Republican Candidates Respond to the Shooting of Trayvon Martin

The GOP candidates have offered opinions on abortion, contraception, the economy, the price of a gallon of gas, the killing if Osama bin Laden, who should have sex where and when and for what purpose and with whom. Thus it is not surprising that the the Republican candidates would comment on the controversy surrounding the slaughter of Trayvon Martin, and the subsequent cover up by the police. Here is a complete report of each and every comment from each Republican contender:

Mitt Romney: ________________

Rick Santorum: ________________

Newt Gingrich: _________________

Ron Paul:__________________

Sarah Palin isn’t the Governor or a candidate.  The shooting occurred on Feb. 26 th, almost a month ago, and Sarah Palin hasn’t Tweeted, written a Facebook post about it, or done an interview on Fox about this tragedy.

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  1. More importantly, as regards Sarah Palin, yesterday was National Down Syndrome Day.

    Did she release any kind of statement, make any kind of donation, provide any kind of update on the health and progress of Trig?

    She was just as silent on this subject as on Trayvon’s murder.


  2. I’m not surprised; actually I’d be really surprised if any one of the klown kar occupants addressed this horrendous crime. It would reduce the candidate’s appeal to the new Republican masses and be seen as a criticism of the NRA and their deification of guns.

    Thank God that news of the crime spread to the rest of the country mostly via the internet (I first read about it on the Alaskan blog, The Mudflats) and that internet petitions were started quickly. Thank God the Justice Dept. got involved.

    Zimmerman is a cold-blooded murderer – the kind of person who should never have been allowed to own a gun given his history of anger issues and who should never have been permitted to patrol neighborhoods. The local authorities knew that he contacted them frequently and without good reason and, thus, they have a lot to answer for. Jeb Bush who signed the bill into law has a lot to answer for. And then there is the state legislator who first introduced the bill. He was quick to wash his hands of the incident once it became national news by saying that Zimmerman’s crime was not covered by the law. Someone should have informed the local police of that; don’t local law enforcement agencies ever get schooled about state criminal law?


  3. In all fairness (and being fair to these clowns goes up my ass sideways), Obama hasn’t weighed in, either. According to his press secretary, “He sends his condolences to the family, and declines to comment otherwise.” I’m sure it’s partly due to the whole Gates debacle.

    Meanwhile, Bristol has been throwing herself a pity party on her blog. I wanted to leave a comment saying “If you want to see a REAL victim, stop googling ‘Bristol Palin’ long enough to google ‘Trayvon Martin'”, but I don’t want to give her the clicks.


  4. President Obama is making a statement through the Justice Dept. But as a human being at least the others should reach out to the family.

    Perhaps sarah is busy learning stuff for the brokered convention.


    1. She is planning her next desperate attempt for attention and for President Obama to call her. After her Facebook post challenging him to call her didn’t work, she used her daughter to try to get to him. Who knows what psycho thing she will try next.


  5. Thanks for covering this, Malia. As his dear mother said, Trayvon belongs to all of us now, and I’m beyond-honored to have this beautiful young man (plus Emmett Till and others) as MY child! Peace, All.


  6. Perhaps lost in all of the outrage and disbelief over this tragedy is Trayvon’s family’s willingness to let the investigation unfold and the facts come out. Even in their time of loss they have the patience to peacefully ask for justice.


  7. The GOP candidates are not exactly profiles in courage. These are the same folks who do saber-rattling over Iran but cave when something they say displeases Sir Lardbelly, aka Rush Limbaugh. Actually, the president remarked on the case when asked about it by a member of the press. His remarks were to the effect that if he had had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon. He spoke as a father able to relate to parents senselessly deprived of their child. In any case, Trayvon was a bright young man of good character and a promising future that got cut short, and he is making an impact in death that will surely long outlast the number of years he lived on this earth. We should make sure he didn’t die in vain.


  8. These people care only about themselves, having power and gaining wealth. There are hundreds of examples where they showed absolutely no regard for the average human being, let alone a suffering person. I haven’t seen any of them discuss social injustice. They seem to be all about winning, themselves, helping the very wealthy, corporations and themselves. And the saddest thing is 1/2 of America is either so dumb or hateful of the President, that they actually would vote for one of these terrible people.


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