The Palin Family Reaps Financial Benefit from the Alaskan Taxpayers

KS Sunflower brought to my attention a comment on another blog of Pokeen Djibouti regarding some questions pertaining to possible Tax Credits for Bristol’s new show, Life’s a Tripp. Here is what my investigation shows:

1. Life’s a Tripp is produced by Helping Hands, LLC.

2. The Show’s original concept was to feature the Massey brothers with Bristol in Los Angeles as they embarked upon various charitable endeavors.

3. Helping Hands is a Limited Liability Company organized under the laws of Delaware. It is not unusual for a corporation to be a Delaware Corporation, as the corporate laws in Delaware or more favorable to corporations that most other states. That is especially true with a Delaware LLC. Advantages of being a Delaware LLC  include:

 Limited Liability: Owners of a LLC have the limited liability protection of a corporation.

 Flexible Profit Distribution: Limited liability companies can select varying forms of distribution of profits. Unlike a common partnership where the split is 50-50, LLC have much more flexibility.

 No Minutes: Corporations are required to keep formal minutes, have meetings, and record resolutions. The LLC business structure requires no corporate minutes or resolutions and is easier to operate.

 Flow Through Taxation: All your business losses, profits, and expenses flow through the company to the individual members. You avoid the double taxation of paying corporate tax and individual tax. Usually, this will be a tax advantage, but circumstances can favor a corporate tax structure.

4. Helping Hands LLC filed a request for a tax credit with the film office in Alaska, requesting a tax credit for this film. The “decision date” for the approval for Helping Hands Production was 7-22-11 and its status is “pending.”

5. The application for a film tax credit for Helping Hands was received by the film tax office on 7-21-11, the day before it was approved.

6. The application for the tax credit has multiple blanks redacted, including the amount of money associated with the production of the Helping Hands production.

7. The application for the film tax credit was filed by an attorney, Monique Renner, for John Tiemessen, the attorney on retainer for the SarahPAC.

8. The application for the film tax credit identifies the company applying as “Helping Hands LLC” doing business as “Helping Hands Productions.” That simply means that if the public hears that the film is made by “Helping Hands Productions,” that really means it is made by Helping Hands LLC.

9. The person signing the application for the tax credit makes the following representations:

“I certify that the production is not an ineligible project as defined in AS 44.33.233 ©.

I certify, under penalties of unsworn falsification, that the above statements and information contained in the application and attachments are complete, true, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

10. Here is AS 44.33.233.The statute expressly states that a film tax credit is not available unless the film office determines that the production is “not contrary to the best interest of the state.” (double negative not mine)

Now that I have provided the background and citations, let me try to explain this in more easily understandable terms. Helping Hands is a legal entity organized by the attorney for Sarah Palin. It is NOT a charitable organization. That legal entity applied for a tax credit, and although approved, the amount of money to be paid to Helping Hands has not been disclosed. I left three messages for Dave Worrell of the Film Office, and he never returned my call. He has told me in the past that the information about amounts of money awarded in tax credits is not available to the public until it is available on the Web Site. The web site of the Film Office in Alaska does not currently disclose the amount of the tax credit awarded to Helping Hands.

Because Helping Hands is a Limited Liability Company, the corporation is not taxed, but the individuals employed by the company are taxed directly for any amounts they receive through Helping Hands. Thus if Bristol was paid $1,000,000.00 for making Life’s a Tripp, she would be required to pay tax on that income, but Helping Hands would not be required to first pay tax on the corporate income. If Sarah Palin was an employee of Helping Hands, she could be paid any amounts agreed upon, but have limited risk of legal liability. While it is theoretically possible to pierce the corporate veil, it virtually never happens. Thus if Bristol and Sarah were employed by Helping Hands, and were paid a salary for their appearances in the filming, it is of no consequence to them if the show is profitable or not. They were probably paid at the time of filming, not at the time the show was aired. Thus the people of Alaska have once again subsidized the making of a reality show by a member of the Palin family. The tax credit approved has nothing to do with the ultimate success of the show, so Alaskans are subsidizing the Palins regardless of whether their reality show is popular or not.

The award of a tax credit to this show is particularly troublesome for two reasons. First the show is about the luxurious life of an unwed teenager. Given the rate of unwed teen pregnancies in Alaska, this film which glorifies unwed teen pregnancies, is contrary to the best interest of Alaska. Moreover the film was clearly made, at least in part, in California. The film tax law was designed to promote film making in Alaska. The film office was charged with administration of the film production incentive program for “film production expenditures incurred in the state.

Perhaps if the film office had taken more than 24 hours to approve this film tax credit, they would have realized that this project didn’t qualify.

The Palins have now financially benefitted from the law enacted during the short time Sarah Palin was Governor on four separate occasions; Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Big Hair, Life’s a Tripp, and Stars Earn Stripes.

The amazing thing is that this was a direct violation of the Ethics Act, but the Alaska Attorney General denied the claim.  I remain incredulous that the Palin family continues to benefit financially from the legislation enacted by Sarah Palin and yet the Attorney General of Alaska refuses to put a stop to this abuse. I am even more incredulous that Sarah Palin continues to assert that the government should get out of the way and yet she continues to benefit from government programs she put in place. Palin said: “It is time to remind (elected officials) that government should be working for us, we should not have to work for the government.

Clearly Sarah Palin is making the people of Alaska work for her.

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  1. How is the amount determined what the state must pay? Does the film production company have a guide to go by, and if so, who makes up this guide? Nice work, if you can get it. Something is rotten in Alaska!!


    1. Mrs. Gunka,
      There is a formula the film office follows. The amount of the tax credit varies depending on things like whether the show features Alaska residents. The most anyone can get is 44%.


      1. Mrs. Gunka – every state has a film tax credit. Check California’s. Check your own state. Not a thing wrong with it. Pretty standard. So does Canada, particularly Vancouver, a film-making mecca and Ground Zero for actors and actresses, which has been called Hollywood of the North.
        What’s rotten about Alaska’s film credit is that it took so long for it to happen!

        The federal government also has a tax credit for film production. It’s a little bit different, but holy smokes, it’s fan-tas-tic! Wealthy people with extra money directly as profit from investment, can turn it around TAX-FREE by underwriting a film. Any film. Documentaries, independent, shorts, academic, anything.

        How did you think all the million-dollar films with your favorite actors get paid for?

        The point of the tax credit is _incentive_. That’s why it’s called a tax incentive, not “credit.”
        Hiring local videographers, producers, support staff, etc. (as opposed to bringing them in from CA and Texas and New York) gets you extra points
        Hiring local talent (as opposed to bringing in actors from CA and Texas and New York) gets you more points.
        Using Alaska production companies and editing studios gets you even more points.
        Then on top of it all, you get extra bonus points for filming in a rural part of Alaska – off the road system, out in the bush, on the ocean – that needs an economic boost. It includes locations where the unemployment rate exceeds the state average or something like that.

        See, it’s about giving film studios “incentive” to put people to work and bring money into the state. And it dramatically helps develop a very tiny local film industry and the accompanying expertise. If you’re Alaskan and went to film school, you virtually have no choice but to move elsewhere if you actually want that as a career.


  2. You’ve almost got it right. You missed a few details.

    Helping Hands, LLC is a registered Alaska corporation, as well.
    Entity Type:Limited Liability Company
    Entity #:136466
    Status:Good Standing
    AK Formed Date:7/20/2011

    The manager of Helping Hands, LLC is David McKenzie, president of Associated Television International, the production company that owns Bristol’s show.

    Here’s its latest press release from a few days ago:

    Production firm has full slate, with shows featuring Bristol Palin, Marie Osmond
    By Paige Albiniak 6/18/2012
    Associated Television International is shopping its first package of holiday specials to TV stations, including Christmas in Hollywood, A Hollywood Christmas Concert and the 81st edition of the Hollywood Christmas Parade.
    “These are high-quality, high-definition musical specials that stations can use as their own branded, exclusive holiday entertainment,” says Jim Romanovich, ATI’s president of worldwide media and entertainment.
    ATI has long produced holiday specials but this is the first time the company is selling them to stations in a package, which also includes holiday-themed movies. The specials are being offered to stations in barter-only deals.
    The specials come at a time of high activity for ATI. Its reality show, Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, premieres on Lifetime on Tuesday (June 19).
    “When people think of reality television, they think everything is really scripted, but in this case that wasn’t true,” says Romanovich. “We followed whatever Bristol was doing and adapted to that.”
    The show covers the oldest Palin daughter’s move to Los Angeles and then her move back to Alaska. There’s also an episode where Palin throws her mother, Alaska ex-governor and Republican pundit Sarah Palin, a surprise birthday party at the CPAC convention in Washington, D.C.
    ATI, which is headed by David McKenzie, is also launching a new talk show starring Marie Osmond on the Hallmark Channel in October. Marie! will air as a Monday through Friday strip at noon on the cable network.

    Syndie’s Bristol Palin series launches June 19 on Lifetime
    By Cynthia Littleton
    Posted: Wed., Jun. 6, 2012
    Associated Television Intl. is making the rounds of TV nets this week to shop a number of primetime speshes.
    Move comes as the long-established syndication company is raising its profile in primetime with the June 19 launch of Lifetime reality series “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.”
    ATI, headed by prexy David McKenzie, is also expanding into daytime talk with the Marie Osmond yakker set to bow on Hallmark this fall. Its live-events wing has been filling seats around the world with its “Masters of Illusion” magicians tour, an offshoot of its series of the same name that has aired internationally and on MyNetwork TV.
    “This is a really good time to be a full-service producer,” McKenzie said.

    Very very smart attorneys. I’m impressed.


  3. These people (the Palins) disgust me! But I also find her lawyers and the people who approve these credits equally disgusting.
    Thanks for your hard work Malia. I’m trying to not be depressed and cynical by what I’m seeing these people (and others) get away with while others truly work hard, follow a moral code and the law, and get nowhere.
    So.. It doesn’t even matter in a way if Bristols show was a bomb! She and their LLC still got paid!! This is all getting so ridiculous. The Palins and those who enable them ate hypocrites and leeches!! They have the gall to complain about people who might REALLY need help from the government!!
    So it’s ok for them to literally steal money from the government but it’s not ok for someone to take a legitimate disability check or food stamps or whatever!! I wonder if Sarah collects SSD or that Alaska fund check for Trig actually. Or if Bristol uses the Alaskan native health care system despite having money. I’m sorry this is long, but I’m so angry at these grifting leeches!
    FYI–HP has an article about a prostitution ting being busted. And all I could think of is how Todd’s illegal activities seem to be overlooked by our government, and he is actually rewarded through a part in a TV show. Something is very wrong and I’m so tired of it. I admire your tenacity and wish I could do more myself. I don’t know how you keep going but it’s amazing
    and appreciated!


    1. Lisabeth,
      I have days when I wonder if I’m wasting my time, but then I have days like yesterday. I was at the dr office and he had this quote on the wall:

      PRESS ON
      Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”
      Calvin Coolidge

      I will “PRESS ON”. Thanks for your support!


      1. I disagree with some of your posts but this one was a good read. IMHO you’re doing a great job and a public service. Thank you.


      2. Brokenbathr,
        If you disagree with something I’ve written, please let me know. I post all comments unless they are hateful, and offensive.


    2. The Palin’s may be having their fun now, but I think they are putting themselves in some heavy karmic debt. Look at the careless way they burn their bridges. It is quite amazing.

      “Life’s a Tripp” may have put some quick money in S or B’s pocket, but at the cost of provoking the Massey’s into a lawsuit because Sarah and Bristol were just too lazy to come up with a more original concept.

      Which of us, if given the opportunity of 30 minutes on national television to highlight a worthy charity, would squander it on whining and pouting that our sister didn’t want to babysit our out of wedlock child??

      Bristol has now firmly established a reputation of double-crossing a former friend, demonstrated a lack of even a little creativity, and shown that at least a million viewers turn the dial to another program rather than watch her.

      It is puzzle how such a cunning instinct for running these scams can co-exist with such stupidity.


  4. Not only is she a liar and a fraud but a crook as well. She passed this legislation knowing damn well she would profit from it once she quit. She wrote her book immediately after quitting. Levi said in the Vanity Fair interview that after the campaign Sarah mentioned that doing a reality show would be more lucrative and easier than being a Governor.


    1. Njfan,
      Even more offensive is the fact that she quit being Governor within days of the legislation and tax credit becoming effective!


    1. Find out what businesses were “opened?”

      Helping Hands LLC was registered in Delaware March 25, 2011. Registered as an Alaska corporation on July 20, 2011.

      NAICS Code 71150 – Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers
      This industry comprises independent (i.e., freelance) individuals primarily engaged in performing in artistic productions, in creating artistic and cultural works or productions, or in providing technical expertise necessary for these productions. This industry also includes athletes and other celebrities exclusively engaged in endorsing products and making speeches or public appearances for which they receive a fee.

      David McKenzie (Associated Television International) is the manager.

      It’s the corporation for Bristol and her child.


  5. The Masseys and Palin filmed in Alaska in the latter part of July. It would make sense that the two families started collaborating on their project early last year for filming to commence in July. They were all stoked to go to LA with the Masseys. The two families had become good friends.
    Bristol kept remarking throughout Augist about cute moments with Tripp and with Tripp and the Masseys.

    Last Oct, when friends asked Bristol when the show was airing, she said she thought Nov but seemed like she had no control over anything.
    I believe it was also this time that Kyle said things were complicated but that the show would air. Kyle voiced conplaints regarding the producers.

    Early this year, Willow remarked how stupid and flaky the producers are and how they let things go to their little heads, saying they (the palins) will never work with these people again. So you have the two families voicing discontent with the people who are running the show.

    It sounds as if David and his people saw an opportunity to create something different. Isn’t he a king of reality tv?


    1. Lilly Bee,
      I don’t know if they have a tax credit in California, but if the tax advantages are better in Alaska, then that would explain the switch. I also knew as soon as I heard that Bristol bought a house in Alaska, that they were going to ask for a tax credit, because you have to be a resident to qualify for the highest amount.


      1. I don’t think Kyle et al, who’s in the business, would say no to tax credits. Tax credits do a lot of good for everyone when instituted.


      2. Sorry. Forgot to include this. Wasn’t the Bristol/Kyle show billed as Bristol’s move from AK to CA, and her life in both? It would make sense that they’d all film both places. I remember Bristol posting a pic of the Masseys, herself and Chuck on some cliff in AK. Check facebook. I think it’s still there. I’m sad that all this legal stuff is due to stupid producers, but likes David McKenzie implied, this is the right time to be doing what he’s doing.


      3. GM,
        I think she originally bought a house in Arizona, moved it, put it up for rent when she went to live with the Massey brothers in LA, and then bought the house in Alaska. I think she did that just to be able to claim she was an Alaskan resident to help the show qualify for the tax credit.


      4. Malia, Bristol Palin is an Alaska resident regardless of property ownership. That’s not how “residency” is determined.

        Many Alaskans own property in every state in the Union, Hawai’i, Costa Rica, Mexico and Europe. Why not? You don’t give up your voter registration, vehicle registration, whatever, just because you bought a piece of property somewhere. Is that your experience?

        I’m sure most of the people reading this blog own property besides their personal residence – rentals, condos in Hawai’i and Florida, duplexes their children live in in university towns. Particularly retirees.

        Ha! Come to think of it, half of Arizona is owned by Alaskans!


      5. anon,
        My experience is that domicile is often a fact question for ajury, and that the jury is charged with determining the person’s intent regarding their domicile. If Bristol were to buy a home, and say that she intended to live in Alaska, it would be hard to prove otherwise. If she was only living with her parents, it might be decided that she was actually a resident of Arizona, and her purchase of a home there might be the best evidence of her intent.


      6. She bought a house in Alaska because she could. She got a good deal. Why would you not?
        What’s happening with Bristol Palin is that she’s getting very good advice from good attorneys and accountants about how to hang on to her money. She’s getting the expert advice you’d want your 22-year-old daughter to get. And she’s taking it. Good on her.


      7. anon,
        She could have lived at home and used the same babysitter Sarah uses for Trig. She could have invested the money and done better than she could in the housing market. If she got any advice I think it was that she could have trouble claiming that she was an Alaska resident, having lived in ‘Arizona and California, and owning a home in Arizona. the way to give her the best argument would be to be a property owner of a home and declare that whatever she did in the past, she was now an Alaskan resident.


    2. Lilly Bee & Malia,

      You might have procured this info already, but if not, I thought it might be helpful to you.

      California State Assembly created legislation which was signed in 2009 creating tax credits for film and television productions. Qualified taxpayers are allowed a 20% or 25% credit against income and/or sales and use taxes, based on qualified expenditures, for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2011.

      Program Guidelines and Details:

      Application period began on 1st day of new fiscal year, June 1st, 2012 for the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program. (Memo .pdf below)

      Click to access Production-Alert_NewAllocationPeriod-March2012.pdf

      I have been unable to find a locate a list of the companies who received tax credits from the State of CA in fiscal year 2011 (June 1, 2011- May 31, 2012) , but I did want to pass along the info I have on hand just in case I’m unable to get back to researching anymore on this until later.***

      [*** I’m sure it is worthwhile to at least check multiple state listings in order to determine if each of the state film commissions in different states fail to collaborate to preventing possible “double-dipping”.***]

      Here are a couple of links that might be helpful also:

      Thanks all.



      1. Pokeen Djibouti,
        Thanks for sharing this info. I’ll do a separate post in the am, but I was able to get through to Dave Worrell of the ‘Film Office in Alaska and he confirmed no money has yet been paid.


  6. Please give credit where credit is due. The information about Helping Hands, LLC, with links to the pertinent pages on the Alaska Secretary of State website was first commented on at several hours before anyone at Wonkette posted it as a comment.


    1. Henchwoman,
      I assure you that I always try to give credit to anyone who brings a matter to my attention, and I assure you Politicalgates and I work together, and I have the utmost respect for them. I am just one person, and can’t possibly do all that all the Palin blogs do to research and write. I encourage anyone and everyone to bring something to my attention that I may have missed because it is hard to keep abreast of all things Palin. Thanks for reading, and please know that I wasn’t trying to represent that ks was the person who discovered this information, but she is the person who brought it to my attention and asked me to check into it.


      1. Henchwoman, I understand your point, but I referred the links to Malia after reading a comment that Pokeen had posted on politicsusa. No one tried to steal anyone’s thunder. We were all simply trying to get information out. That’s both the beauty and the problem with webbing-out, we start where we find the info, try to give credit from that source and take no credit ourselves – just passing along the info. Still, it is nice to know where it may have originated. Not all of us read all blogs. Thanks for providing additional source info. That’s how we all help one another become better informed. Please note, Malia always tries to source tips back to the original site, but sometimes it is not feasible or possible.


      2. Everyone here who is a regular reader of your blog knows that you’re an honest and ethical person, Malia. Thanks for your tenacity and doing so much to keep all your readers informed.

        Do you have an email address that you can publish here? I wanted to mention something to you but because I’m not 100% sure of the info, I don’t want to put it out there yet. If you can’t leave it here, send me a DM via Twitter @AKRNHSNC.



    2. Alaska has no “Secretary of State.” It’s the State of Alaska Community and Economic Development, Corporations database.
      Your state has one, too.


  7. This is quoted from the Vanity Fair interview “Me and Mrs. Palin”:

    “Sarah was sad for a while. She walked around the house pouting. I had assumed she was going to go back to her job as governor, but a week or two after she got back she started talking about how nice it would be to quit and write a book or do a show and make “triple the money.” It was, to her, “not as hard.” She would blatantly say, “I want to just take this money and quit being governor.” She started to say it frequently, but she didn’t know how to do it. When she came home from work, it seemed like she was more and more stressed out.”


    1. Well, I think most people would salivate over big money opportunity. Levi certainly did when he put off real work and pursued worthless hollywood stuff. I still take Levi’s words with a grain of salt. Sarah spent a great deal of time away from Wasilla in the latter part of 2008 and he and Bristol were constantly fighting (per everyone). It’s natural to feel “sad” after any loss, especially a national election. I find Levi pretty low for taking advantage and being a big mouth.

      While he shouldn’t be kept from his son, I wonder if he’s at all sorry for his past behavior. He apologized privately once. Did he mean it? Meaning the apology would should maturity. He certainly deserved some condemnation for his actions. Reap what you sow indeed. Too bad Sunny’s immature and can’t see that.


      1. Levi is too naive to lie about what he heard and saw around the Palins. You wonder if Levi is sad about his past behavior, lol. The Palins manipulated and used him to the max. He probobly didn’t know if he was coming or going while around them. He was young and had no one to help or advise him.

        About apologizing, ahem. There is no doubt in my mind that sarah told him to apoligize, you know since him and Bristol were getting married and all.

        The Palins will reap what they sow, karma is coming for them. They are too ignorant and greedy to stop while they are ahead.

        Thankfully Levi has found a wonderful mate in Sunny who supports him through all of the BS thrown at him by all of the Palins. He deserved none of it. Bristol is so jealous she can’t control her obvious envy with her middle school actions and taunts.

        I better stop now, but Levi does not deserve what you said G.M. Oops one more thing, why is she able to slander Levi publicly when in the child support agreement neither were suppose to talk badly about each other. I haven’t heard Levi say anything bad, only correct Bristols lies, especially the big one, you know the tent and wine cooler thing.


      2. ginger50,
        In order to enforce the child support agreement Levi would need to have money and a Judge that would not be influenced by the Palins. I don’t think either exists.


      3. Grow up and knock off the Palin worship. If you can’t see them for what they are, you’re either as corrupt as they are or as ignorant.

        Levi had a good job and either Todd or Sarah had him fired. They did not want him involved with Bristol and they used him to present their pregnant SIXTEEN year old daughter to the world, trying to pretend that they were a happy, engaged couple who would soon be married.


  8. Thank you, Malia, for checking into those links. I knew with your expertise you would be able to explain what it all meant.
    We are lucky to have you clarify and double-check these issues for us.

    Seems that we now have more insight into how a certain family plays both sides of an issue to game the system for their benefit. With one hand, Sarah condemns government, and with the other she accepts all the governmental goodies she can. Most disturbing of all, of course, is that the goodies she is reaping through this venture are ones she set-up while Governor of Alaska.

    I hope the benefits outweigh the costs for the taxpayers in Alaska, though I suspect they may not. Certainly, apart from this tax credit system, Alaskans have suffered a loss of status and respect because of the Palins. Whether that translates into a loss of tourism revenue remains to be seen.

    However, I hope the state clearly discloses how much money was taken from the pockets of Alaskans to “credit” these awful Palin projects. The hardworking people of Alaska deserve to know and be able to decide if they want their former half-term Governor and her family to continue to benefit from their tax dollars.

    I bet they would also like to know how many Alaskans actually benefit from the filming. Are most of the crew Alaskans or do they come into the state, only leaving crumbs in the form of transportation, housing and food revenue for local vendors providing such services. How many jobs are these reality shows actually creating for Alaskans? That should be a question the Alaskan officials need to answer.

    Thanks so much for the work you do on behalf of your readers because you are truly working for the best interests of everyone. We all benefit when the truth breaks through the lies or carefully constructed masks.


    1. ks sunflower,
      I am glad the article helped! It amazes me even now that the elected officials in Alaska aren’t totally embarrassed by this travesty! I would think that Sean Parnell would be humiliated by this and be concerned about his re-election after he allowed the rape of Alaskans, but I guess I’m just naive!


      1. It goes to show you that they lack integrity and we shouldn’t be surprised because something always smells ‘fishy’ coming from Alaska.


  9. Sarah Palin said she was the governor of the largest state in the union.

    Alaska is known to be one of the biggest recipients of federal financial aid from the United States of America tax payers.

    Therefore the United States of America taxpayers are paying for the salaries of Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin as well as financing the production of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Big Hair, Life’s a Tripp, and Stars Earn Stripes through this film tax credit Sarah Palin passed..

    Millionaire Sarah Palin who claims to be a conservative who believes in the principles of the TEA Party took personal advantage of her government job to pass and manipulate laws in Alaska to personally enrich herself, Bristol Palin and the Palin family.

    I think the LLC entitled HELPING HANDS says it all.

    The Palin’s hands are helping themselves to money sent to Alaska from the good people of the lower 48 to help the good people of Alaska but is quietly being diverted to help the hands the Palins are putting into our pockets!

    Now this reinforces the claim that Shailey Tripp made that Todd Palin was her pimp. The Palins are showing the world that they have no scruples how they collect their riches.


    1. Enough is Enough
      You are exactly right…the tax payers of the U.S. are indirectly financing this abuse, and I’m sick of it too!


    2. Helping Hands was a Massey contribution. The Palins didn’t solely create the LLC. Their Lawyer just set it up. It was probably created to take advantage of tax credits, which would be stupid not to.


      1. Well then Sarah Palin ( who got rich by embezzling a trust fund) won’t mind me taking advantage of her in a court to ask those pesky questions will she?


      2. I know the Palins never do anything wrong, if its not those lawyers, it’s their neighbors, or the media or etc etc etc


    3. Enough is Enough Already – thank you for pointing that out! We all have a stake in ensuring the Palins get tax credits only when they truly deserve it – which is questionable in this instance. Must be a nice gig to set up a program so you can resign and benefit from it immediately.

      Reminds me a bit of what I heard – that Gov. Rick Perry is collecting his retirement pay while still serving as Governor. (Or did I misunderstand that, Malia? If so, I apologize. It may be legal, but it certainly does not seem ethical or fair.)


      1. ks sunflower,
        You got that right! He actually qualifies for TWO retirement checks, one of which he is already collecting. the really amazing thing is that in order to be a state employee, and receive state retirement benefits, you have to be a full time employee, and his own calendar proves that he works less than half – time.


      2. And why _is_ Rick Perry still the governor of Texas? Aren’t you people going to do anything about Texas’ poor reputation in this country?
        Texas is way up on that list of states getting “federal financial aid”, and yet, has one of the lowest costs of living in the country. What’s up with that? Disproportionate.

        Alaska has the highest cost of living, fuel, utilities, construction, with the single highest shipping and transportation costs in North America. Which is why their line-item project budgets are 10 times larger than other American states.


      3. anon,
        I’m at a loss to explain why Rick Perry is still Governor. I personally worked for Bill White in the last election, and wrote a separate blog for him, and have continued to write on this blog about Perry, but he is still in office. He is so entrenched in Texas politics that it doesn’t seem to matter what he does. In the last election he wouldn’t even debate his opponent, as he knew somebody might figure out just how foolish he is. There was a full page, front page article in the Dallas Morning News about Perry and corruption in Texas. Dallas and Houston and Austin favored his opponent, but the rest of Texas favored Perry. That tells you a lot about rural Texas.


    4. Yes and she started with her role as Mayor of Wasilla with a whopping 900 more or less votes. She built her house on the lake with the “leftover” materials they used to build the big new sports complex dedicated to her first love Menard.


  10. so, did SP kype even the ‘helping hands’ name from the masseyBros…
    didnt they say the original name was sppd to be helping hands? in helping their ‘pal’ brisket get a life.


    1. CO,
      I know from one of the articles I read that the Massey’s filed papers with the government to try to protect the name they thought of, but I know there are several “Helping Hands” organizations, so it is unclear to me whether this was the name the Massey brothers intended to use.


  11. It would be interesting to find out how much of the donations sent to SarahPAC was laundered out to pay consultants and lawyers to set up Helping Hands but that would be impossible to detect since SarahPAC lists everything as clerical or data entry.

    It would of been the perfect crime if it wasn’t for bloggers monitoring the Sarah Palin scams.


    1. Keep the questions coming…BIG BOYS are watching this site and reading it daily…just like a newspaper…see what is new…saves them time in research…just make sure to include a clickable link…word is they like that…click and see what the comments mean…


  12. People wondered why that cross eyed rat jumped ship so quickly only halfway into her first term as governor of Alaska!

    The crooked governor passed the self serving laws she personally needed to pull off her scam then she quit “For The Good Of Alaska”

    HA! If you believe that Sarah Palin quit for the good of Alaska then you can bet Sarah has a Bridge to Nowhere she wants to sell you.

    Wait a minute, Sarah can’t sell that bridge, she already sold it to the politicians and to the taxpayers of the lower 48.


  13. Let’s see, Sarah has helped her hands into our wallets…

    Bristol has helped her hands into our wallets…

    Is there room for Todd’s hands to reach into that Alaska film credit wallet?

    Why not?

    The more Palins the merrier! Am I right Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Current Alaska Governor Parnell?

    HEY!!!! Didn’t Parnell worked for Palin before she ran off to make her film credit millions?


      1. and that is why they are sweating bullets…the second that trust fund kid walks into court with the team of attorneys…its all but over for those who covered for Sarah – John McCain – and whoever he is tied to…word is the kid is relentless and a fighter…so it’s gonna be WAR…in a courtroom of course…darn Palin whines…she was trying to get a rise out of the kid with the crimes committed…and still being committed…
        What they don’t realize – a friend is like a Penelope Garcia of Criminal Minds – told me that she has access to it all…bank records, phone records, internet records, government intel, anything, globally…and yes she is a federal employee all above board…and at work – with permission she accesses the data requested…when we get a hit – she sends it to her boss – who reviews it and adds it to the case against Palin the State of Alaska and anyone who assists them…go Penelope!


    1. But there is no room in Tawd’s pockets as they are full of used condoms wrapped in washclothes..
      (Sorry Malia, couldn’t resist).


      1. comeonpeople,
        I just wonder if he had a problem with the crows pecking at those pockets, like they did at the ones in the dumpster out back.?


  14. Is Sarah Palin really the one to blame or guilty of this con job?

    Knowing Christian Sarah, she’ll probably tell us that her God told her to run this scam!


  15. Well if the Palins can pal around with a General so can we…sent a message to a very powerful one…I am guessing cuz this General is in DC he will walk right in and sit down with Biden or Obama…how’s that gonna work out for ya Palins? Word is the trust fund baby has a dozen attorneys already and most are refusing to be paid…so a scholarship in their names are being set up…deposits when the money is returned…sounds to me like we got a pack of pit-bull attorneys…nothing like a legal payback…lol..


    1. Thanks for sharing all of your inside info Lawman. The Palin’s have hurt a lot of people and could care less. It is unbleivable to me that an entire family could be so, so, um I don’t know a good word….but they seem to be without any morals, common sense, family values, and of course education.

      And yes, legal payback is perfect.


  16. Nicely done, Malia!

    In doing a little research way past my bedtime a couple of nights ago, I pushed either my eyes or my reading glasses well beyond their capacity. In doing so, I stubbed my toe just a bit by not differentiating the charitable organization briefly depicted in the show (Help the Children—link below *** ) and the film production and distribution company that appears to have been set up just prior to this venture, Helping Hands, LLC.

    Thanks so much for your attention to detail in so ably clarifying who is behind Helping Hands, LLC as well as the likely benefactors from Helping Hands, LLC’s “pre-approval” of their application for tax credit from the State of AK.

    It hardly seems that the 2008 Alaska state law which created the Alaska Film Office was passed for the direct benefit of such a limited number of individual persons, as opposed to benefiting the entire state by promoting ALASKA. As you are obviously familiar with it, that particular law provided a generous transferable tax credit equal to 30% of in-state qualified production expenditures (including payroll for services performed in Alaska) for film, television, video, and commercial productions.

    Despite even the best of intentions by those honorably serving as stewards of the state’s resources, there is too often an insatiable greed by those who feel entitled to fulfill their personal desires over and above the best interests of the state. Unchecked, this sense of entitlement and its associated greed among those with power can be at the forefront of the slippery slope. It might begin as political favors or “business as usual” which appears in the form of political patronage amongst cronies. Once these cracks occur, the situation always further degrades itself into bribery, graft, embezzlement and pay-offs throughout a network of corruption.

    I am thankful that you are a concerned citizen serving as a watchdog and reporting these activities, as it is all too apparent that the most recent fights against the Corrupt Bastards Club of Alaska in the political and business communities were not nearly as successful as it seemed it might be at the time. My hope is that your exhaustive work without remuneration will inspire others, just as you’ve done for me, with the courage to come forward and together help us in promoting a just outcome.

    Continued best wishes.



    1. Pokeen Djbouti,
      Thank you for doing so much work and research on this issue. I am particularly offended bythis law. It was a violation of the Ethics act for Sarah Palin to profit from this legislation and now Bristol and Todd are doing the same.

      I always wondered why Palin chose the date of her resignation, but after I learned it was within a few days of the film office becoming operational, I wondered no longer!

      Thanks for your hard work. Malia


      1. Good work, Malia!

        I am really trying to follow this development, but I must admit that I tend to get a bit lost in all the tax credit/accounting/legal folderol. Is there any way you could briefly explain to me what this information means, in real dollars, to Sarah Palin’s wallet?

        Like, if she was paid a cool million, what does she actually take home? Where is the big payout? Who gets the payout? I guess I am not understanding the implications of this information, and maybe I never will. But thanks a lot for trying to educate me. Much obliged.


      2. Cracklin Charlie,
        I’m not an accountant either, so forgive me if I misstate something. The law that was passed during the Palin administration gave a “tax credit” to anyone making a film in Alaska, assuming that they met the criterion, which included the making of the movie in Alaska. Additional incentives were given to the production companies if they used Alaskan residents to make and star in the movie. For example in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Palin was paid $250.000 per episode, and Jean Worldwide (the producer of the show) received a tax credit from the Alaska Film Office of $1,196,894.00. That represented a 33.16 % of the total cost of the production of the show of $3,609,000. when a tax credit is issued like this, the producer of Palin’s show could sell this tax credit for something less than the total amount to an Alaskan company that owed taxes to Alaska. The amount of the production expense included Palin’s fee of $2,000,000, so the bottom line is that Palin cost Alaskan tax payers 33.16% of $2,000,000.00 or about $660,000, Alaskan taxpayers thus paid for Palin to make this television series to the tune of $660,000. With regard to Bristol’s show, the amount of tax credit awarded has not yet been disclosed, but the web site confirms that Helping Hands, the production company, has been approved for a tax credit, it’s just a matter of accounting now to determine how much. Because the production company of Bristol’s show is a LLC owned by the Palin, Alaskan tax payers are footing a % of the bill for Bristol’s salary and a % of the bill for the production of the film that will ultimately go to Sarah.


    2. I join Malia in thanking you. Had I not run across your comments, we might not have been able to branch this information out to more people. Pokeen Djibouti, by sharing your information sources, you have and continue to help us all put together the puzzle pieces. The story the puzzle will reveal when fully revealed will be amazing.

      Mali has been able to build on those links and put her considerable analytical and communication skills to work because of the direction you pointed us in. This is the blessing of the internet. We all help one another piece together a more accurate understanding of what public figures do and then are better able to hold them accountable for the benefit of all.

      It must be driving the Palins mad to know that smart people everywhere are able to get together to help understand what they are doing.


      1. I appreciate your kind words, ks sunflower.

        But given my time constraints, I’m much obliged to be able to join you and the other smart folks here in a little momentary “love-fest” for Malia to acknowledge the time and expertise that she devotes to her blog here. Best of all, IMO, is that she does it all with grace, ethics and a sense of humor.

        I’ve read and enjoyed her “Rebuttal” and “Virtues” books, and if Malia can put aside all of this legal-beagle research and correspondence long enough, I hope to read her next book soon.


        P.S. Disclaimer: Of course, it’s merely MY assumption that Malia MUST have an upcoming book already in the pipeline. Since I don’t want to start any scandalous rumors, if my guess is wrong, um, what is it your fine TX Guv Perry says…”Oops!” NO add’l pressure! lol Keep it up- You’re Great!


      2. Pokeen Djibouti,
        Thank you so much for your kind words of support, and reading my books. I haven’t started working on my next book but have a couple in mind! The book I really want to write is about Defining Success which I would describe through several very funny stories about growing up and having kids. However that book has to be put on hold until I am confident that Sarah Palin will remain far away from any position in our government, and that Todd is exposed for the pimp that he was, and probably still is. Thanks for reading. I do enjoy writing the blog, and now have over 2,000,000 views so it is gratifying that a lot of people are reading. Thank you! Malia


  17. WTF Bristol?

    “She says the Lifetime show will give her — and Tripp — keepsake footage”

    Why is Bristol polluting our air waves so she can memorialize her sorry ass life on video for Tripp and herself?

    Isn’t that what insecure junior high school girls do in the privacy of their rooms at night in their “I Love Me Diaries”?

    Bristol needs to call it what it is…..

    Life’s A Tripp is a weekly video junior high slam book of a mentally disturbed girl wanting to publicly get back at her baby’s daddy.



  18. Malia — I too am in awe of your research and persistence, and for explaining it to us. And that goes for the other commenters here who are helping me understand.

    Were you intending perhaps to sue the state of Alaska over this? I would think just publishing it on a blog won’t get as much attention as this deserves. Have you thought about phoning up the Massey brothers and getting their comments?

    I agree 100% with your take on persistence!


    1. Ottoline,
      I don’t really have “standing” since I don’t live in Alaska, but that’s a great idea…I’ll try to contact the Massey attorney.


      1. Re “standing,” I was thinking it could be a suit by an American taxpayer complaining that his tax money is wasted by the LLC. Or, I thought one of your readers/commenters in AK might volunteer to collaborate with you: the AK resident would bring the suit, and you would be the lawyer, or one of them. I could see the Massey suit bringing a lot of good info out.

        If anyone has the expertise (which I do not) to list all the dollar amounts for freebies the Palins are collecting from the fed and AK gov’t — that (and of course the total) would make a nice graphic and talking point to counter SP’s nonsense about wanting smaller gov’t.


      2. Ottoline,
        I’m on “inactive” status in Texas, and have never been licensed in Alaska, so I would not be able to handle any suit. However that doesn’t prevent me from making sure the Massey’s attorneys have all the information.


  19. Whatever snow there is left in Alaska there is going to be a global warming centered in Wasilla and it aint gonna be pretty.

    Be aware, if you are shopping in the Wasilla Piggly Wiggly and you happen to see Sarah Palin stocking up on canned goods, that’s a sure sign she’ll be needing a new refrigerator by tonight.


    1. Its About Time,
      If she’s smart she’ll get ‘Sean Parnell to pass legislation for people who buy new refrigerators!


  20. “Helping Hands is a legal entity organized by the attorney for Sarah Palin.”

    Malia, Could you please clarify this statement? I understand Palin’s attorney is the Agent of Record to register the LLC in AK. Did you pull the Delaware incorporation records to see if her attorney was involved in the actual organization of the corp. and if Palin has an interest in it?


    It’s unfortunate that neither the ADN or Juneau Empire is covering Palin’s profit from the legislation.


    1. like I said above in comments – very important people are monitoring this site because of the amount of credible intel coming in…and the media in Alaska is in what some would call a “blackout” of negative intel about Palin…may be she bought them…after all the trust fund baby owns 16 downtown blocks of Anchorage…and one of em has Sarah’s sister Heathers gas station on it…I would not want to be there when the REPO man shows up to shut them down…


      1. Can you predict when all of this is goiing to happen? I lpve reading your comments and hopefully we will see what you are talking about soon. And do the Palins know this is coming?


      2. ginger50,
        I wish I did know when this is going to happen! I don’t know for sure what the Palins know, but I am confident that they read or receive a report on this and other blogs.


  21. Oh this is marvelous. Bristol Palin has announced she will not have sex until she and Gino are married.

    My mouth dropped open. Of course she has been revirginated. I wonder is she has gotten a new surgicaly produced hymen.

    Of course these religious fundies don’t think oral or anal intercourse count as sex It is only vaginal penetration?

    Why are they printing things out of this skanks mouth at all? Amy Winehouse is dead, as is Anna Nicole Smith. The media loves these train wrecks.


      1. Nah! She’s like Jessica the not-quite-so-much-a-baby-vamp on “True Blood”. Jessica can’t avoid getting her virginity back after sex now, since at the time she became a vamp, she was a virgin.

        Vampire – Palin??? Not so far fetched I’d say…


  22. Hey Malia,

    Just an FYI. Don’t mean to dump on you, so just use, file or delete as needed.

    You may have it already but I’ll forward the link anyway. Here is a .pdf file with the Q1-2012 filed on 04/11/12 SARAPAC FEC Form 3X REPORT OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS. The next report for period ending 06/30/12 is due on 07/15/02.

    On page 81 (of 105pp, so it’s toward the end), there is a disbursement in the amount of $8,000 dated 01/03/12 to the law firm of Clapp, Peterson, Van Flein, Tiemessen, Thorsness LLC.

    It looks like a scheduled retainer payment. Quarterly pmt, I would guess. Looks like it’s less than the $5K/mo paid in 2011. Just documents an ongoing business relationship thru EOQ1-2012 between SP, SARAPAC & Tiemessen, for what it’s worth, maybe just a tidbit as of today.



    1. Pokeen Djibouti,
      Thanks I have seen that, and Palin has had that firm, orginally Van Flein, on retainer for a long time for her PAC.


  23. You know I am wondering if the trust fund baby is related to the Palins?
    I had a friend send me an interesting email…that Chuck Heath and his wife’s sister got it on and oops a baby came out…and that his best bud adopted the baby…but that doesn’t make sense I told her…there is too much money for the Heaths to have – UNLESS – I asked her – if the Chuck Heath is in any way related to the Empire of Heath Candy Bar…and may be Daddio said no no to Chuck and gave his portion of his take to the kid?
    That might explain all the weird crap they did to the kid – all for money…and why in 1989 there was a life assurance policy taken out on the kid? Life Assurance? what? roll the eyes…lol…very creative…but highly illegal…;)


      1. your turn Malia – this is where your expertise in law can explain how the executor dies and someone shows up to make the trust fund kid sign papers that indicate a cash value factor of 108.401,500 dollars in 1989? But the amount the kid gets is only 10,000? With a 100 a month? Life Assurance is for….cue for you Malia…lol..


  24. Yikes. In that photo of Bristle at the top of your post you can clearly see the Botox injection site to address lines between her eyes on her forehead, plus fillers injected into her cheeks, as well as the ubiquitous chin implant. Good lord, it’s like Sarah gave Bristol her hand me downs – these are all appropriate surgeries for an almost 50 year old, not a 20 year old. Messed up.


  25. it seems to me, this: the masseyBros actually thought brisket was some
    kind of ‘friend’; they thought it would be cool to, um, actually help her
    build ‘an image’ doing something ‘productive’ at a charity; show her in
    a good ‘light’ since she claimed to them she was being oh so misunderstood.

    the whore of babylon, on the other hand, saw a lucrative means of
    more free money and manipulated brisket, again, by moving in on
    the idea, usurping it for her own personal gain. no shock.

    when the massey boys stated the show name would possibly
    be helping hands…you know, helping brisket while the three of them
    Also helped others….the whore of babylon couldnt let that happen
    since she’d already grabbed that name For Herself.
    she gets brisket to sell that stupid AZ place and flee back to wasilly
    mostly out of shame and knowing in advance theyd screwed the
    masseyBros and LA would not be kind; then they pretend it was all
    because brisket missed wasilly. and of course needed the upfront
    pay for doing this show.
    if brisket has stayed in LA would she have gotten the free tax money for the
    shitty awful show?

    im also betting heavy the masseyBros realized early on brisket had
    NO intention of ‘working’ or especially not ‘working’ free at a
    i mean they tried for months to get some crap on film and they didnt
    get far. it was all so totally Bo-ring with the hot dogs and the
    sitting around. the only people im aware of who can sit on asses
    this well are the AK grifters.
    that….they do well.


    1. Janice,
      I have tried but don’t seem to be able to get anyone’s attention. I would encourage everyone reading to contact as many people as you can.


      1. Send it to the Massey Brothers, they could use it for leverage. How about the gay guy that is suing too? How about the National Inquirer and the Star. Worked for John Edwards. Send it to Al Sharpton. Payback for Sarah bashing Obama. I think you would have to send to side media. Someone will pick it up. Send it to the editor of every major newspaper and outlet in all the states. Have Levi or Mecedes out it.


      2. John A. Soderquist,
        I have sent an e-mail to their attorney and if he needs my input, I’ll gladly help!


      3. Also the Massey Brothers may want to use this for leverage and also the gay guy in the bar who is suing her too. How about National Inquirer or the Star, they worked for John Edwards. How about the Democrats in Alaska Government and Lisa M. I bet Al Sharpton would love this. She is always degrading Obama. I think you need to get outside the mainstream media. All the major US newspapers, etc.


  26. I am confused about Lawman’s comments about a tryst fund kud. Is that Palin?

    In regard to the Massey’s law suit filed against McKenzie aren’t the Palin’s culpable or seem to be involved if they paid to make the LLC and given the claims Bristol has made she had control suppirted by McKenzie stating the cameras followed Bristol?

    Through the smoke I detect the Palins cut the Massey brothers out yet retained their idea for the story line. This does
    not pass the smell test.

    I am chuckling at what appears the Palins believing the show would be great without the Masseys. Rumor was test audiemces did not like or respond to Bristol’s performance.

    I am speculating and understand the Masseys can’t divulge what transpired yet. I am not surprised the Masseys are in this position hooking up with the Palins.


  27. On Sunnys facebook page, you will see a picture of the National Inquirer and the Star will they spoke out on Bristol’s lies about Levi. You can bet when the second series of Bristols show is over, all hell will break lose with Levi and Mercedes.


  28. Trust fund stuff was back in Wasilla

    Sarah dad was a trustee… If I am remembering correctly? A loan made for a nice amount, about 140,000 to Sarah for a house, then the loan was forgiven by her father.


  29. I don’t really get the fuss here. The provision of the law regarding Alaska being viewed in a favorable light was passed this year, after the tax credit for this show was approved. And why is a show about an unwed mother a bad thing? You sound like Dan Quayle.

    As for the production doing some time in LA, the tax break only applies to the money that they spend in Alaska, not the money that they spend in LA. If they spend more than the minimum amount in AK, they qualify.


  30. Could Bristol possibly have the section of tonights show cut where she degrades Levi in front of Tripp or is it too soon? Maybe Lifetime will cut out that part.


      1. Janice,
        He didn’t want to do dancing with the stars, but I think he has agreed to do this one.


    1. Bristol Palin ‘won’t let Levi Johnston see Tripp because he refused to appear on her reality show,’ claims his seven-months-pregnant girlfriend

      Read more:

      He refused the $10,000 she offered him. Go to Sunny Oglesby FB page, you will see everything there. Great loving pictures of Tripp and Levi. You have to log in to FB first.

      Unless you have heard that he changed his mind, but it is all over the net he refused.


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