An argument would have been so much more civilized!

bristol hiding face at party

In the fall of 2008 Sarah Palin introduced her family to the American public.

She described her “strong and kind hearted daughters.” She explained that her family had the same “ups and downs” as any other.

Immediately we were suspicious that her characterization of her family was a lie. As early as September 30, 2008 the Washington Times reported that the Palin family would not qualify as “ordinary” for the small town of Wasilla. Even then they were reported to have an income of nearly a quarter-million dollars, a single engine plane, two boats, two personal watercraft, a $500,000.00 custom built home that was three times the cost of the average home in Wasilla. She was described as “consistent, honest, and warm.” As a politician she was described as “focused, direct and clear.”

Now with the police records released from the Palin family brawl, and the audio recording of the police, it appears that the truth is that the Palin family is far from “ordinary.” Most families don’t have a young female member of the family that has a child out of wedlock, goes to parties in stretch hummer limos with her five year old son, intoxicated, wearing a see-through camo dress, and punching the host of the party 6-7 times. However the most revealing fact from the Palin family brawl, and the police audio recording of Bristol, is her indignation that somebody took her $300.00 sun glasses. First, ask yourself why Bristol would be wearing sun-glasses to a night-time party? The most obvious reason would be to hide the condition of her eyes. Secondly, consider her description of the glasses. She didn’t describe them by the designer name of the glasses, but by the amount of money she paid for them. Clearly she was focused on the cost, and her ability to pay $300.00 for a pair of sunglasses, rather then simply liking those sunglasses which just happened to cost $300.00.

Who wears $300.00 sun glasses? A quick search of the internet reveals that the most famous person who wore $300.00 sun glasses was Eliot Rodger, the mass murderer.

eliot rodgers

eliot rodgers sunglasses one

eliot rodgers sunglasses two

eliot rodgers car and sunglasses

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that Bristol Palin is herself a mass murderer because of the cost of the sunglasses she wears. I am only mentioning this similar trait, because both people seem to think that wearing $300.00 sunglasses makes them more important than “ordinary” people. Both young people seem to think that wearing expensive sunglasses somehow makes them special.

Sarah Palin’s question of “Do you know who I am?” is a reflection of the Palin family attitude that they are better than the average, ordinary family. This attitude isn’t surprising coming from a family that has made a reality show. Nobody would think of Sarah as an “average” woman as she was the potential Vice President of the United States. Nobody would think of Bristol as an average single mother as she was invited to Dance with the Stars,

bristol dancing three

and appear in her own reality show, Life’s a Tripp,

bristol and willow and tripp life's trip

and her picture has appeared on the front cover of multiple magazines.

bristol people baby graduation

levi us magazine

The offensive thing is that Sarah continues to promote the image of her family as “average” and “ordinary.”

Bristol has just published a post on her blog to explain why she was a victim of bad behavior of men at the party. While she gives her side of the story of what happened the night of the brawl, ask yourself these questions:

1. Why was she wearing sunglasses at night?
2. Why didn’t she mention the sunglasses in her post?
3. Why didn’t she mention anything about the limo in her post?
4. Why didn’t she mention anything about Tripp in her post?
5. Bristol posts a video of the gift they gave to Todd on his birthday. It was a new white truck! What ordinary family buys the father a truck for his birthday, and surprises him with it?
6. With all the people in the video of the surprise for Todd, where is Sarah?
7. If the family gave Todd the truck as a surprise for his birthday, why wasn’t he driving the Truck the night of the party?
8. If the “family” gave Todd a surprise for his birthday, why did Sarah claim the next day that she was out of town and unable to wish Todd a happy birthday? Why didn’t SHE post the video on Facebook?
9. Why does Bristol indicate that the media is to blame for malicious reporting of the brawl, when the media have relied upon the police reports and the actual video of Bristol, drunk and cussing?
10. Why doesn’t Bristol mention or give any explanation of her foul language?
11. Why doesn’t Bristol mention anything about her state of intoxication?
12. Bristol admits that she hit a man, and admits that it was in retaliation for pushing her. Even if you assume her version of the story is correct, how is hitting justified in response to pushing?

bristol palin chame dress

CNN comments.

I thought Nicole was very kind in this interview.

Remember this report of Nicole Wallace’s recount of Sarah Palin’s lies in Going Rogue.

going rogue

perry hugging abbott

Rick Perry is the longest serving Governor in the history of the state of Texas. He took office in December of 2000, so he has held the position as Governor for 14 years.
Greg Abbott has served as the Attorney General of Texas under Rick Perry for the last 12 of those 14 years.

As the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott is “the lawyer for the State of Texas” and is charged by the Texas Constitution to (1) defend the laws and the Constitution of the State of Texas, (2) represent the State in litigation, and (3) approve public bond issues.

The Attorney General expressly “…defends challenges to state laws and suits against both state agencies and individual employees of the State.” “Although the Attorney General is prohibited from offering legal advice or representing private individuals, he serves and protects the rights of all citizens of Texas…

perry prison

As a result of the express terms of the Texas Constitution, Greg Abbott was charged with the protection of the requirements of the State Constitution. Thus if any state employee violated the State Constitution it was Gregg Abbott’s job to protect the taxpayers of Texas. If the Governor of the State, Rick Perry, abused his power and violated the Texas Constitution, it was Greg Abbott’s job to hold him accountable. In November of 2011 I documented through a FOIA request that Rick Perry had violated the state constitution that required him to work full time. Abbott failed to take any action.

rick perry's days off

Now that Abbott is himself running for Governor, it is more important than ever to determine his willingness to follow the law and his obligations as an elected official. Pursuant to another FOIA request to the Governor’s office, I have verified that Mr. Abbott has once again failed in his duties to the people of Texas. Because the Texas Constitution requires that he both (1) defend suits against individual employees of the State, and (2) defend the laws of the Constitution of Texas, if Rick Perry violated his obligations to the state, it was Greg Abbott’s job to be an advocate for justice for the people of Texas. Instead he has shirked his responsibility in favor of supporting his friend Rick Perry. In particular:

1. Abbott had nothing to do with the indictment of Perry for abusing his power as Governor of Texas. It was the Texans for Public Justice that raised the issue and a San Antonio Judge who appointed a special prosecutor to the case. The Grand Jury indicted Rick Perry on Aug. 15, 2014 on two charges:
Count I Abuse of Official Capacity 39.02 DPS 23990064
Count II Coercion of Public Servant 36.03 DPS 13990027

Why wasn’t Greg Abbott involved in protecting the citizens of Texas? Abbott couldn’t have doing his job if Texans had to rely on a watch dog group to hold Perry accountable. If Texans can’t depend on the Attorney General to protect our interests, then we are powerless.

2. Rick Perry’s indictment was the result of wrongful threats to cut funding for the Public Integrity Unit which was investigating for corruption. The institute had been hit by a scandal regarding the inadequate review of grants, and grants going to those who made contributions to support the agency and political donations to officials. The agency’s former chief commercialization officer was indicted after being accused of withholding information that an $11 million grant had not been reviewed as required. Critics had accused Perry of trying to defund the Public Integrity Division to undermine its investigation of CPRIT.
Greg Abbott was not a part of that investigation. The Texas constitution expressly sets forth his responsibility to represent the State. Abbott failed us.

3. Rick Perry was indicted for acts while Governor that were prohibited by the state Constitution. Thus the charges were against Rick Perry in his individual capacity and were CRIMINAL charges. Nothing in the state Constitution allows the Governor to commit a crime. Furthermore, the crime charged was a crime against the state. Yet the Governor charged the state of Texas for attorneys fees as follows:

Baker and Botts, 10-29-13 of $15,000.00
Botsford & Roark, 5-15-14 of $41,670.00
The name of the “matter” was “Grand Jury Investigation”

The special prosecutor appointed by the Judge in San Antonio is Mike McCrum.

While much of the bills were redacted the follow excerpts were produced:
“…researched cas law and law review articles regarding…”
“…corresponded via email and phone with ___________”
“review video of Mike McCrum’s interview”
“tel con Mike McCrum…”
“draft letter to Mike McCrum…”
“”tel con message left for Senator Watson…”
“continue legal research and assessment of legal positions regarding criminal statutes identified in McDonald’s complaint.”
The majority of the attorney fee bills have been redacted. However from the quote above the unequivocal indication is that Perry’s attorneys were working for him personally and not as the Governor. “Senator Watson” is a Democratic Senator from Travis County and has been the Democratic Chair from Travis County. Senator Watson also ran against Greg Abbott for the position of attorney general in 2002.
As Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott is required to review and approve the use of outside legal counsel by state officers and/or agencies. (Tex. Att’y Gen. Opinion L0-96-124 (1996) & Tex. Att’y Gen. Opinion No. GA-848 at n. 2)
Rep. Deshotel demanded justification from Abbott for paying these bills with tax payer dollars. Rep. Deshotel sent a formal request for an explanation and asked Mr. Abbott for a legal opinion regarding the propriety of using tax payer money for Perry’s defense. Abbott failed to respond.

If the polls are correct Greg Abbott will be the next Governor of Texas. Given his past use of tax payer money, we know that if Abbott is indicted while in office for abuse of his official capacity and coercion of an elected Democratic servant, he’ll hire top attorneys to defend him for his illegal acts that hurt Texans, and Texans will pay his attorneys fees. It’s like the victim of a crime paying the defense attorney’s fees of the lawyer hired by the culprit to convince the jury that he isn’t guilty. Texas taxpayers have been charged for defending Perry against charges that he abused his office. Our tax dollars will go to pay his excessive attorney fees charged by attorneys who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Abbott elected.

perry and abbott cartoon

palin after yoga

Pause this morning, before listening to the audio tape of the police investigation of the Palin family brawl.
Re-read what Palin wrote about Bristol. Sarah posted this note on Facebook after the brawl police records were released, attempting to defend Bristol. In the 30 minutes of audio tape of the police investigation, one thing is clear. Bristol was a drunken mess. At one point in the audio Bristol uses the “f” word 8 times. Maybe Bristol thought the prayer shield would prevent the recording of the “f” word but …alas…the prayer shield didn’t seem to be working that night.
Here is Sarah’s Post:

“I love my Bristol! My straight-shooter is one of the strongest young women you’ll ever meet. I have to say this as a proud mama: right up there with their work ethic and heart for those less fortunate, my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar! As you can imagine, they and my extended family have experienced so many things (liberal media-driven) that may have crushed others without a strong foundation of faith, and I’m thankful for our friends’ prayer shield that surrounds them, allowing faith to remain their anchor. Thank you, prayer warriors! I love you!
See this from Bristol:

- Sarah Palin”

As you listen to Bristol on this tape, ask yourself how or why she is allowed to post on the “patheos” blog site which is dedicated to “family and faith”? The patheos blogs are supposed to be a portal where the authors write about “faith and family.” They advertise that “we’re deeply faithful.” They proclaim that “we all strive for generosity, courage, and love.” They even quote Mother Teresa saying “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” The site is committed to striving for “generosity, courage, and love.”

I wonder if Patheos will feature these pictures of Bristol in her see-through skirt worn the night of the Palin family brawl, and as she yelled in her state of drunkenness, that somebody took her $300.00 sun glasses, and stole her “fu*king shoes?”

bristol at party

bristol hiding face at party

bristol cameo see through

stupid sarah

It defies imagination that Sarah Palin would do anything to connect herself to the Secret Service. It’s amazing that she would openly support any Secret Service agent running for anything, given all the scandals that have surfaced recently. Perhaps if she read more she’d know about the:

1. Scandal in Nashville

2. Scandal involving the agents who allowed an armed felon in the elevator with the President

3. Scandal involving a man jumping the fence of the White House, going through an unlocked door, overpowering an agent, and making his way into the white house with a knife

Sarah should remember that one because she made a fool of herself talking about it.

4. Scandal involving a person shooting at the White House and not being discovered until days later by a housekeeper, and the Secret Service was unaware

5. Scandal involving an agent passed out in the hotel hallway in Amsterdam

prostitutes amsterdam

6. Scandal involving the agent who left a bullet in the hotel room of a woman he picked up in the hotel lobby

7. The fake sign language interpreter allowed to stand on stage with President Obama

8. The Salahi’s crash a White House banquet

9. The scandal related to the auto accident involving two snipers where alcohol was involved.

10. The scandal arising from Mark Sullivan’s removal of two agents from the White House security detail to protect a personal friend of Sullivan

11. The 12 scandals listed that occurred between 2005 and 2011

12. The Colombia Scandal involved at least 12 agents, including David Chaney

prostitutes by car

President Obama has faced three times as many threats on his life as previous Presidents. Instead of a heightened role of the Secret Service in protecting our President, it seems that there is greater breach of protocol and an enhanced culture of corruption than ever before. The “stand down” orders and the unwillingness of the Secret Service to even acknowledge an assault rifle attack on the White House indicates the Secret Service may be guilty of criminal misconduct rather than simply being negligent.

Even if those specific events were not sufficiently embarrassing, the allegations of Shailey Tripp should have been sufficient to cause Sarah to avoid any reference to the Secret Service. Did she just forget that it was Todd who introduced Ms. Tripp to David Chaney, the agent assigned to guard Palin during the 08 campaign, for the purpose of providing prostitution services.

david chaney and palin

david chaney and prostitute

In a spectacular example of bad judgment, Sarah Palin has dedicated an entire Facebook post to bringing attention to Dan Bogino, who is running for Congress in Maryland.
However Bongino’s former colleagues at the Secret Service are unhappy with him for trying to use his proximity to the President to bolster his political career.
“He’s trying to draw attention to himself and he’s hijacking the Secret Service brand,” agents who had worked with Bongino told “That’s all he’s got going for him.”
Breitbart News was included on Palin’s Facebook post. Breitbart identified Bongino’s qualifications as “Young, smart, handsome, savvy, and quick with a sharp sound bite.”

Bongino has himself identified the problems at the Secret Service as cultural in nature and it is a problem found in the supervisory personnel of the Secret Service.

It was a gratuitous mention of Bongino. Sarah Palin decided to mention her support of Bongino in Facebook. Maybe she is a friend of his? Maybe he is a friend of Todd’s. Nevertheless, Sarah Palin should have distanced herself from prostitutes in Colombia.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain was given a chance to re-think and retract her comments regarding Sarah Palin. Meghan used the opportunity to repeat the insults saying that Palin brought “drama, stress, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty” to her father’s campaiogn. Palin turned out to be somebody who “leaves a wake of confusion and chaos—to the point of dizziness—wherever she went.”

Meghan didn’t give these examples, but I give you a few examples that she might be thinking about.

ebola screening five

A teacher in Maine has been suspended from her teaching responsibilities only because she visited Dallas. There is no indication that she had ANY contact with anyone in Dallas who had even been exposed to Ebola. The only apparent basis for fear of Ebola is that fact that she visited Dallas.

Dallas has a population of 6.5 million people. Dallas has had three cases of Ebola, and two are tied to the first. The first is gone. The other two are being treated in isolation units, one in Dallas, and one in Maryland. An estimated 8000 people in West Africa have contracted the disease, and we are still allowing people into the United States from those countries. If the CDC has not taken action to restrict the influx of people from the affected countries, than it seems a little of an over-reaction to suspend this teacher.

Just Say NO to BS

The Ignorance of Sarah Palin

Rebuttal to the Rogue


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