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Sarah Palin is responsible for single-handedly causing the term “Undefeated” to be associated with losers, quitters, and dead-beats. Now Sarah has identified another candidate for office that, like her, she predicts will be “undefeated” in the upcoming election.

palin undefeated

In a bold, absurd, totally preposterous, and totally unfounded prediction, Sarah Palin has declared that Rob Maness will be the next Senator from Louisiana.

Palin explained…
“Like that Louisiana alligator who can dominate the swamp, Maness is ready to be on top of D.C.’s food chain and devour the crony capitalism that runs wild in government. Status quo politicians like Landrieu had their chance to clean it up, but the establishment has partaken of the grub far too long, and voters know this.

Sarah Palin’s prediction is comical for at least three reasons.

1. Rob Mannes is better known for his experience with alligators than any political philosophy or ideology.

mannes palin aligator

2. The polls are clear that Mannes is substantially behind the two front runners. The highest Mannes shows in any poll is 14% of the vote.

3. Palin promotes Mannes as the candidate who should be elected because he is the new candidate and a person who exemplifies a candidate who will fight against the “status quo” and “crony capitalism.” However that is exactly what Sarah Palin is promoting in Kansas as she served pancakes with the elderly Senator from Kansas.

palin roberts mouth open pancakes

Senator Roberts is running for reelection at 78 years old, after serving in Congress 47 years. He isn’t the oldest Senator yet, but if re-elected he would be the oldest Senator in Congress.
When Mannes loses the election we will remember him as the alligator candidate who lost the election, but remained Undefeated.

When Mannes loses the election, Sarah Palin will probably ask for an apology from the “main-stream” media because they reported that Mannes lost the election. Bristol might slug the winner of the election and then claim that she was gang-raped by voters for Mannes’ opponents. Pat Roberts may get re-elected but may be too old to serve out his term and resign but remain undefeated.

These are just funny dogs.

palin channel on abortion

In a recent interview on Fox Sarah Palin said that she would “hopefully (be) running for office in the future.”

The average person, with a 4th grade education, would recognize that as a lame attempt to get more people to send her more money. It has been more than 5 years since Sarah Palin quit elected office, so it is unlikely that she would ever run for any office again. However it is an interesting mental challenge to contemplate the likely path for rising in the political world after being defeated in your last attempted campaign, and later quitting the office that your were elected to fill. After much thought and consideration, my recommendation is that Sarah Palin consider being an undercover dog catcher. There is an opening nearby. More importantly, “experience is not required.” She has a new dog, so she is familiar with what dogs look like. It would be the perfect job as she could wear her own clothes, and we still haven’t heard that the RNC found any purpose for all her clothes.

palin basketball

Unlike men who might apply for the job,

Sarah could be an undercover sister.

As you know, if you have been following this blog since June of 2012, I have been involved in a protracted effort to obtain documents from the Department of Homeland Security. The documents relate to the culture of corruption within the Secret Service that related to various antics of Secret Service agents. The inquiry involved documents that might confirm Shailey Tripp’s report to me and to Merek Shaffer of Homeland Security that she was introduced to David Chaney by Todd Palin, for the purpose of providing sexual service to Mr. Chaney while on assignment in Alaska. Having been frustrated at the lack of willingness to comply with the requirements of the Freedom of Information act, I have hired an attorney who has renewed my request for documents and is preparing an original petition to initiate a suit in Federal Court.

It is unclear why, but today,the same day as the New York Times broke the story of the involvement of David Nieland with prostitutes, the Department of Homeland Security has advised me as follows:

“In response to your request, the United States Secret Service has conducted a reasonable search for responsive documents. The Secret Service searched its main indices, and any responsive records identified in connection with that search have been located and forwarded to this office for review and determination of releasability. …

As referenced in our initial response, dated April 28, 2014, due to the increasing number of FOIA/PA requests received by this office, we may encounter some delay in processing your request. However, we are processing your request as expeditiously as possible.”

I followed up by telephone with the agent who sent the letter to determine if she could give me a date by which I could expect to receive any documents that were going to be produced. The agent explained she would have to check into the situation and get back to me. While I explained that all of the documents were important to me, I indicated that the documents requested that related to David Chaney were most important and that if production of those could be expedited, I might be willing to postpone filing suit a little longer. To my surprise the agent said “oh, I know David Chaney.” I inquired if she meant she knew him personally, and she explained, that no, she didn’t know him personally, but she knew of him. I am hopeful that if she knows who he is, that there might be something worth seeing in the documents they have pertaining to David Chaney. I will advise you as soon as I hear back from the Department of Homeland Security.

secret service badge

The “Culture of Corruption” within the Secret Service is a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the United States and to our First family. Instead of the wounds healing from the Colombia scandal, we seem to have new wounds opened, and the old ones seem to fester, oozing more and more pus. It’s hard to remember every scandal that has surfaced since the Colombia incident… but let me try:

1. Secret Service agents allowing an armed felon in an elevator with the President.

2. Secret Service agents allowing a person armed with a knife to jump over the fence of the White House, and enter the White House through an unlocked door, and overpower an agent inside the White House.

3. Secret Service agents being advised by a housekeeper that someone had fired at the White House and bullets were found imbedded in the White House.

4. Secret Service agents were intoxicated while driving and caused a wreck.

5. A Secret Service agent, after being cautioned against any type of inappropriate behavior, was found passed out in an Amsterdam hotel before the arrival of the President.

6. A Secret Service agent left a bullet in the hotel room of a woman he picked up at a bar, and then demanded that the hotel management permit him to re-enter the room of the woman against her will, to retrieve the bullet.

7. The Secret Service tried to entice the police in Nashville to pretend to have a warrant to convince a homeowner to allow them access to his home. When the Nashville police refused, the Secret Service then refused to enlist the Nashville police in the protection effort when the First Lady visited Nashville.

Since the May 2012 Colombia scandal the following people have resigned:

David Chaney — the Secret Service agent who was involved with prostitutes in Colombia. He was also the agent who was assigned to guard Sarah Palin during the 08 campaign. He was the agent Shailey Tripp reported she was introduced to by Todd Palin.

david chaney and prostitute

He was the agent that did visit Shailey Tripp for “services”. He was also the agent that posted a picture on his Facebook page labeled “checking her out.”

david chaney and palin

Mark Sullivan – The Director of the Secret Service who testified that there was no culture of corruption.

mark sullivan secret service

Charles Edwards – the Acting Deputy in the Office of the Inspector General who was charged with investigating the Colombia scandal to determine if it was evidence of a bigger problem. He resigned a couple of days before his report was due and before he was scheduled to testify before Congress. He resigned when multiple allegations of corruption surfaced regarding he and his wife.

charles edwards

Janet Napolitano – The Secretary of Homeland Security to whom Mark Sullivan reported.

janet napolitano

Julia Pierson – The Director of the “Secret Service who took over when Mark Sullivan resigned.

Dave Parker – The Anchorage Police Officer who admitted issuing a false press release to the National Enquirer, at the request of Sarah Palin’s attorney, which attempted to vindicate Todd Palin from the prostitution scandal that the National Enquirer reported.

dave parker

David Nieland, the investigator who led the Department of Homeland Security’s internal review of the Secret Service’s involvement with Prostitutes in Colombia (see below).

The New York Times reports that the investigator who led the Department of Homeland Security’s internal review of the Secret Service’s involvement with prostitutes has himself resigned. It seems that a prostitute has confirmed the David Nieland has himself utilized the services of a prostitute in Florida. So the chief investigator of the use of prostitutes by the Secret Service has been able to call upon his own unique experience with prostitutes to give him the inside scoop into the way that the Secret Service might attempt to cover up such a scandal.

It seems that Mr. Nieland was the head of the inspector general’s Miami office when he was identified as the person best equipped to lead the investigation into the scandal in Colombia. That was before he was suspended for circulating a photo of an intern’s feet. It is unclear what the feet were doing, if they were bare feet, if they had offensive nail polish on them, or if they were simply positioned between sheets. Whatever, he was suspended, so the suggestion is that there was something inappropriate about the picture.

Mr. Nieland lied to county deputies who had a building under surveillance from which he was seen exiting. Nieland told them he was part of an undercover human trafficking operation. He showed the deputies his badge to prove to them he was a government employee. The deputies confirmed with a prostitute from the house that Nieland had paid her for sex. Nieland has resigned from Homeland Security citing health problems. It is unclear if the “health problems” stem from his time with prostitutes or from mental health problems arising from being charged with investigating government employees for doing the exact thing he was doing. Moreover Greg Stokes, one of the agents involved in the Colombia scandal, previously reported Neiland was involved in covering up the corruption.

The extent to the corruption of the Secret Service, and the people charged with investigating them is beyond imagination. I will follow this post later today with an update on my ongoing efforts to uncover documents within Homeland Security to reveal further information on the culture of corruption.

Former Governor Sarah Palin speaks at a Tea Party rally  - Manchester

It was the summer of 2009 when Sarah Palin quit her job as Governor of Alaska.

Palin Resigning

Her her resignation was a slap in the face to all those who campaigned for her, voted for her, and gave her money. She felt no obligation or responsibility to those who put their trust in her. That two-faced character flaw has reared its ugly head once again. The only possible rationalization for quitting her job was the security that Sean Parnell would take over as Governor. If Parnell shared Palin’s ideology, even if I disagreed with it, she could convince herself that Alaska would be left in good hands. Certainly there is an indication that Palin and Parnell agreed on the best way to deal with violence against women; ignore it.

When Sarah Palin quit her job, the legislation of which she was most proud was ACES. ACES resulted in the increase of taxes on petroleum companies developing in Alaska. Raising taxes on Petroleum companies is not something an energy expert would do and expect that the energy companies would not react.

Certainly John McCain advertised Sarah Palin as an Oil and Gas expert. He went so far as to say that she “probably knows more about energy than anyone in the United States of America.”

If she had “expertise” it was only in finding ways to extract more money from energy companies.

In April 2011, I wrote an extensive article on the ACES program initiated by Palin. That article demonstrated why the dramatic increase in taxes on oil companies in Alaska under ACES was actually causing oil companies to limit future production in the state, and reduce revenue for Alaska in the long term.

Sarah Palin raised taxes as Mayor of Wasilla and as Governor of Alaska. As soon as she was tapped by McCain she became a vocal opponent of raising taxes. For the last two years, after the election of Barack Obama, she has continually criticized Barack Obama’s plea to allow the Bush Tax cuts to expire to help raise revenue and reduce the deficit. After Palin left office the ACES program, although it temporarily raised revenue for Alaska, caused a reduction in the willingness of Oil companies to continue production of oil in Alaska. Sean Parnell has had to work to reverse the ACES program, reducing taxes on Oil Companies, in an effort to bolster the Alaskan economy. The simple truth is the the ACES program was a short sided attempt to raise revenue for Alaska, but was predicted to lower revenue in the long-run. The very taxes that raised revenue initially are the reason that oil and gas companies determined that future exploration dollars would be directed outside the state of Alaska. As exploration declined, and new production was reduced, it became clear that the ACES taxation structure inflicted a mortal wound on the revenue stream of Alaska.
Sean Parnell introduced legislation to revise ACES. Palin called his proposal a “boondoggle.” Parnell called it the “More Alaska Production Act.” It became effective in January of 2014. Just two months ago voters in Alaska voted on the specific question of whether they supported Parnell’s tax structure, focused on increasing production in Alaska, or Palin’s ACES focused on increasing taxes on oil and gas companies operating in Alaska. The majority of voters in Alaska favored Parnell’s “More Alaska Production Act,” and rejected Palin’s ACES program.


Palin was so offended that the majority of voters in Alaska would reject her effort to increase taxes, that she has turned on Sean Parnell. As he fights for his political life, Palin has endorsed Bill Walker, his opponent in the Governor’s race.

Sarah Palin’s legacy of failure and deception is tragic. Consider:

1. Palin ran for Governor and then quit before her first term ended.
2. Palin elevated Sean Parnell to the position of Governor, assuring Alaskans that they were in good hands.
3. Now Palin endorses the opponent of Parnell, suggesting that Walker’s hands are better for Alaska than Parnell.
4. Palin advertises herself as a strong advocate for cutting taxes, but the truth is that she raised taxes on the residents of Wasilla when she was the Mayor, and raised taxes on Oil and Gas Companies while Governor.
5. Palin became known for her motto “Drill Baby Drill” and was advertised as an expert on energy. However her history with ACES proves that she is not an energy expert. Her motto should have been “Don’t Drill, Grow Up!”
6. From the time Palin resigned as Governor, she has traveled the country advertising herself as a representative of the “people.” Palin suggests that she speaks for the “people” and is opposed to more government regulation or intervention. However the recent vote in Alaska on repeal of the More Alaska Production Act was an unmistakable message from the common people of Alaska that they were not in favor of ACES. By endorsing Parnell’s opponent on the basis of Parnell’s position on ACES, Sarah Palin has proved that she is interested in promoting her own agenda, and not the will of the people.

There are hundreds of reasons to oppose Sean Parnell as the Governor of Alaska. His opposition to ACES is not one of them.

sean parnell

Only Billy Crystal could say this!

god laughing two clouds

The friend of a friend of an anonymous source told a Girl Scout who reported to me that she had been hired to wash Sarah’s panties.

palin panties

When she was putting the clean panties back in the panty drawer, she came across an open envelope in the drawer. The envelope was addressed to “Sarah in Wasilla” but there was no return address. In the top left corner of the envelope appeared “ME”. The Girl Scout said that she remembered the letter verbatim. Fortunately for her, she had already earned her Memory Merit Badge. The following is an exact replica of the note.


My Darling Sarah,

The Holy Spirit and I were whispering the other day about the number of people who should have apologized to you and have not. These are the ones we talked about, but your memory is better than ours, so feel free to send us an updated list.

1. John McCain should have apologized to you for losing the 2008 election.

2. Barack Obama should have apologized to you for winning the 2008 election.

3. Trig should have apologized for not generating enough sympathy to generate the votes needed in 2008.

sarah palin trig rnc

4. Todd should have apologized for not telling you Shailey was one of his girls before you went to get a massage when you were supposed to be 7 months pregnant.

5. Bristol should have apologized for not winning at Dancing with the Stars.

todd snowmobile

6. Todd should have apologized for pretending to be an Iron Dog champion, but losing the race every time the rest of the country was watching.

7. Rebecca Mansour should just apologize.

rebecca mansour two

8. The producers of Sarah Palin’s Alaska should have apologized for not shooting the moose for you on the first time.

palin hunter

9. Stephen Bannon should have apologized for mis-spelling the name of your movie ( The Defeated).

palin undefeated

10. Katie Couric should have apologized for making you look stupid.

11. Bill O’Reilly should have apologized for making you look stupid.

12. Glen Beck should have apologized for making you look stupid.

13. Charles Gibson should have apologized for making you look like a hypocrite.

14. Sean Parnell should apologize for not resigning.

Palin Resigning

15. Dave Parker should apologize for telling the truth about your attorney asking him to issue the press release.

dave parker

16. The APD should apologize for not destroying the police records regarding the Palin family brawl.

anchorage police

17. The APD should apologize for taking pictures of Bristol when she was heavily intoxicated.

bristol hiding face at party

18. The APD should apologize for not alerting you to their impending appearance at the brawl where you and your family were in attendance.

19. The APD should apologize for not telling Bristol that she shouldn’t use the “f” word when giving a recorded statement.

20. The APD should apologize for not telling people at the party where the brawl took place who you were.

21. Matt Damon should apologize for being right.

Raw Story has an insightful article on the response of Sarah to the media coverage of the Palin family brawl. My favorite excerpt of the article is:

“What is particularly disheartening to me about this is that many of the people who are doing a fist-pump hell-yeah to Palin’s self-pity party know someone who has been raped or abused by a partner. And when they cheer along to someone minimizing that violence and suggesting that some random drunk fight matters as much, if not more, than the experience of someone whose husband beats her, that says to the victims of gendered violence in their lives that their experiences don’t matter.”

bristol palin chame dress

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