Two Corny Dogs

I wonder which one likes corny dogs more?


6 thoughts on “Two Corny Dogs

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  1. What a CLOWN show! If only we could of got the money shot of Palin sucking down a corndog? But heh, we know she sucks down coffee & bailey’s instead along with a chaser of adderall….
    Although she talks a big story about fried butter, she would never eat that crap. One bite of steak (moose steak) for her of Lobster or Wild Alaskan salmon, one bite and no more.
    And that is why she looks like a booblehead.
    Still, would of loved to see the money shot… 🙂


  2. Malia, this may be a bit crude for your blog. I understand if you delete it.

    The big question is, Did Marcus kiss his before he ate it?


  3. Perry too!! What IS IT with these people? These pictures certainly don’t help dispel the “gossip” (same sex attraction) about these two cretins (Rick and Marcus), who are BOTH RABIDLY AGAINST ssa. These two guys have got to be imbeciles if they are naive enough to believe people do not “pick up” on the innuendo of these photos. Where are their PR people?

    If people in their “camp” are thinking these are some type of cute photo ops, they are insane. Perry and Michelle B. are presedential candidates. What an embarrassment these two are, Their tackiness is on a par with $P. How could their “handlers” who control “PR” not be having convulsions? They must all be beyond stupid.

    Perhaps these phallic food items should be referred to as “horny dogs.”


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