Letter to Alaska Attorney General Re Ethics Violation by Sarah Palin

The following letter is being sent today to the Alaska AG.


Attorney General Michael C. Geraghty

P.O. Box 110300

Juneau, AK 99811-0300



Re: Ethics Complaint against Sarah Palin AN 2011101972

AGO File No. AN2011101972

Dear Mr. Geraghty:

I am in receipt of a letter from your predecessor dated July 29, 2011 which denied the Ethics Complaint previously filed. I am also in possession of the documents sent by the office of John Burns with a cover letter of August 17, 2011 in response to my Freedom of Information Act request. As a result of those documents it is my understanding that Sarah Palin has waived confidentiality of any information regarding this matter.

Now that you are the new Attorney General of Alaska, and given the settlement of the Ethics Claim made against Frank Bailey, I am asking for re-consideration of the ethics claim filed against Sarah Palin in your file No. AN 2011101972, and the request for rehearing sent on September 7, 2011, pertaining to the same matter. https://malialitman.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/request-for-rehearing-on-ethics-complaint-to-attorney-general-new-evidence/

As set forth in these complaints, Sarah Palin violated the Ethics Code of Alaska. The undisputed facts are:

1. Sarah Palin violated the express provisions of AS 39.52.180 (a). It is clear that AS 39.52.180 (a) originally espressly excluded legislative bills. In 2007, during Palin’s term as Governor, the statute was amended to expressly INCLUDE legislation. After the amendment AS 39.52.180 (a) stated:

“ (a) A public officer who leaves state service may not, for two years after leaving state service, represent, advise, or assist a person for compensation regarding a matter that was under consideration by the administrative unit served by that public officer, and in which the officer participated personally and substantially through the exercise of official action. For the purposes of this subsection, “matter” includes a case, proceeding, application, contract, [OR] determination, [BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE] proposal or consideration of a legislative bill [BILLS], a resolution, -[RESOLUTIONS AND] constitutional amendment [AMENDMENTS], or other legislative measure, [MEASURES;] or …”

2. It was during Sarah Palin’s term as Governor that she signed into law the Tax Credit Legislation that allowed a film company to receive a tax credit for a film made in Alaska, provided the film featured a resident of Alaska.

3. Within two years of resigning as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was the Executive Producer, and starred in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. As a result Sarah Palin made $2,000,000.00. The people of Alaska were harmed by the tax credit issued to Jean Worldwide for $1,200,000.00.

4. Sarah Palin’s Alaska should never have qualified for the tax credit. https://malialitman.wordpress.com/2011/05/13/the-alaska-attorney-general-needs-to-hear-from-you/


5. Documents previously provided indicate that during the short time that Sarah Palin served as Governor, she traveled on state time, using state funds, to meet with film companies in California. Obviously she was contemplating the making of a film for personal gain, before she left office. Obviously if she had been involved as Governor in the making of this film, she would not have been allowed to receive compensation. By enacting this law and resigning from office, Sarah Palin was able to profit from Senate Bill 230 as an actor and Executive Producer of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. This is precisely the type of conduct that AS 39.52.180 (a) was intended to prevent.

6. The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED) regulations governing the Film Office and the film incentive program were drafted, issued for public comment and became effective on June 18, 2009. Sarah Palin announced her resignation as Governor, just two weeks later, on July 3, 2009. Until now many people failed to understand the timing of Palin’s resignation. It appears that we now know the reason for her sudden resignation.

7. It now appears that Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol, are each planning to appear, or have appeared in additional films that have applied for tax credits, taking further advantage of Bill 230. Helping Hands is the Company that has applied for the tax credit for the film featuring Bristol Palin. Jean Worldwide has also applied for an additional tax credit but the documents that have been provided to me as a result of my Freedom of Information Request to the film office have been redacted so I am unable to confirm if Sarah Palin will be featured in this film or if she might be the Executive Producer of this film. I suspect that is the case given the fact that it is the same company, Jean Worldwide, and based on the report that Palin will be featured in a television show to be known as “Big Hair.”

Bristol Palin will be featured in a film, for which a tax credit has also been requested. That company applying for that tax credit is Helping Hand, and it appears they have applied for such a tax credit.

I incorporate all the facts and assertions in my Ethics Complaint of June 2, 2011 that has been identified by your office as AGO File No. AN2011101972, and the motion for rehearing that was filed in August of 2011.


Now that the Attorney General has entered into a settlement with Frank Bailey for profiting from the disclosures he made in Blind Allegiance, it would be a gross miscarriage of justice to make Mr. Baily accountable for his ethics violation, and not Sarah Palin. Further, Mr. Baily’s use of e-mails in his book did not harm to tax payers of Alaska, but the making of Sarah Palin’s Alaska harmed Alaskans $1,200,000.00. By law you can rule on this ethics violation yourself, or you may appoint a bipartisan committee. Either way the result should be the same.

If any additional information or documents are required I would be happy to provide them. Thank you.



Malia Litman




35 thoughts on “Letter to Alaska Attorney General Re Ethics Violation by Sarah Palin

Add yours

  1. You go, girl! Maybe this guy will be better than the last AG. Maybe. One can always hope. Thanks for doing what we laypersons can’t. You are a true champion of ethics in politics.


    1. BW,
      Sometimes I am still amazed that politicians can get by with so much that is so wrong! I have gotten an education over the last two years, but I haven’t lost hope that justice may still be served if we fight for it! I’m still fighting for it. Thanks for your support!


  2. Sarah, Todd, Track, Bristol and Willow you have f#cked over Alaska, Alaskans and America long enough with your crimes, scams and lies but you f#cked with the wrong women.

    Malia Litman and Shailey Tripp aint playin’ with you!

    They want whats right…..

    They want justice…….

    Not Palin justice.


    1. wink,
      It will be an example if the AG pays attention. I just don’t see how he can find Bailey liable, and not Palin. If he dismisses this complaint after citing Bailey, he looks really BAD!


    2. wink,
      It’s been way too long waiting for Palin to be held accountable, but I won’t give up…especially when she is saying that she’d consider running for President if there should be a brokered convention.


    1. curiouser,
      Sometimes, persistence is the best weapon, and I’m armed with that for sure! Some people may think that I am wasting my time, but I believe I am right, and thus, I won’t give up!


  3. Way to go Malia!

    I admire you for all of the work you are doing to expose Sarah Palin.

    I have my fingers crossed that “someone” will finally put this windbag in her place.

    Something has to give….I’ve never seen anyone get away with as much as the Palin’s have.




    1. Debbie,
      I would think that the AG and Governor Parnell would be afraid to align themselves with Palin if they want to be re-elected. She seems to have fallen from favor in Alaska more than anywhere, and thus they SHOULD make her accountable if they want to have a future in Alaskan politics.


    1. Maria,
      I’m still trying, but the people of Alaska can help! Any legislator can ask that a bipartisan committee be appointed to look into this travesty. I have asked them, but so far I haven’t gotten any response. Alaskans can also start asking your legislators to do so.


  4. Well I am sure they read your blog. Right Sarah? Well the whole country is whatching you and your ass kissers. By the way Queenie Esther you’ll never be elected as president. Everyone has your number now. Just stick that head out and say your going to run and somehow I think babygate material will somehow be leaked. Don’t you think Malia? You betcha that lamestream media is going to be getting all kinds of information for your own party. They really dispise you for what you did to them the last time in 08. You were the one who lost the election for McCain, you betcha. I know several people who were republicans and said they were afraid you might make it to the white house because you were so ambitious they’d worry you might harm McCain with your prayer chain. I told my friend I didn’t think you were that bad. But now I am not sure what you would do to get to the white house. Cheat, lie, use your kids as props. I dunno. You have no honor.


    1. AFM,
      I am guessing that if she announces she is running, or if she should be selected at a brokered convention, then I expect there will be a flood of new information that comes out!


  5. Dear Malia,

    You are an inspiration and a treasure.

    Please continue to speak truth to power. Perhaps through your efforts and that of like-minded people it will be possible to put this outrageous nightmare behind us.



  6. Malia…God Bless you for your persistence , while us Alaskans have given up trying to get through to state officials. I have beat my head against the wall for over 4 years trying to right Palin’s wrongs. She, so far has indeed been the Teflon Queen.

    Thank you, my friend……..Your brunch buddy.


  7. I really admire your tenacity, Malia. Let’s hope this time around the AG has his eyes open and comes to the realization that he can’t go after Bailey and not Palin. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


  8. Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do to stop the grifter, Sarah Palin and bring her to justice. I simply cannot believe she is still spewing her nonsense on the FOX cable news channel. She has no intelligence and is unable to communicate her jumbled thoughts in a sensible way. Her life is a disaster in every way.

    Vous etes formidable, Madame Litman


    1. thomas,
      Thanks for your encouraging words! I too am still amazed that we are still talking about her, and the closer we get to a brokered convention, the more amazed I am!


  9. When will this idiocy stop? Sarah Palin is not competent to speak to serious matters related to national and international politics, to address these affairs with some knowledge of history and context as to why there are Liberals/Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans in the United States.

    Sarah Palin has no clue. She might as well just take a crayon and color something in a children’s coloring book when she begins to speak. That would have more meaning. Her words and her thoiughts are jumbled and just plain ignorant and dumb.

    No more. No more Palin. She is an utter and complete nothing. She does not understand things. She is lost. Her mind has empty rooms & halls and alcoves and giant areas where only the wind blows.


    Only the wind blows.


    1. Annie,
      Thanks for sending! I hadn’t seen this. The article was written by someone with the office that promotes these films. The comments, especially that of Fred Barnes gives the real picture.


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