Rick Perry’s Solution to Unemployment: Kill More People

Today Rick Perry proudly announced his solution to the economic/ unemployment crisis facing the country. Drilling for oil was the novel solution presented by Governor Perry. His proposal was labeled “Drill Baby Drill.”  Perhaps he got that idea from Sarah Palin since it was so successful in the 2008 election. Perry said he would create... Continue Reading →

It’s the Palin-Perry Day of Prayer, Auction, and Corny Dogs

The following is NOT true. Sarah is in South Korea speaking to people who don’t speak English, and Rick Perry is speaking, but nobody knows what he said. If they were both available, and if either had thought about this, they probably would do it. SARAH & RICK’S PRAYER VIGIL TO RESTORE COMMON SENSE AUCTION,... Continue Reading →

What Do Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry Have in Common?

Your first guess to this age-old question might be ... corny dogs? Your second guess might be photo-shopped pictures. Perry as Palin Perry as Jesus Perry with Bachmann's Hair Michele Bachman and husband Marcus Palin and Bachmann Dumb and Dumber Your Third Guess should be that they each failed American History in 8th grade. Even... Continue Reading →

Rick Perry Says: “Show Me the Money”

This article is Part III of the discussion of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF). The previous articles are here.  In these articles the unequivocal facts indicate that Rick Perry, through the Texas Technology Fund has diverted tax payer money to his supporters. The State has produced virtually no accounting, and state auditors have cited... Continue Reading →

Part II: In Rick Perry’s Corruption in Texas Rages On

This is the second in the series of articles on the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. The background of this fund is set out in this article. The entirety of the following post  is based on the report from John Keel, CPA, of the State of Texas State Auditor’s Office. It was completed April 2011, and... Continue Reading →

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