what the $7250, does not include. Airfare to and from Anchorage is not included, along with liquor and “gratuity.” It might be presumed by customers of the lodge that “gratuity” is the code word for “prostitutes” but maybe some of the customers don’t understand that? Certainly if any wife of a potential visitor to the lodge should visit their web site, there wouldn’t be anything that would jump out at her as unusual for a lodge where men could go and catch the big one they could only fantasize about at home.

But what of the other Palins? I know Track used to be in the military, but what is he doing now? Bristol says she is working in a dermatology clinic, but did she ever and is she now? Has Willow ever worked? I just don’t know. I know Sarah had a job, but she quit. I’m so confused. Are there any Palin’s working other than the dog? If so, Happy Labor Day to any of you who work. If anyone reading knows that any of the Palins are working, please share your insights with us, so we can give them a shout out!

todd squinting

brussel sprouts

My husband is known by his attorney as the “Brussels Sprouts Client.” The attorney was amazed one day when he took my husband to lunch and while ordering my husband inquired of the waitress if he could substitute Brussels Sprouts for the fries. The waitress said “no problem, but there will be an upcharge of $2.00.” “Nevermind” was the response. The attorney laughed, and explained that he was treating for lunch, and he’d be glad to pay the extra $2.00. My husband explained that regardless of who was paying, he wouldn’t enjoy eating the Brussels Sprouts if anyone had to pay an additional two dollars. He is the definition of a “fiscal conservative.” Thirty years ago when we came to Dallas, that same fiscal conservative furnished his entire house with used furniture from a garage sale which cost a total of $300.00. In spite of financial security, my husband remains a fiscal conservative. He won’t order a soft drink at a restaurant because they are over-priced. He won’t buy a new car because they lose value immediately as you drive them off the lot.

Republicans tout themselves as “fiscal conservatives.” That description is about as accurate as Fox News calling itself “fair and balanced.” Republicans are only fiscally “conservative” when it comes to Republicans being asked to fund services to other people that cost money.

fiscal conservative one

fiscal conservative two

fiscal conservative three

Republican are all to quick to spend tax-payer money on anything and everything if it promotes their political agenda. Let me be specific.

Sarah Palin
$150,000.00 – amount RNC paid for clothes for the Palins.
$888,000.00 – amount of a tax credit paid by Alaska tax payers to TLC as a result of wages paid to Sarah Palin for starring in Sarah Palin’s Alaska.
$5,500,000.00 – amount of federally funded earmarks Wasilla received while Palin was Mayor.
$35,000.00 – amount Palin paid per year for the lobbyist hired by Palin while mayor of Wasilla to obtain earmarks.
$26,000,000.000 – amount of federal tax dollars spent by Palin on the “Road to Nowhere”, a road leading to the edge of a cliff where the bridge was originally intended to be built, but was canceled before construction of the road was started. According to the Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, a group promoting “sensible transportation systems in the state,” the “Road to Nowhere” was an “irresponsible waste.”
$27,000,000.00 – amount of federal earmarks Palin secured with the help of her hired lobbyist for Wasilla’a town of 6,700 residents.
$197,800,000.00 – amount requested in earmarks for Alaska while Palin was Governor; a total of 31 earmarks representing more per person than any other state in the United States.
$233,000,000.00 – amount requested by Palin for the “Bridge to Nowhere”.
$3,000.00 – amount of debt incurred by each resident of Wasilla during the time Palin was mayor.
$50,000.00 – amount of city funds Palin used without authorization to redecorate Mayor’s office in Wasilla, including red wallpaper that made it look “like a bordello” according to Wasilla City Council member.
$1,200,000.00 – amount of debt of Wasilla had when Palin began as mayor.
$24,800,000.00 – amount of debt of Wasilla had when Palin left as mayor.

$20,000,000.00 is the amount the film tax credit in Alaska, implemented during the short term of Palin, that Alaska tax payers have paid to have the privilege of having shows like Sarah Palin’s Alaska filmed in Alaska.

Rick Perry
During the administration of Rick Perry, Texas tax payers have been held hostage for:

$600,000.00 for rental expenses for the Governor’s mansion which translated to over $10,000.00 per month in rent.

$25,000,000.00 was the cost of the renovation of the Governor’s mansion.

Perry is “double-dipping” in state benefits, by applying and receiving $7698.00 each month, for a total of $92,376.00 per year as a retirement benefit, even though he is still working as the Governor of Texas and making a salary as Governor of $150,000.00.

rick perry scared

This “double-dipping is particularly offensive as Perry enacted a bill to make it more difficult for teachers to do the same thing.

Perry also recently took credit for a bill that was passed by the Texas legislature, and approved by Perry, which had the effect of limiting abortions in Texas to the extent that they would essentially become non-existent. Not surprisingly, the law was recently declared to be a violation of the constitutional right of a woman to seek an abortion.
Roe v. Wade was decided over 40 years ago, and Rick Perry is still wasting tax payer money to re-litigate that issue in court. Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General, who is running for Governor, declared he would be appealing the decision of the District Court, thereby wasting further tax-payer money.

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz was given credit for shutting down the government. The government shut down cost the country $24 BILLION DOLLARS.

John Boehner

John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, has recently advocated filing suit against President Obama. The Republican dominated House of Representatives voted along party lines in favor of filing suit. An attorney has recently been hired to pursue that suit who will be paid at a rate of $500.00 per hour to sue the President.

Not only is the suit likely to fail miserably, but it opens Republicans to “reasonable claims of hypocrisy, since they are the ones always complaining about judicial activism. Conservatism should not be content to pursue conservative ends by any means, but should consistently demonstrate a commitment to conservative means as well. As a consequence, pursuing an unprecedented legal attack on presidential power through the courts puts House Republicans right where they don’t belong, seeking a judicial solution to a political problem.”

According to Rick Perry, lawsuits should never be used to solve political disputes.

It appears what he really means is that fiscal conservatives should never be sued, but they should be allowed to sue. It was 2012 that Perry joined other “fiscal conservatives” in filing a suit against the government.

The absurdity of all of this is that whether you are a Republican or Democrat, or Independent or Tea Party “Patriot”, we are all tax payers. Every time somebody in the government sues somebody else in the government, our tax dollars pay the legal fees for attorneys on both sides of the case. The judicial resources that have to be expended in resolving the case are expenses paid by the tax payers as well. Regardless of the outcome of the suit, it is we the people, the tax payers, who pay the bills of both the winner and the loser. Ultimately it is we the people who lose the most.

I was never a criminal attorney, so my analysis and comment on the criminal charges against Rick Perry could be the result of my aversion to anything related to Rick Perry. However two criminal law professors in Texas have spoken out about the indictment against Perry, and agreed that he probably crossed the line.

Chris Jenks, a criminal law professor at SMU in Dallas explained:

This case represents separation of powers issues.”

I couldn’t agree more, and I did 11 days ago.

rick perry mug shot


This was NOT the one that Palin took, but it was funny!

rick perry scared


todd palin sunglasses

Most people have heard about he scandal involving Todd-the-pimp-Palin.

*Jan 01 - 00:00*05_Flatbed_WEB

Most people have heard about the book written by Shailey Tripp regarding Todd Palin’s manipulation of a desperate young women to coerce her into a life of prostitution.

boys will be boys

Most people have heard about he film tax credit enacted during the short time Sarah Palin was the Governor of Alaska. That was the law Sarah took advantage of while making Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which resulted in a painful “reality” for Alaska tax payers who watched $20 Million tax dollars being used to line the pockets of the Palin family.

palin on breitbart

Most people have heard about he indictment of Rick Perry and the potential that he will have to serve many years in prison for attempting to use his office to coerce a public servant to resign.

perry and lemburg

What people haven’t heard about is the new reality show that is so secret that nobody has heard about it. The concept being discussed in the back rooms of bars and drug houses in Texas and Alaska is a reality show to star Todd Palin and Rick Perry called “Boys Will Be Boys in Prison.” The ambiguity of the name is sure to perk the curiosity of viewers around the country. Is this a show about heterosexual or homosexual sex?

rick perry bad ass

Is this a show about Palin and Perry providing sex slaves for other prison inmates, or for the guards? Is this a show about decorating a prison cell to give it that home-y feel, or is this a show about the creative use of prison bedding to create an erotic atmosphere to appeal to guards and prisoners alike.

Of course the reality is that neither Todd or Rick are in prison yet, so the reality of this reality show is still not yet a reality. The only thing we can know to be the truth is that Rick and Todd broke the law. Whether they are convicted of their crimes will be dependent upon the persuasiveness of the APD’s press releases and whether Rick Perry keeps talking. If the reality show becomes reality, the first episode might set a television ratings record as people tune in to see that the reality is that Rick Perry’s reason for hiring five attorneys for his legal defense team was not because he hoped that they would win this criminal case for him, but that they would be his first customers.

Todd Palin is only an ex-first-dude, and as such, will likely have to do something to rival the excitement felt by Perry’s rabid followers. Speculation is that in order to generate interest and excitement in the season premiere, Todd will promise to reveal the truth about his bi-colored anatomy. However Todd is reportedly still in negotiations with the Network about whether there will be a verbal admission or an actual physical display. In later episodes he might include his secrets regarding (1) how to destroy used condoms without spilling a drop, (2) how to keep from being detected as a peeping tom, (3) how to intimidate a next-door neighbor by threatening a lawsuit even when you never planned to file it, and (4) how to black-mail the local police into issuing a false press release.

If both Palin and Perry are convicted, and if the reality show is a hit, Sarah promises to appear in the final episode visiting both Todd and Rick, in jail, speaking by phone through a glass barrier. It is expected she’ll be giving them advice such as “BUCK UP” “Don’t Get Your Panties in a Wad” “Do you lack Cajones,”

Just grow a big stick” and “WTF are you doing in prison?”


John Stewart comments on the absurdity of Rick Perry not knowing if he’ll reside in the white house or prison in 2017?

perry and lemburg

This is the real commercial

This is the Parody, which isn’t too different than the original.

The very reason for a political debate is to give voters a chance to hear the candidates speak on the issues and compare positions of each. In the absence of a debate, there is a high probability that somebody will get the wrong idea about someone. The fact that Rick Perry refused to debate Bill White was an indication he expected to be elected simply because he was a Republican in Texas. Perry wouldn’t debate White even after White met his conditions and produced his tax returns.

Rick Perry took it a step further and actually accused White of being unwilling to debate him. Of course that was a lie.

In the tradition of Republicans running for Governor in Texas, Greg Abbott has refused to debate Wendy Davis. Lone Star Project issued this e-mail :

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

“In Texas, we don’t call anyone a coward, unless we mean it and can back it up.

Greg Abbott is a coward.

For the first time in more than a decade, Texans have an open-seat election for Governor. Every Texan, regardless of their party affiliation or ideological beliefs deserves to hear directly from the candidates – to see them exchange ideas and compare their visions for the future in a non–partisan debate.

Greg Abbott pledged to participate in only one statewide televised debate. After giving his word to the debate sponsor, WFAA Television, Abbott reversed field and broke his promise to attend and participate. No credible excuse involving his health, a family emergency or any other plausible explanation for backing out has been given.

He may be afraid to face Senator Davis. He may be afraid to face the voters. He may even be trying to manipulatively “shop around” for a different debate venue where he feels he has a better chance of controlling the rules or the format, the questions or the size of the viewership.

Whatever the reason, Greg Abbott is backing out of the only this statewide debate because he knows that his appearance in a fair forum, comparing ideas and visions with Wendy Davis will cost him votes. A debate risks exposing him as a career politician who has used his time on the public payroll to become nothing but another selfish insider – looking out for other insiders and doing damage to Texans who work hard every day to get ahead.

Strength, courage and honor are fundamental requirements to serve as Texas Governor. Greg Abbott today demonstrated that he lacks all three.”

rick perry scared

texas flag bluebonets

palin awkard with trig

From the moment of Sarah Palin’s first appearance at the RNC in 2008 it was undisputed that Sarah Palin would use any child, including one she adopted, to gain political advantage.

sarah trig 7

While proclaiming that children should be off limits, we see Sarah using her children to gain political advantage and notoriety. Palin has used her children on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, appeared in the audience of Bristol’s Dancing With the Stars, and a picture of one of her kids appears on Facebook about every third post. While there may be nothing wrong with a mama proudly posting pictures of her children on social media, the consequences of doing so make the children fair game.

Palin’s recent focus on Richard Dawkins is a perfect example of Palin’s attempt to use Trig for political purposes.

palin eyebrow one point

Palin attacked Richard Dawkins for his honesty in suggesting that parents should make a choice to abort if pregnant with a Downs Syndrome child. Dawkins, like Palin, said that he didn’t know what he would do if he were pregnant with a Down’s Syndrome child. However he indicated that it would be “immoral” to bring such a child into the world.
Palin’s response was to suggest that Richard Dawkins should meet her son.

Forget the moral dilemma of abortion. Setting that aside for purposes of this discussion, consider the unforgivable hypocrisy of Palin’s positions.

1. There are currently over 400,000 people in the United States with Down Syndrome. Statistics indicate that 90% of all pregnancies where the fetus is determined to have Down Syndrome result in termination. That means that if people followed Palin’s advice there would be 4 MILLION PEOPLE with Down’s Syndrome in the United States.

2. Challenges for families that have a member with Down’s Syndrome can be serious. 35% of families with a Down’s Syndrome member showed considerable stress or distress. Those problems include behavior problems for the siblings, and depression and health problems of the parents.

3. Financial challenges for a family with a Down’s Syndrome child can be dramatic. Poor housing, poverty, lack of transport (a car) and unemployment all increase family vulnerability. The impact of these factors may be more stressful when one child has Down syndrome, as poverty and lack of transport may reduce the opportunities to access support groups and services. The lack of practical resources for laundry and adequate heating are also more significant.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it takes roughly $240,000 to raise a child from birth to age 18. For a special needs child, those expenses can quadruple.
palin awkard with trig

4. People with Downs Syndrome may have a variety of medical problems including congenital heart defects, respiratory problems, hearing problems, Alzheimer’s disease, leukemia, thyroid problems, speech and motor difficulties.

Medical costs are typically 13% higher for a child with Down’s syndrome than the average child.

4. A family with many weaknesses at the time of the birth of a baby with Down syndrome will be less able to make a positive adjustment and feel able to cope. Their distress may lead to less effective parenting and, in turn, the child will make slower progress and be more at risk for behavior difficulties. The child’s difficulties become a greater burden and increase distress in the family. The extent of limitations Trig has experienced with point to an unhealthy family environment, with a lack of support for his special needs. Not once have we seen Sarah attending a class of any type with Trig to address his special needs.

Sarah Palin’s promotion of anti-choice position is antithetical to her position on health care and the national debt. She was awarded the “lie of the year” when she proclaimed her opposition to nationalized health care because the “death panel” would determine if her son was entitled to health care. The truth is that without some type of government assistance, most families would not be able to provide their special needs child with necessary medical care.

Promoting a “culture of life” is also antithetical to reduction of the national debt. Remember when Sarah Palin was so emotional about the extent of the national debt that she compared it to slavery, saying that our children would be “shackled by the country’s spending.”

If Palin’s positions were adopted we would have 4 Million children with Downs syndrome in this country.  In that case we would either shackle our children with additional national debt, or leave these special needs kids without the necessities of medical care or basic essentials.

sarah trig 13

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