The Irony of Palin’s Last Fan Standing

palin buys toilet paper

In an ironic twist of fate Lloyd Marcus has written an article in the American Thinker.

It’s ironic that the publication bears the title “Thinker.” It’s ironic that this person is black, and Palin is a bigot.  It’s ironic that Lloyd Marcus, like Palin, seems to have made money off of his political positions; otherwise he’d never be known.

lloyd marcus rally

I wonder if he had permission to use this song ?

Here are some of the folks he’s been pal’in around with:

Glen Beck

lloyd marcus glen beck

Michele Bachmann

lloyd marcus michelle bachman

Herman Cain

lloyd marcus herman cain

Ann Coulter

lloyd marcus ann coulter

It’s ironic that Lloyd Marcus is critical of both Republicans and Democrats for their comments about Sarah Palin. Marcus is critical of “folks on our side” who are “still beating up on Sarah Palin” suggesting that she is “unelectable”, not “smart enough” and “wasn’t prepared.” Marcus describes her as a “hero.”

Marcus is critical of anyone who would criticize a “conservative’s slightest misstep.”

Since he doesn’t identify what he is making reference to when he says a “conservative’s slightest misstep,” possible missteps could include”

1. Herman Cain’s 13 year affair with Ginger White.

2. Newt Gingrich, serial adultery. 

3. Rick Perry’s unforgettable, forgetful moment:

4. Mitt Romney’s 47% “misstep.”

5. Rick Santorum’s “misstep” when he repeatedly condemned abortion,  but married a woman who lived with an abortion doctor about his clinic.

6. Sarah Palin’s misstep of marrying a pimp,

sarah and todd july 2012

or her one night stand with Glen Rice,

glen rice and palin

or snorting cocaine

joe mcginnis book

or her “misstep” about warning the British that the Americans were coming.

The most ironic thing is that Lloyd Marcus concludes his praise of Palin by indicating, that barring something immoral or criminal, the Tea Party will support the next candidate that comes along. “Immoral” or “criminal” didn’t prevent the Tea Party from supporting Sarah Palin!

boys will be boys

29 thoughts on “The Irony of Palin’s Last Fan Standing

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      1. But Mrs. Failin’ spoke favorably of “Herb Cain” at one point last year. Is Marcus just another teabagger grifter? They seem to look out for each other.


      2. steve,
        It surely seems that way to me! All the organizers and promoters have a financial interest. They figured out that they could take advantage of older people this way, and get them to give money!


    1. We, in black communities across America, call him exactly what he is, jk, a token. He will sell his soul to be accepted by a group of people he feels are “better” than he is. He fits into the same category as Ken Blackwell, the “Reverend” Harry Jackson, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Michael Steele, Alveda King, Starr Parker, Allen West, Condi Rice, Tim Scott, and the other blacks who align themselves with those who have little respect for them for the sole purpose of feeling “better” about themselves. No way in hell will I call someone who thinks I’m a “taker” and/or who thinks that the only way I can get ahead is by using the welfare system and affirmative action a friend of mine. If someone says this about the group to which you belong, it usually means that they’re also talking about you.


  1. Paul Revere warned the British?
    How dumb can she get?
    I check out her FB page every now and then, and I can’t believe how dumb people can be. Or should I say just downright stupid.
    “We love you Sarah.” “We want you to run in 2016 Sarah”
    “You were a great Governor and would make a great President Sarah”. Endless Blah Blah ad nauseum. Gimme a break.
    If she DOES attempt a Presidential run in 2016, she won’t get far.
    She’d either quit before the primaries/convention, or the Repugs will chew up her up and spit her out.
    They eat their own you know. We’ve seen that with this past campaign and the election aftermath.


  2. I used to work with Lloyd Marcus in Baltimore when he was a proud UNION member (Graphic artist). He was also desperate to make it as a singer.
    He used to be married to a very nice lady, who happened to be white.
    Never see any pictures of her when he’s out pushing the Tea Party crap.
    What happened to you, Lloyd?


    1. The Right Wing Republicans would drop him as their ‘TOKEN’ if he publicized his Marriage: Rush, Ann (MAN)Coulter, Sarah(PLEASE DONATE)Paylin, Rick ‘BLAH PEOPLE’ Santorum,
      Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Newt, Mitch, Dick Cheney and All of Fox News.


      1. Are you saying that Marcus has an ongoing polygamous bisexual relationship with these lunatics? A veritable orgy of dumb? That’s anything but the “traditional” marriage tjat god intended. But now it all makes sense. Marcus: watch out for Talibangelists and the Westboro Baptist Church!

        I always thought it was “Ann the Man” Coulter and “Sticky Ricky” Santorum, but we’re talking about the same thing here. Question: what’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg? Answer: one is a flaming Nazi gasbag, and the other one is a Zeppelin.
        Does anybody have new name tag for Rand Paul? Listening to him rant, he has to be certifiable.


    2. Now I don’t know this guy and I may be wrong, but what better way to garner attention than be the lone black supporter of a very white and usually racist crowd? When there are very few, if any other black faces in these groups they seem to gather around them and say, “Look, we aren’t racist”.

      I could be wrong. Maybe he really does believe the crap they spew. If so, I feel really sorry for him.


      1. vegaslib,
        I don’t believe it for a second. I think he just figured this was a way to become famous, and make some money.


  3. On Jan 10, you wrote, “[a]s American good will declines around the world, the net worth of Beck and Limbaugh continues to increase.”

    A haunting observation that replays in my mind as I read your subsequent and archived articles – change the names and you might insert the line everywhere (from Palin to Beck to ‘Baugh to FOX to Zimmerman Witness #6, Steubenville, NRA, etc, etc…)

    Marcus, like SO many, is motivated not to “achieve solutions facing the country,” but rather to “line [his] personal pockets” by “promoting extreme ideas” (extremely cheap, stupid ones!) and forging false intimacies with gross caricatures… The disingenuousness, ignorance & self-interest are infuriating, frightening.

    I worry less about these individual players (so obvious, tacky, idiotic, greedy) as I do about the many they influence. Too many mistake these profit-geered sideshows for legit perspective. No wonder a national ignorance overtakes the national intelligence, and good will declines at home as the most undeserving personal pockets bulge?

    Yes, on top of everything, a world watches… keep writing, Malia!


    1. Jane,
      Yes, it’s the people that listen to what they spew that really scares me! I know my mom, who is almost 80 thinks that if she hears something on the radio, it must be true. When I try to tell her calmly and with sources, that something she thinks isn’t true, she doesn’t believe me! It is very frightening!


  4. Palin’s pal Lloyd Marcus is a certifiable kook who has found a Right-wing niche that will have him. His photos with the worst of the Clown Car candidates demonstrate his lack of intellect. How perfect that he defends the grifter. His Web site is a beaut:


  5. Rumors are that some folks and Palin financed that movie that sparked outrage globally and the Bengazi incident…that is why McCain went after Rice so much…love the hearings… others are calling it like it is…no one was fired for 9-11 and we lost 4000 peoples and started a war on BS…can’t sidetrack the facts McCain…or the ties you have to militias in America…let me know how that works out for ya? We will flush you all into court and jail!!


    1. Hey Soldier,

      Could you explain McCain’s part in this game to me? Why would he desire to keep this story in the news, if he may have played some part in it? Is he just trying to deflect the blame onto the State Department, and from there to the Obama administration? Would that be enough distraction to keep people from finding out what really happened?

      Why wouldn’t he just shut up about it?


  6. well I haven’t a clue what this is about – but it sounds like someone has some major intel and that is what is scaring the Heaths and Palins and McCains…among others of course…and McCain might have a Child Left Behind and that is why the “pact” is with Palin…I mean he left his wife and kids for a rich kid…so I wouldn’t put it past the old fart…or Chuck Heath…


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