In October 2008 the Los Angeles Times ran a story about the lack of memory of people at Sarah Palin’s colleges. It was as if she had never been there. Just as she is now fading into oblivion, she did in college as well.

The article is an interesting read, and tells the story of Palin pulling a fire alarm in her college dormitory, not realizing that it would mark her hand so that administrators would be able to identify her. The even more amazing part of the story is that she didn’t realize that her hand was marked until another student told her! Maybe it was a sign of things to come?

palin clueless

For over two years I have been trying to obtain documents that might shed light upon the allegations of Shailey Tripp that Todd Palin was her pimp, that he introduced her to David Chaney who was the Secret Service agent involved with prostitutes in Colombia. He was also the agent assigned to guard Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign.

david chaney and palin

Shiley Tripp advised DHS that Mr. Chaney did come to her for services, and she provided them for money, albeit less than he promised to pay. When Mark Sullivan, the then director of the Secret Service, testified that the Colombia incident was an isolated event, and not evidence of a culture of corruption, that was contrary to the statement given by Shailey Tripp to Merek Shaffer. That led to my request for documents in June of 2012. I have been trying diligently ever since to obtain the documents.

Over the past few months, I have undertaken to locate and retain counsel to proceed with suit against DHS to require production of the documents requested. I have retained attorneys in Dallas, and we were close to being ready to file suit. I received this e-mail yesterday from Kristen Teal of DHS.

Ms. Litman,

Yesterday, November 19, 2014, DHS OIG received your letter dated November 10, 2014, referencing our first interim response and requesting production of additional records associated with your FOIA request 2014-123.

Following your discussion with me on July 1, 2014, we issued you a first interim response on August 26, 2014. In our conversation, I asked you to review the records that we had already posted online, which contains all complaints we have received against the US Secret Service (USSS) from 2003 until the date that data was run, 5/21/2012. It also includes one investigation report and two inspection reports which are responsive to your request. I asked you to review the complaints and additional reports, and advise if those records would satisfy a portion of your request. I also asked what, if any, complaints you were interested in receiving additional information on. To this date, you have not contacted me regarding this. Because this list contains all complaints we have received, we need you to specify which complaints you are seeking information on, as not all of those complaints are responsive to your request for specific allegations made against the USSS.

In our call, I also advised that I would run an additional search for complaints we had received from that date to present, tailored to your specified allegations. We conducted a search for those complaints, but are in the process of obtaining additional information from our program offices before being able to process and release those records. As explained in our acknowledgement letter dated June 18, 2014, we currently have a large backlog of requests. We are trying to respond to all our requesters in a fair and timely fashion in the order the requests are received. However, we anticipate being able to release these records to you by early December.

Please let me know if you have questions regarding this.

Kirsten Teal

FOIA/PA Disclosure Specialist
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Office of Inspector General
Office of Counsel

The following is my response.

Dear Ms. Teal,

I am copying my attorneys on this response. Their addresses are above and would ask that in the future any correspondence to me be copied to them also.

As a point of clarification, when we spoke in July, you agreed to send me a list of the type of documents that exist that were responsive to my request, other than those I had already seen which were posted on line. I never received anything from you , which has been typical of the lack of response I have received from the DHS.

So there is no misunderstanding, I am requesting ALL documents responsive to my requests. If you want me to narrow the requests, it is necessary for you to specify what documents you have, and what documents you are willing and able to produce. I am unwilling to limit my request when I don’t know what you have, and what you are willing to produce. To tell me that you have a “large backlog of requests” is not helpful. The documents in question have been the subject of FOIA requests that have been pending for over two years and I still have virtually NO documents.

You have indicated that you are trying to respond to all requesters in a “fair and timely” fashion. I can’t imagine how you consider two and one-half years a “fair and timely” fashion. Nevertheless, if you are able to give me a date certain, by which I will receive responsive documents, and you agree not to assert any objections to producing documents, I am willing to refrain from filing a law suit in which I would ask the Court to award me my attorney fees. If however you are unable or unwilling to provide a date certain in early December, I am unwilling to wait any longer. Once again, I implore you not to mislead me or promise to produce responsive documents when the DHS has no intention of producing the documents that are responsive to multiple requests. I have already incurred substantial attorney fees as a result of preparing the suit papers that I planned to file next week.

I was previously advised that documents responsive to my requests would be produced. Then, inexplicably, I was advised within a matter of days, that the documents would not be produced due to “ongoing enforcement proceedings.” Now almost two years later, it appears that there were no “ongoing enforcement proceedings.” I still do not have the documents that I requested. I am unaware of any enforcement proceedings that have been filed.

Thousands of people read my blog every day, and they, along with me, are waiting for the production of these documents. Citizens have a right to know what documents exist. Time is of the essence. We have waited long enough. I have been patient long enough. I have tried to avoid an unnecessary law suit, but if you fail to produce these documents, once again, you leave me no choice. I am willing to wait one more time, if you are willing to provide a date certain in early December when the responsive documents will be produced. Be assured that if you are unwilling to provide a date by which the documents will be produced, I will proceed with the suit, and will ask the Court to award any attorneys fees incurred. Further, if you promise to produce documents by a date in “early December” please understand that I will hold you to that date, and will accept no excuses or objections that might be made later.

It is my sincere hope that a suit can be avoided.

Malia Litman


I will advise you of any response I receive from Ms. Teal. I will wait until after Thanksgiving to file suit, as I would like to ensure that I have done everything a judge might expect in order to avoid incurring attorneys fees, and wasting time of the Court.

government failure

Imagine if Will Ferrell had endorsed Walker instead of Sarah Palin.

palin funny one

Sarah Palin proved she had no concern for the people of Alaska when she resigned. During the Alaska gubernatorial election in which Palin was a candidate she branded herself as a “maverick” who would fight for Alaskans’ best interests. She declared she “wouldn’t quit.
She did quit. Her resignation “made her look like a complete hypocrite.”

palin funny face

Throughout the last 6 years the people of Alaska have increasingly become disgusted with Sarah Palin and the antics of her family. The recent Palin family brawl is a vivid indication of the disgust the people of Alaska have for the Palin family. Sarah’s screams, asking the party goers if they knew who she was, convey the urgency of Sarah Palin. She desperately wants to remain relevant and in control. Fortunately for the people of Alaska, Sarah Palin is neither relevant or in control. She wasn’t the night of the brawl, and she isn’t after the gubernatorial election.

Palin has lost popularity in Alaska. Only 36% of voters in Alaska even have a “favorable” opinion of her, and 55% have a NEGATIVE opinion of her.
Those numbers are consistent with national polls which indicate that 54% of Americans wish Sarah Palin would just shut up.

With the low favorability rating of Sarah Palin in Alaska, it is questionable whether any candidate would hope for her endorsement. Especially in the recent gubernatorial race, it is problematic for either candidate to be endorsed by the quitter. An endorsement from Sarah Palin might suggest that her chosen candidate would have the same level of commitment as she and that candidate might simply quit. However the truth is that the endorsement of Bill Walker by Sarah Palin was likely irrelevant to the race in Alaska. Consider the following:

1. Palin didn’t endorse Walker until October 22nd, a mere 13 days before the election. There is no indication that she or her PAC donated any funds to Walker’s campaign.

2. The critical point in the Alaska gubernatorial race came when Mallott dropped out of contention for Governor. Bill Walker, the Independent candidate, had asked Mallott, the Democratic candidate, to drop out of the race. When Mallot did exactly that in early September Walker and Mallot formed the “unity ticket.” Polls in August showed Parnell led Mallott and Walker 37-22-20 respectively. In September, after the formation of the “unity ticket” polls indicated Walker leading Parnell 42-41. Thus long before Sarah Palin endorsed Walker, he was ahead of Parnell in the polls.

3. Parnell’s campaign had seriously underprepared for the campaign, assuming he was the incumbent and would easily win re-election. Parnell failed to recognize that he was vulnerable to a “unity” ticket, and failed to take necessary action to secure television advertisement time during the final weeks of the campaign season. In mid-October, National Journal reported that while 51,041 spots had aired in the Senate contest on state broadcast TV, only 1,300 had aired in the gubernatorial race. To make matters worse for Parnell, only 170 of those ads were his.

Parnell ran a hard-hitting commercial against Walker but could only air it in the Juneau media market, where just 12 percent of the state lives.

4. Parnell branded himself as the champion of women in Alaska, by advertising himself as the leader of the “Choose Respect” campaign.

choose respect

However the recent revelations about the ongoing sexual-assault cases in the Alaska National Guard accentuated Parnell’s ambivalence, or acquiescence in being the Governor of the Rape Capital of America. Moreover it seems that Parnell simply carried on the tradition of Sarah Palin ignoring the pleas of women around the state for help.

5. Daily Kos has published an entire article analyzing what happened to the Parnell campaign. Sarah Palin’s name isn’t mentioned.

6. The most revealing piece of the puzzle in the single line on Palin’s facebook post congratulating Bill Walker and Byron Mallot for their win. In an uncharacteristic fashion, Sarah Palin abandoned her verbose mishmash of nonsensical confabulation and said:

“Congratulations, Bill Walker & Byron Mallott!

The Walker/Mallott ticket did not represent Palin’s ultra right–wing views. In fact Mallot holds more traditional liberal Democratic views on social issues, like abortion rights.

By endorsing the Walker/Mallot ticket, Palin was covering her bases. If Parnell won the election, she would still claim responsibility for catapulting him into the Governor’s office. If Walker won she could claim that her endorsement was the deciding factor. The truth is that Palin probably had nothing to do with Walker’s win, or Parnell’s loss. Sarah Palin has become as irrelevant in Alaskan politics as she was the night of the Palin family brawl. The family left the party that night, having been proven to be irrelevant, unpopular, and defeated. Sarah Palin has left Alaskan politics and is  irrelevant, unpopular, and defeated.

Palin Resigning

If you haven’t seen each of these, you must do it now! For some reason I can’t send you a link. Try to copy and paste this:,29569,1854557,00.html

poehler and palin snl

poehler pregnant snl

yes please

The New Yorker features a review of Amy Poehler’s new book, “Yes, Please.” Who could forget her memorable rap imitation of Sarah Palin

The next morning the news featured a segment on the appearance of Palin on SNL. Even the news reporters commented on how pregnant Amy Poehler was during her skit.

Two revelations come from Poehler’s book. First, Amy did the rap song that Sarah Palin had planned to do, but “backed out.” Palin quit half way through the production. Even though Sarah appears on the show acting as if this was part of the original plan, she was acting. It was a farce that Palin was comfortable with a show making fun of herself.

poehler and palin snl

The second revelation was NOT that Poehler was 9 months pregnant. That was obvious from even seeing Poehler sitting at the desk before the rap begins. The second revelation is that Palin preferred that Poehler imitate her to rather than doing the skit herself, recognizing that Poehler was so obviously pregnant. The irony is delicious! Sarah Palin, facilitated a woman who in fact was about to deliver a baby, to imitate her. Poehler is wearing black which would minimize her girth. Yet her condition is unmistakable! What was really funny about the skit is that, without saying a word, Amy Poehler demonstrates that Palin could never have been about to give birth on the flight from Texas to Alaska, and the flight attendants didn’t even notice she was pregnant. Even for a woman like Amy Poehler, who didn’t seem to gain weight in her face or hands, it is impossible to miss the fact that she is pregnant. If Amy tried to board a flight in that condition they would have refused to allow her to fly. If Poehler had somehow hidden her condition before boarding, when the captain put on the seat belt sign, the flight attendants wouldn’t have been able to see the buckle of the belt, as it would have to have been buckled under her belly. The seat belt wouldn’t extend over her pregnant abdomen. The flight attendants WOULD HAVE NOTICED if Palin was pregnant. They would have had to look under her belly to confirm that her seat belt was fastened, and they might have needed to get Palin a seat belt extender.

poehler pregnant snl

For Amy Poehler to have done the skit when she was 9 months pregnant shows the determination of a woman committed to her job. For Sarah Palin to refuse to do the skit when she was not pregnant shows her lack of determination and her tendency to quit. Doing the skit was poking fun at Palin. Doing the skit while 9 months pregnant was poking fun at anyone who believed Palin’s story about giving birth to Trig in April of 2008. It is remarkable the similarities in size of abdomens of Palin and Poehler when they were both pregnant.

palin pregnant

This is the original “strong” Rick Perry commercial.

This is the parody you probably saw.

This is the one you haven’t seen.

This is also a funny one.

This is Jesus himself commenting on Rick Perry.

What a surprise! A careful analysis of the Secret Service fence-jumper incident concludes that the Secret Service was inept.

rick perry boy scout

Rick Perry is still the Governor of Texas. Rick Perry continues to campaign for President. Rick Perry is still under indictment for abuse of his position as Governor.
In a previous post I explained why Rick Perry should take this indictment seriously. He may have had the authority to remove Rosemary Lehmberg, but he didn’t have the authority to threaten her with cutting off funding for her unit if she didn’t resign. The difference in that action by Perry is the difference between proper discretionary authority and abuse of authority. Perry could simply cut the funding of the unit for any reason, except abuse of his position. By threatening to cut funds UNLESS Lehmberg resigned, is an example of “abuse.” Perry has boldly, and stupidly, declare that he would do the same thing again, if given the chance. He said:
“I said early on I would veto those dollars as long as they had someone in office who I had lost confidence in.”

rick perry mug shot

Perry still doesn’t get it! Perry has discretion to veto funds for any reason EXCEPT to coerce an elected official to resign. He’s still declaring that he was entitled to do it.

rick perry scared

My conclusion was echoed by Rachel Maddow and both major Texas papers in Dallas and Houston.

go to jail

However the recent revelations about Rick Perry’s tolerance for drunken behavior of Republicans, sheds new light on the indictment of Perry. The Dallas Morning News reports that Perry has hired Republicans with a history of DWI, and promoted them after being arrested on new charges of DWI. Here are the Republicans:

1. Wayne Roberts:
Wayne Roberts, who now heads up the governor’s signature creation, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, was convicted of driving while intoxicated in 1990 and 2006. He also was fined in 2000 on a charge of public intoxication in Virginia.
Perry made Roberts budget director in December 2001 and appointed him to the State Pension Review Board in 2009. The board of the cancer fund, known as CPRIT, appointed Roberts to his current position. As a result of his positions, Roberts oversees billions of state dollars.

So you might think that the hiring and promotion of Roberts, after his repeated DWI charges, might be distinguishable by Perry, as Lehmberg was a District Attorney, charged with enforcing the law, and Roberts was only responsible for distribution of billions of state dollars. In fact, Perry’s spokesperson, Travis Considine, felt that was an important distinction. He said:
“Wayne Roberts is not an elected official whose responsibility it is to oversee an agency responsible for law enforcement, nor is there any evidence that he was abusive to law enforcement officials.”

That argument might be persuasive if Perry has acted consistently with Republican District Attorneys. He did not.
2. Rick Harrison-Republican District Attorney from Kaufman County – Mr. Harrison was charged with his second DWI after going the wrong way down a street and hitting another car. He was found guilty in 2011.

3. Terry McEachern – Republican District Attorney from Swisher County –He was found guilty of DWI in 2003, and was responsible for the wrongful conviction of 40 Black residents who Rick Perry pardoned.

The unmistakable message is that Rick Perry is tolerant of alcoholism that rises to the level of DWI convictions in Republicans, but not Democrats. It seems that the critical differences in the cases is not the position held by the public servant, the damage or harm caused while intoxicated, or even whether this was the first time the public servant had been found guilty of an alcohol related offense. The difference seems to be the political affiliation of the intoxicated person. Perry has a history of tolerating DWI offenses in Republicans. He has a history of intolerance of DWI of Democrats. It is unnecessary for the prosecutor to establish “motive” for Rick Perry to abuse his authority in the case of threats made against Lehmberg. However the clear evidence establishes not only Perry’s abuse of his authority, but his reason for doing it.


guilty handcuffs

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