Nobody Noticed When Trayvon Martin Was Killed; Did Anyone Notice that Chavis Carter Was Shot While in Police Custody, and Handcuffed?

It was social media, not the traditional sources of news, that brought the nation’s focus on the shooting of Trayvon Martin. During one week, more than a million people signed an online petition calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman.

I am unaware of any petitions today regarding Chavis Carter.  Why not?  Chavis Carter wasn’t as cute as Trayvon Martin and he was a little older (21).  He had longer hair, and he had a history of using marijuana.  He was black.  The law applied to him as it did to Trayvon Martin.  Both died from a gunshot.  We know who shot Martin and why.  Martin was not shot while in police custody.  Carter was.  Martin wasn’t in handcuffs when he was shot.  Carter was.

On July 28th, 2012 Chavis Carter , a 21 year-old black man was arrested in Jonesboro Arkansas. He had been stopped by police along with two white men because of suspicious driving. The police found drug paraphernalia in the back of the truck. After a search of Chavis Carter, a small bag of pot was discovered on his body. After determining that there was an outstanding warrant for the arrest of Carter in Mississippi, the police decided to arrest Carter.  The two white men were allowed to leave the scene, and no charges were filed regarding them. Carter was placed in the back seat of the police car, with handcuffs restraining his hands behind his back. 

While in police custody, while handcuffed with his hands behind his back, police claim that Mr. Carter shot himself in the right temple, killing himself. The arresting officers claim they do not know when Mr. Carter shot himself, even though they were only a car length away. It was only when the officers were about to head to the police station that they smelled smoke and noticed Carter slumped over and covered in blood. Police called 911 and tried to revive him, but he later died at a local hospital.

1. How could the police miss a gun on Mr. Carter’s body when they searched him? If they found a small baggie of pot, how could they miss the larger, metal gun?

2. How could Mr. Carter hold a gun to his head if handcuffed behind his back?

3. If Mr. Carter was left handed, as his mother reports, why would he shoot himself in the right temple, instead of using his left hand and shooting from the left side?

4. Why would Mr. Carter take his own life for a mere marijuana possession charge?

5. If the police missed the gun when they searched Mr. Carter’s body, the gun must have been well hidden. If so, how did Mr. Carter get the gun out of its hiding place while handcuffed with his hands behind his back?

6. If Mr. Carter was contemplating suicide, why would he call his girlfriend and tell her he’d call her from jail?

There are inconsistent reports regarding when and how the police discovered that Mr. Carter had been shot. One account reports that the police didn’t hear the shot and didn’t know that Mr. Carter had been shot till they were inside the car and noticed Mr. Carter slumped over.  A different source reports that the body was discovered when one officer opened the back door and observed Carter in a sitting position slumped forward with his head in his lap. There was a large amount of blood on the front of his shirt, pants, seat and floor. His hands were still cuffed behind his back.

While the investigation by state police and the FBI is still underway, it seems that more information should have already been reported since the shooting occurred more than twenty days ago. When the police get too involved in defending themselves, we start to wonder if they have a reason to be defensive. The Jonesboro police created this video and posted it on line to demonstrate that the suicide story was possible.

Others have posted a response to this video to express their feelings that the video is not an accurate depiction of what might actually have occurred.

My first reaction is outrage, not only that this occurred, but that it has not been front page news in every major newspaper, and the lead story on every television channel. My second reaction was to hope that because the story is so unbelievable that maybe it is true? Surely if the police were going to make up a story to explain the shooting of a man in custody, they could have fabricated a more believable story than this. Whatever the truth is, we as a country, should be demanding more forensic evidence to explain this death. Where are the two white men, have they been questioned, and if so, why have we not heard their stories? Did they know Mr. Carter had a gun? Did they know where Mr. Carter kept his gun? Was there an autopsy performed? Did the bullet have a level trajectory, or did it enter the skull at a low point and travel toward the top of Mr. Carter’s head as if pointing from waist level toward the head? If the trajectory of the bullet was level, it would seem to support the notion that the police executed Mr. Carter, while he was in custody, and restrained. The time for these answers has passed, which makes this case even more suspicious. Because the police were involved, the urgency is even more paramount. Unlike the Trayvon Martin case, where there was an indication of a police cover-up, this case involves the potential of a police cover-up for the benefit of the police officers involved.

23 thoughts on “Nobody Noticed When Trayvon Martin Was Killed; Did Anyone Notice that Chavis Carter Was Shot While in Police Custody, and Handcuffed?

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    anymore. The GOP hate has taken us to a new I mean an old level that we already fought for–mainly the African American race had to fight for. Actually all the minorities have been attacked by them. And yet here we are again with the PARTY OF THE UTMOST HATE FOR MANKIND–AND PEOPLE STILL WANT TO VOTE FOR THEM..I WILL NEVER EVER UNDERSTAND RW CONSTITUENCY WHO DO NOT MIND THEIR LEADERS VITRIOL AND HATE AGAINST EVERYONE NOT WHITE OR WEALTHY! Sorry that’s the bottom line truth. Call it what it is. And they are taking over in ALL THE RED STATES WHERE THE CITIZENRY IS SUFFRING MORE THAN ANY OTHER STATES. Check.


  2. I am currently reading, “The New Jim Crow,” by Michelle Alexander. It points out the problems of the high incidence of incarceration of blacks in this country. I haven’t finished it yet, but one thing that is surprising is how little we have spent on improving the justice system. With the focus on affirmative action, many have been neglected.


  3. How can you say no one noticed when Trayvon was killed? It was talked about for weeks!!!!!!!! It’s weird how the media likes to put more value on certain people’s lives. A young man died from OD this past spring. The entire valley talked about it for weeks. Politicalgates heard about it like 3 months after the fact.

    A person’s death only means something to people who are touched by said person. Too often these days, death is poltical which is SAD. and disturbing. We have a President who has politicized certain tragedies and his opponents who are systematically outraged. What happened to just giving a statement like a decent human would and moving on? Whic h is what people like Palin do. Family doesn’t need their loved on gracing every site for weeks.


    1. Oh good morning sarah. Speaking of statements? Did your pimp sign the release of his statements and the investigation of multi state prostitution trafficing involving him and shailey tripp and others yet. A simple signature is required and then you can move on to jail with your pimp and your unethical cover up crimes and bullying. See ya soon sarah.


      1. Well I guess they think that if they dont respond or speak that it will go away. Lets see? How to trap a pig? There are more than a few ways? Ever watch Runaway Jury?


    2. Oh, please! Like Palin would do?! She sticks her nose in everything where it doesn’t belong. Last time I checked, she hasn’t held office or title as a government official for over three years. When she was in office, she was clueless as to how the rule of law worked within the state of Alaska. If she had known what was going on, she wouldn’t have been expecting Walt Monegan to fire her ex-brother-in-law for offenses for which he had already been disciplined. When it comes to the system, you don’t get to discipline someone twice simply because you gained a title and you want to throw your power around, power that you don’t actually have!

      President Obama was ASKED about Trayvon Martin by a journalist. If he hadn’t answered the question, he would have been accused of being cold. Instead, he looked at TM and saw a young man who was of an age where he could have been his son. If you don’t like what he said, that’s too damn bad because he said nothing polarizing or negative, rather he was honest about the situation. When is the last time anything honest passed through Sarah Palin’s mouth? I can’t remember.

      While an overdose is tragic at any age, it’s not comparable to a young man being shot under suspicious circumstances and in Trayvon Martin’s situation, through no fault of his own.

      Why don’t you run on back to C4P, you’ll fit in well there as they are also delusional when it comes to Palin.


    3. Read it again, Kristy. Malia said that nobody in the traditional media paid attention until they were forced to by social media. Not surprisingly, you are so blinded by Celebrity Worship Syndrome (an obsessive disorder), you probably already had your Palin-love response written before you even made it past the heading. I wish for once you’d stick around and answer these responses instead of taking the coward’s way out…post and run.


      1. jk,
        Thanks for the comment. I thought it was pretty clear, but maybe I shouldn’t have assumed that Kristy would read the article I gave a link to.


  4. Wow. This is very disturbing. As important as prosecutors are. Public Defenders are extremely important as well. As I stand with public safety I also stand with the victims against corrupt police departments and law enforcement. This is outragous and given the part of the country? And the fact of corruption within our law enforcement agencies? I am angry. I am disgusted. I have not read one bit of information in the media about this case. It smells of PD cover up again. It is happening all over this country. This sounds like another case of corruption with those we trust to protect and serve our society in a fair and lawful way. I am saddened and want to know more about this youngman, his family, the facts and what we can do as a community and society to help get answers for them. Is there a petition? Have the transcripts, investigation documents been made public? Has there been an independent investigation for this youngmans family? Oh my do I feel like throwing up. ;-((


    1. BLM,
      I haven’t found any more than I put in the article about this! I am just amazed that this isn’t front page news! I’ll keep you posted on anything else I find.


      1. I will start digging too malia. Oh BTW. guess who robo called my cell phone yesterday? Ms sarah palin. Working to elect Jeff Flake seeking jon kyls senate seat in AZ. Oh that sarah. Her and that Jan Brewer are quite the little witches now pondering to the hateful groups in az. I have been getting so many Robo calls daily from republicans only. It is their game this time around. Not just one call, but multiple continous calls from the same candidates. And there is no way I have found to stop it. YET. maybe block the numbers? not sure.


      2. Yes. It is bad enough to hear her voice and see her face on my TV and even more worst to receive a call on my personal phone from her. There is zero recourse to stop these robo calls. Citizens cannot block them by registering on the federal do not call list or complain to FCC, Fair and Clean Elections, NO where. But Im still looking for solutions. Going into settings on phones and physically blocking each # seems to be the only way to stop them. I find this strange that parties have free access to phone numbers and the public has zero recourse for unwanted political calls. I do not accept any type of political calls from either party. I am an Independent.


  5. The two white men were Missouri teenagers. They were let go because there were no warrants on them and they didn’t have probable cause to detain them.
    The first report in the Jonesboro Sun said the first time he was searched
    all the police did was a quick terry search.

    You can watch the police video that was released yesterday.

    There are 2 of the witness videos on there also. There were actually 3 people that witnessed what happened.
    They haven’t received the autopsy report yet.


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