Perry’s Executive Order on Gardasil Proves He is a Corrupt Bastard

While there are many scandals that prove that Rick Perry is a corrupt politician, none is more revealing than his Executive Order regarding Gardasil. Here is list of specific facts regarding the Gardasil Executive Order which unequivocally demonstrate that Rick Perry is ruthless, corrupt, and void of any sense of responsibility or accountability.  On February 2, 2007, Governor Perry issued an executive order mandating that Texas girls be vaccinated with Gardasil. The order would become effective in 2008 and girls would be immunized as they entered the 6th grade.

The Act of Issuing An Executive Order of this Type Was Unconstitutional

Due to the history in Texas of abuse by politicians, the Texas Constitution expressly limits the power of the Governor, giving him “little formal power.”

Comparing the Texas governor to the other 49 Governors it is clear that a Texas governor is comparatively weak in formal powers. The Texas Constitution is void of any power or authority for the Governor to issue an Executive Order mandating the use of immunizations by any person in the State of Texas. That power was expressly reserved to the Texas Legislature. The Texas legislature, which was predominately Republican, voted 30-1 to overturn the executive order.  Simply the need of the Texas Legislature to “overturn” an “Executive Order” should be an indication of the inappropriateness of the Executive Order. The fact that both Republicans and Democrats AGREED that the order should be overturned, is prima facie evidence of the inappropriate nature of the Executive Order.

Corruption Was Evidenced by Perry’s Specification that Girls Be Treated with Gardasil

“Gardasil” is the trade name for an immunization developed by Merck & Co. designed to prevent cervical cancer. At the time of Perry’s Executive Order, Merck was not the only manufacturer of an immunization to prevent cervical cancer. Another immunization known as “Cervariz” was being developed in parallel by researchers at Georgetown University, University of Rochester, the University of Queensland in Australia, and the US National Cancer Institute.  In fact Cervarix was found to generate higher antibody levels than Gardasil, and was superior to Gardasil in several other respects. Cervarix had a few localized adverse reactions. General adverse reactions were fatigue, headache, muscle pain and joint pain.

With Gardasil the side effects were much more dramatic, and potentially life threatening. Adverse reactions included convulsions, coma, and death. In spite of the report of several deaths from Gardasil, Rick Perry still refused to withdraw his Executive Order. During a 16 month investigation of Gardasil, side effects were documented in a disturbing number of cases including 3,589 during a 16 month period. . Thousands of girls reported adverse reactions to the vaccine, but Perry found no reason to modify or withdraw his executive order.

Thus, even if Perry thought that immunization from cervical cancer was important, why would he require immunization with an inferior drug? Why did he pick Gardisil, made by Merck? The answer is easy. (1) Rick Perry’s previous Chief of Staff worked as a lobbyist for Merck at the time. (2) Perry and eight other Republican law makers received donations of $5000.00 from Merck lobbyists just a few days before the issuance of Perry’s executive order.

Perry’s Order Illustrated that He Is a Bastard

As if it weren’t offensive enough that Perry took advantage of his position as governor, issued an Executive Order he didn’t have authority to issue, to require a potentially life-threatening medication be given to healthy young girls, which was predicted to result in financial reward to his supporters, and his ex-employee, he proved that he was also a Bastard because:

1. The vaccine was only useful for girls before they had intercourse. If they were not “sexually pure,” there would be no reason to give the vaccine. By requiring the vaccine of all school age girls between ages 10-18, Perry was in essence requiring girls to report to their school nurses whether they were virgins or not.

2. In spite of Perry’s Pro-Life message, he supported the use of the Gardasil vaccine which is made from aborted fetal cells .

3. Most conservative groups advocate the importance of parent’s rights in making medical decisions for their children, and object to the government requiring them to undergo any treatment or medical regime.

4. Conservatives also felt that this Executive Order was inconsistent with the abstinence only position required in Texas schools.

Rick Perry’s Willingness to Say Anything

Even after the issuance of the Executive Order, and the challenge by the Texas Legislature, Perry Defended himself. At a press conference, he played a video message from a 31-year old cervical cancer patient hooked to an oxygen tube, who was too sick to testify earlier at the statehouse. Perry said:

“I challenge legislators to look these women in the eyes and tell them, `We could have prevented this disease for your daughters and granddaughters, but we just didn’t have the gumption to address all the misguided and misleading political rhetoric.,’

Now that Perry has declared his candidacy for President he told reporters in New Hampshire that he regretted his handling of the vaccine, explaining:

“”I signed an executive order that allowed for an opt out, but the fact of the matter is that I didn’t do my research well enough to understand that we needed to have a substantial conversation with our citizenry,” Perry said, according to ABC News. “But here’s what I learned. When you get too far out in front of the parade, they will let you know, and that’s exactly what our legislature did and I saluted it and I said, ‘Roger that, I hear you loud and clear’ and they didn’t want to do it and we don’t, so enough said.

Perry has always insisted he did the right thing, until he became a candidate for President. He is a corrupt bastard.

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  1. He’s a beast. My 15 year old granddaughter had the shot – and she went into convulsions and lost consciousness. She’s fine now, but there was no advance warning of adverse side effects. This was not in Texas, by the way.


    1. Pogo,
      I am so glad to hear she is ok! It’s just hard to imagine how Perry could do this and not be impeached, and be elected for a third term. He is horrible!


  2. Gardasil is my pet peeve. It’s disgusting that Perry helped pull Merck out of bankruptcy by forcing little girls to be injected with poison. Women DIED from this drug. Teenagers developed alzheimer’s disease. Gardasil has killed as many people as Toyota, but only Toyota was recalled.

    can really go off on this – but am too busy at the moment. Thanks for posting this – people should know about Perry and his lies.


    1. Dis Gusted,
      Yes people need to know that he did this, it was an abuse of power, it was motivated by a corrupt purpose, and the results were that young innocent girls died as a result of Perry’s mandate, not that of a parent.


  3. you don’t need to be a virgin to benefit from Gardasil or Cervarix, you just need to test negative for the HPV it protects against.

    if you’ve had sexual contact with others but have not contracted HPV (yes, they can test you for this) the vaccine will still offer you protection against future exposures to the virus. the HPV vaccines can also be given to boys, for them it can prevent a case of HPV that leads to genital warts, and it prevents them from contracting the virus and then transmitting it to their future partners.

    this mandate should have allowed the choice of whatever approved vaccines are currently available for HPV, and it should have been for girls AND boys……..


    1. Lo,
      I know from the experience I had with my daughters was that they were questioned about whether they had been sexually active. I don’t know of any girl in Texas who was first tested for the virus. My understanding is that it could help boys too, but the way Perry did it was sooo wrong!


      1. while mandating that ONLY gardasil could fulfill the vaccination requirement (as opposed to other approved vaccines) was incredibly wrong on both a medical and moral level -as you have shown- i assumed that the students could get the vaccine wherever they/their parents chose.

        isn’t this how it works for other childhood vaccinations? you are free to get them from your pediatrician or clinic of choice and then present proof of such to the school? i did see that the vaccine would be offered free to the students, probably at some designated location -are you sure this location would be the school nurses office? that seems odd to me, i don’t think a school nurse can give a student an ibuprofen, let alone a shot…..

        from my own experience, when a woman tells a medical professional that they are sexually active they are then asked if they want any STD screening. i’m 31, and asked my doctor about this (as the vaccine didn’t exist when i was an adolescent) and she confirmed that i could get it if i chose, as i tested HPV negative. i didn’t get either vaccine, and she did mention that the studies for approval of these vaccines was not based on women over 30.

        concerning texas, they are asking these girls to get the vaccine when they are 11 or 12 (the vaccines are approved for as early as 9 years of age). in my opinion, if an 11 year old is sexually active they need the medical professional they tell to give them more information/find out if they are being abused, not just say “oh, guess you might get cancer then. next!” and i assumed this would be the case. of course it would be best if they were talking to their parents about this too, but i don’t know how HIPPA works for the parents of a child of 11 or 12. the fact that it could be considered an invasion of privacy to “have” to tell a doctor or other medical professional about it is to me of little concern compared to the other issues of sex so young. also, if an 11 year old is engaging in sex (of any kind, many kids seem to think oral “doesn’t count”) they will probably be too embarrassed to tell a stranger and will lie to the doctor…..

        i would assume 6th grade was picked for this reason -the assumption that few kids that age are having sex. would it be better if a law mandated a vaccination for HPV at 9 or 10? i REALLY hope 9 year olds aren’t having choosing to have sex. (and cases of abuse need to be discovered and stopped, but that’s a different discussion.)


    2. Lo,
      We are giving Hepatitis B vaccinations to NEWBORNS! First day on the planet, assaulted with mercury, aluminum, and all kinds of toxins. Welcome to our world and to hell with your undeveloped immune system. Hep B is contracted through needle-sharing and sexual contact. Why are we giving this vaccine to newborns? “If they should choose to become sexually active at the age of 1 week, they might be afraid to tell the doctor?” This is insanity! What happened to pap smears? A pap smear can pick up cervical changes long before they become cancerous, and they can be treated locally. no need to inject toxins into a young girl “just in case,” meanwhile thousands upon thousands of girls injured by this vaccine. How on earth can you justify this?


      1. Suzy,
        I didn’t know about this. Thanks for sharing! Is it a state-by-state problem, or federally mandated?


      2. Malia, I think it is on a state-by-state basis, but it is in the ACIP recommendations and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which are on a national level. I don’t know if there are any states that do not automatically give the hep B vaccine. I have heard cases of parents informing hospital staff they did not want their baby vaccinated and they were vaccinated anyway behind the parents’ backs without informed consent. I suppose they could be sued but the damage will have already been done to the child. Here is a link to an article by Sherri Tenpenny:


      3. Suzy,
        It is a very personal decision for any parent to make, and should be their choice. The intolerable thing is that Perry issued an “Executive Order” to require all the people of Texas to immunize their children when he had no authority to do so, and it was to benefit one of his campaign supporters.


      4. Hepatitis B can be transmitted by blood or bodily fluids. It can also be transmitted from mother to child due to exposure to these fluids during birth, which is the major reason infants are given the vaccine. This was recommended by the World Health Organization, so the rationale included the fact that maternal-fetal transmission is high in other countries (and is still a problem in the U.S.). It’s not actually insane at all. Most infant vaccinations are given to protect children from the viruses and bacteria that their caretakers carry. Adults have fully developed immune systems and thus can protect themselves, but infants don’t develop full immune systems until about 1 year of age, and to them, infections can be deadly.


      5. anonymous,
        It’s not the vaccine that I have a problem with, and in fact I had both of my girls immunized. The problem is a) Perry issued an “Executive Order” which he had no right to do, 2) he required the use of the Merck vaccine which was one of two available, and he picked Merck because they donated money to his campaign, and 3) Perry didn’t have the interest of the girls in Texas at heart, he was motivated by his own political aspirations.


  4. If he abuses the little power he has in Texas to that extent, can you just imagine what extreme abuses he’d commit as President with all the power of that office and the ability to issue Executive Orders? Bush abused that power, Perry would go even farther. What a horrifying thought!

    Thanks Malia!!!!


    1. KiheiKat,
      I couldn’t believe that he was re-elected in Texas after this and many other examples of corruption! I can’t imagine the damage he could do as POTUS.


  5. Malia, your research is gold. He is a corrupt bastard and much more. I call him Evil. He and Palin: birds of a feather. Thank you for this more than enlightening post. I give it A++.


    1. deennaa,
      While doing the research today I was surprised to find several articles written in the last couple of days. What really surprised me was that most of the articles focus on the immunization itself and the relationship with Merck. While I obviously agree with their comments, the worst thing to me is his abuse of his power. when the entire Texas legislature recognizes that Perry had gone way beyond his authority, it should be embarrassing to Perry and the Republicans. I think he’s done so many things that were inappropriate, that’s why KAY Bailey Hutchison ran against him but obviously even she couldn’t overcome the level of corruption and power he has in Texas.


      1. Right Malia. He’s a dirty dealer. He is so much like Bush. And Palin. They have no conscience. This is what makes them so dangerous. I read that he attended the execution of a man who was alleged to have been innocent. An opponent running against him saw this and threw in the towel. Was it you that posted that story? I’ve been reading so much lately can’t keep up with it all. At any rate, this man is pure danger to the american nation and the world. He truly is. Just about all ways that you can name, he is C R A Z Y. Sly, cunning, devious also suit him to a T. Then there is his outrageously phony but dangerous Dominion-ism. Our brush fires are so many to put out in these times. I keep asking, WHY are people so blind and foolish to vote for these people? Tear them down and start over.

        Yes, I remember about Kay Bailey Hutchison. As long as so many people put up with the corruption’s, it will be a dirty rag covering all of us. I protest.


      2. deennaa,
        I protest too! We have to begin now fighting back if we want to ensure the future of our country. Malia


    1. concerned grandma,
      From August 2010 through October I wrote a blog devoted to making people aware of just how dangerous and corrupt Perry was. Obviously it didn’t meet with success as Perry was re-elected. I can only hope that everyone reading this blog will do all you can to get the word out about Perry. We will never recover as a country if Perry, Palin, or Bachmann should win the presidency.


  6. Thank you for this informative article, Malia. I live in California, and know absolutely nothing about Rick Perry – I’m sure many of us are in the same situation. The more you can educate us about him, all the better, because I have a sinking feeling that Perry could become the Republican nominee if voters remain uninformed about his abysmal record in Texas.


    1. Heidi3,
      I afraid you might be right, and he is worse than Bush! Because Texas has so many electoral votes, he is certainly a threat! Malia


  7. This is really frightening! Why is this not making headlines in the MSM? What is wrong with reporters that they aren’t all over this? I’ve been reading how much money is behind him in this campaign, and am really concerned that he can win just because of that. Thank you, Malia.


    1. GG from Cincy,
      This is just one of MANY examples of the corruption of Perry that I’ll be writing about over the next few weeks and months. It just amazes me that someone like this can get so much financial support in our country. It just goes to show how corrupt our country has become. Horrible!


  8. Thank you Malia for this very interesting post. We at Sanevax, are very much aware of the dangers of this man. The rights of the individual are slowly but surely being taken away from the citizens in the United States. In the UK young girls and boys at the age of 12 can override their parents’ decisions in relation to medical practices. Yes hard to believe, this was done many years ago before the HPVs came on the scene, its called Gillick’s Law. Have you seen this link re the Governor of Texas
    Please carry on your good work, I am from Scotland and support you 100%


    1. Freda Birrell,
      Welcome to the blog! I am thrilled to have you reading all the way from Scotland! I was unaware of either of these sites, and I would love to feature a post about Sanavax and link to your web site. You obviously know much more than I do about Gardasil. Given the focus of today’s post I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll send you an e-mail so if you are willing to write a post, you will be able to send it to me. Thanks again! Malia


  9. Peace. People like Weiner get rewarded with a big pile of money and senators retire and get a million dollars, while chldren, the elderly and the disabled (the smallest minority and often treated without equal rights) are more and more hungry and homeless, and losing ground–and reportedly services and income in the near future–while they can’t afford to pay attention as it is…Before the poor are required to take cuts, the “public servants and representatives” need to take cuts in pay, voluntarily and involuntarily. We have a big debt too and they could help resolve the situation. Military private pay, with raises based on accomplishments or actual service to the country, or state, could be voted on too. Term limits and a fair tax–not income tax, that the rich have tax loopholes that enable them to pay little to no tax, (tax all purchases, with luxury items like alcohol, cigarettes, expensive cars, boats,clothes, shoes, etc. requiring higher taxes), are a couple ideas that would help. I would serve without any increase in income, as long as I could be assured I could live where I do now without any loss of income or services now or in the future, (after my service…) 🙂


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