Rick Perry is Unapologetic For His Rape and Pillage of Texas

For eleven-and-one-half years Rick Perry has been the Governor of Texas. As the Lt. Governor under George Bush, he took over as Governor when Bush was elected President. Thus when he ran for Governor in 2002, and 2010 he was the incumbent Republican.  Texas is one of the “most Republican states in the United States,”... Continue Reading →

Rick Perry Announces Bus Tour/Family Vacation in Iowa

The following is not true. It is written and posted for your therapeutic benefit. As the Iowa Caucus nears, the insanity of the candidates who have entered the Republican Primary has become unbearable, and laughter is the only relief! *************************************************** In these last days before the all-important Iowa caucus, Rick Perry has announced his bus... Continue Reading →

Rick Perry’s Motto: “Hire the Handicapped in 2012”

It’s not funny. It’s not humorous. You should never laugh at the handicapped, and Rick Perry is no exception. Rick Perry is providing an example to all Americans to embrace people with disabilities by electing them to the position of President.  He wants to know if we can show by our votes if we are... Continue Reading →

Rick Perry Shares His Thought-of-the-Day on Abortion, from a Sports Bar

    The Irony of discussing the issue of abortion in a Sports Bar is obvious. The change in Rick Perry’s stance on abortion is documented. He admits he has had a “transformation.” He watched a DVD and said:”I really started giving some thought to the issue of rape and incest. (There are) some powerful... Continue Reading →

Newt and Perry Give Democrats a Christmas Present

  It's funny that in the same article that includes a question to Newt suggesting that he doesn't have the necessary discipline and focus to be the President, Huffington Post also reports that Newt and Perry have not filed the necessary 10,000 signatures required to be on the Virginia primary ballot.  Oops! The deadline has... Continue Reading →

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