Palin is An Authority on the “Politics of Personal Destruction”

Sarah Palin has posted another article on her Facebook page about the “politics of personal destruction” in attempting to come to Newt Gingrich’s defense.  Palin suggests that it is the “establishment” and the media who is attacking Newt and his family. Of course the implication is that any reports on Gingrich’s lack of family values is unfair, and inappropriate. The history of Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich is clear and unequivocal. They both suggest they are champions of family values. Sarah Palin has used her family so many times for political advantage, it is almost not worth reporting. From the night we met Sarah Palin and Trig at the RNC in 2008,


to the book America by Heart, Reflections on FAMILY, faith, and flag and the beginning of every episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska we listened to the Empress talk about how very important her family was to her. Gingrich has tried to paint himself as a “family man” too. It’s just harder for him to do that because he has admittedly had long term affairs during two of his three marriages. He fails to talk about the gay sister he has and how she isn’t part of the family he advertises. He was raised by an admittedly bi-polar mother.


The criticism of Gingrich’s personal life hasn’t been limited to the media or the GOP. Bryan Fischer of the American Family association is their spokesman. Mr. Fisher said that Gingrich’s extramarital affairs are a “show-stopper” and charged that “social conservatives and all those in the pro-family movement must have grave reservations about his candidacy” Fischer even warned that a Gingrich presidency could undermine American families. He said:

A candidate or president with such a troubled past would have little or no credibility in talking about the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity and importance of the intact family unit. “Who are you,” folks would say, “to be lecturing us about the importance of family?”

And there certainly would be fallout for the American family and the institution of marriage if such a flawed individual served as our nation’s leader.


The only people who have attacked American family values are Palin and Gingrich, and the media has only reported the facts.


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  1. Malia –
    I have read on several sites about a group of big-wig Repubs who were at the point of backing Newt. They are not overly fond of Mitt and were leaning toward Newt as he was doing so well in the polls and debates. That is until he made the announcement he would find an important place for Palin in his administration. That was the end of that. She is certainly the kiss of death.


    1. Newt is a dumbshit!

      He did not learn from McCain’s mistake?

      Newt is not an historian!

      A historian would learn from the mistakes of the past.

      Newt is doomed to repeat history’s sorriest moment in time!


  2. That is so true. And when will the American people wake up to the hypocrisy in these two candidates and in fact, in most of the GOP. Now Boehner is being investigated regarding possible ethics violations as regards the TransCanada pipeline. But the family values issues are what really get to me; how these candiates whose personal lives are so blatantly out there with affairs, pregnancies before marriage, abandoning a sick wife, accusations of ties with prostitution … run on a family values based platform?


  3. But the media is only supposed to report the “facts” fed to them by Sarah, Newt, and the Fox propagandists. Anything else being reported comes from some damned liberal media or straight from Obama, who evidently has time to worry about Newt’s affairs as well as Sarah’s home life. All while defeating terrorism, bringing troops home, presiding over a recovery and raising two beautiful and intelligent daughters. No wonder the GOP is scared: he really is Superman, while they are left with the Three Stooges.


  4. Let’s not forget….Calista is considered a mistress, a slut, etc. Whatever one would call it….we would have, for the first time….a slutty mistress as the FIRST LADY.

    It is absolutely ridiculous. It is just wrong.

    Thank you for the insightful information Malia. You (and Gryphen) are an inspiration for all of your hard work.


    1. .Calista is not only a home wrecking gold digging mistress , she is walking talking reminder of Sexual Harassment.

      She worked for dough boy.


  5. Quite a lump to stomach, considering Newt Gringrich practically invented the politics of personal attack. Impeaching a president for getting a blow job just might be the ultimate personal attack.


  6. Hi Malia. Could Somebody please put duck tape on this idiots mouth and tie her up in Alaska. She gives me EXTREME palin derangement syndrome.


  7. “….the beginning of every episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska we listened to the Empress talk about how very important her family was to her….”

    LOL ….. Right Sarah….

    You would of thought if family was important to Sarah then all her kids would be in college or college bound and not kicked out of school or left school underage with babies in their bellies or had to leave the state for their misconducts.

    If family was important to Sarah then they would be going to church to share and spread God’s words and love instead of pimping, dealing drugs, breeding like rats, running scam and con jobs, spreading hate, grifting and lying to friends, family and a nation.

    Sarah has collected a lot of undeserved wealth in a very short amount of time but she needs to know is that all that stuff and property she is collecting is not going to Hell with her! The only thing she can take with her is her memories of her dysfunctional uneducated family and all the ridicule she has put them through. That’s all she is taking to Gates of Hell.

    Sarah tried to write history and paint herself as a leader and a wonderful mother with her reality shows and books but it is bloggers and the internet that has forever revealed the true scum of the earth Sarah Palin that will forever haunt her and her no good worthless reality tv seeking children and family for the rest of their lives.


    1. THe only thing that goes with all of us is our wonderful memories of friends and family. Sarah is a goldmine in terms of that. Jealous much. You need some goals and a heart – and maybe some objective eyes and time away from your molding couch and computer. Praying for your well-being. You’re not living a healthy life. You can’t back up anything you write by the way, there’s no sense in trying.


      1. WTF?

        “THe only thing that goes with all of us is our wonderful memories of friends and family. Sarah is a goldmine in terms of that. ”

        Don’t you mean Tri-G’s SarahPac paid for 24/7 nanny has wonderful memories to take with her?

        As far as Sarah goes, memories of 16 year old uneducated pregnant Bristol, memories of having to leave Hawaii early because Sarah received her 3 am phone that Willow was involved with breaking and entering or the call that your son was caught cutting school bus brake lines or memories of your second underage daughter is not only kicked out of school but is also pregnant or that your husband is a pimp are memories a normal stable family could do without.

        Are you saying Sarah won’t have any memories of her dysfunctional family because there are no wonderful memories of those trailer park pieces of crap to be had?

        What about Sarah’s memories with Glen Rice, Curt Menard or Brad Hanson? Those were her best years!


      2. It’s already been backed up by Sarah in her emails, the very same ones that Frank Bailey has. If she had tried to run for office, he could have released those that would have put the final nail in the coffin on any possible campaign. Instead, she pretends that suddenly her family is so important to her that she can’t run for President. If family wasn’t important enough to stop her from campaigning for V.P. when she had a four month old special needs baby and a 16 year old pregnant, unwed teen daughter, the excuse certainly won’t hold up now. She knows the shit will hit the fan and everyone that has anything on her will spill it all. She doesn’t have the hold on them she used to because she’s no longer in a position to get people fired or hired!

        As far as a healthy life goes, Palin should pay more attention to Trig. Where are his hearing aids and glasses that he should be wearing daily? Or maybe the nanny who lives and cares for him takes care of that now. We haven’t seen him with his pretend mother, Sarah, in two years! Run along now, your childish rant is not credible.


  8. Which family is important to Sarah Palin?

    Her time spent with Glen Rice, Brad Hanson and Curt Menard or her time spent with Sarah “Me Me Me” Palin?

    Because nobody else got any time with Sarah. She was too busy into herself while her kids had to cook and fend for themselves without parental guidance.

    That’s why Sarah’s children has no ambitions to better themselves, they rather be reality tv stars and underage parents.

    How sad!


    1. You may want to actually learn some facts before you spew hateful media rhetoric. You DO realize that the fact that her family is so close means they were shown somewhere in the past that family is everything right?

      You are a perfect example of a gullible koolaid drinker.


      1. And what does ‘better themselves’ mean? All her adult children (and the teen one) have jobs and don’t rely on their parents finances. That’s how I and most Alaskans (whom I know anyway) were raised. We bought houses young, in comparison to the average AMerican, and have no issues being independent. You’re pretty judgmental and ignorant there Wilma.


    2. Rather be? Because you know them right? You’ve held conversations with one or many and know those are their goals. I am personally offended by your comment. I chose to become a mother at 19, one year after I married my one and only husband. Our families have been close from the beginning and we’d change nothing. I had my second baby at 21. We built our custom home that same year, with no financial help from anyone. We could not be happier with our decisions. So PLEASE, spare me your closeminded approach to life ma’am.

      And if I were you, I wouldn’t ignorantly judge people you’ve never met. Because people who HAVE met them would strongly disagree with you and think you’re a bigoted moron looking for a fight.


      1. Brooklyn’s back with her nonsense about how everyone in Alaska buys a house at a young age compared to elsewhere in the country. If that’s the case, then Alaska needs to stop taking from the rest of the country and take care of themselves. Look at their ranking as far as money received from the federal government, for every dollar they send to Washington, they receive $2 in return. Time to pay up and be financially independent.

        Hey, DeeD, are you really trying to say you paid for your own house at 21 without a mortgage from the bank or no financial assistance from family or are you like most people and obtained a mortgage? If it’s the latter, it’s nothing to brag about. If it’s the former, it sounds like someone either inherited $$$ or is involved in something illegal because nobody makes that type of money at 21 doing anything legal to the point where they can build a home without a mortgage.


  9. The politics of personal destruction is what is tearing our great America down. Sarah is an expert on this, as we saw from her vicious attacks on President Obama since 2008, which continue as we have all noticed. Gingrich and Romney also use this to try to attack our President, while hoping that no one will notice what THEY are really all about and what horrible presidents they would make.

    Hopefully, all the good, decent voters throughout America will finally see what has REALLY been happening out there, and not allow themselves to be manipulated by vicious, lying politicians who are really only out for their own selfish agendas.

    As I have seen the despicable disrespect hurled at President Obama from Jan Brewer, I hope that all Americans will realize that this is NOT what our great country is about, and that this type of ignorant, hate-filled mentality will only hinder America, and ALL of us, from moving forward.


  10. Hey Sarah how about taking some of that SarahPac money and buy oversized wine bottle corks for your baby factory daughters?

    Hopefully that birth control device will reduce or slow down their reproduction system.

    Like Bob Barker always preaches, ” Remember to have your Palins spade and neutered! “


  11. “the media has only reported the facts.”

    Where? I see NO facts being reported by msm and rarely on blogs. I worked in broadcasting for 30 years. It is ALL about a story and ratings. Most semi successful journalists and even super successful journalists have zero integrity. Their jobs are to make headlines. If that means twisting words, so be it. Been there, hated it all. There’s not one person who’s been in the trenches who will call those people humans. They are machines. Look how many bad rumors you report as truth. I can’t say this purely about Palin as everyone falls victim to this bs. But she understands it more than most.


  12. I had to laugh at Simple Sarah’s remark that the GOP establishment and Obama are trying to crucify poor little Newtie. Both of these idiots are experts at the politics of personal destruction, and they have well-documented records of spewing hatred. What’s even funnier is the idea that either of them would ever be a credible example of “family values.” There is NO denying that both Willow and Track have had run-ins with the law, or that Bristol has made a career out of preaching the abstinence that she doesn’t practice. No family is perfect, but when a family has this many issues it’s best not to put them out there in the public eye and tout them as exemplary when they would predictably be subjected to ridicule. As someone whose daughter became a mother at 18, I don’t come down on teen mothers. My daughter and grandson needed me to be there for them, and I was. So, it’s all in whether the experience leads young women to be responsible adults regardless of marital status, or whether they keep repeating the experience. Also, girls and women can’t get pregnant without a male, so that means Levi was equally responsible. In any case, the subject is Sarah Palin and the reality of any endorsement from her as a negative rather than a positive.


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