Imagine Sarah Palin Doing Some of These Stunts on a Motorcycle

It would be so entertaining  to see Sarah Palin attempting to do these funny stunts. 

16 thoughts on “Imagine Sarah Palin Doing Some of These Stunts on a Motorcycle

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  1. Soon after posing for this photo with Sarah, this biker gave a statement to CNN:

    “Hey, where’d that biker chick in the hiho heels go? SHE STOLE MY WATCH!!!”

    Sarah the Grifter rides again.


  2. My hubs. and I were recently assaulted in a parking lot by a guy on a motorcycle. Sadly, my husband got out of the car and physical fight ensued. Then the guys wife jumps in and starts hitting my husb. on the head with her helmet. They were charged with assault.

    These were not Hell’s Angels types-they were early 40’s on fancy bright yellow bikes. some sort of road rage problems, I guess. We’ll find out in court what they thought justified their actions. IN addition to being a FOURTH GRADE TEACHER, ferchrissakes, Wifey is also a roller derby gal, and the pair got married in a drunk ski resort group marriage (via google). This women’s macho crap is not any part of the feminism I believe in.

    Needless to say, I got no love for people on motorcycles. They’re loud obnoxious stinky. The machines too.


    1. Maureen M,
      My personal bias is that while I worked as a nurse I cared for quadriplegic young men who had been hurt while riding motorcycles, and used to think they were real studs. They just looked pathetic as they laid in the bed knowing this was the best they could ever be. From the time my kids were little when we’d see a motorcyclist and I would tell them “that guy is going to die”. I consider myself a feminist and I have never been on a motorcycle. I don’t think this makes Palin look tough….just stupid. Malia


  3. I’m a motorcycle rider. We’re not all horrible and violent, promise. And as every true motorcyle fan learned this weekend, Sarah Palin is no more a motorcyclist than she is a hunter. She didn’t drive her own bike, she merely perched on the back of one in all her silly leather gear…and the crowning touch was wearing high heels on a bike. Utterly ridiculous. That’s what pin-up girls do, not true motorcycle riders. And not serious politicians.


  4. P.S.: Also wanted to add that once again she shows her true colors: dubious judgment and no leadership skills. A responsible woman, knowing many eyes would be upon her because her celebrity status and also the novelty of seeing a female politician astride a Harley, would show good leadership skills by wearing appropriate protective gear (not dangerous and totally inappropriate high heels), as a role model to young women, including her daughter….NOT promoting the idea that it’s more important to look “sexy” than be safe when riding these powerful and potentially dangerous machines.

    As a female motorcycle rider, I’m offended. As a family member of combat vets, I’m offended. Other members of my largely Republican family felt the same. I suspect she did herself some real harm this weekend with the very people she thought she was going to impress.


  5. t. as mentioned, its probably my recent experience that leaves me so sour about motorcycles. But I still hate the noise and the fumes. And the difficulty of sharing the road with cars.

    I guess I’m ok if you ride somewhere remote.

    I know its fun, and cheaper (maybe) than a car. But are there any QUIET bikes?


    1. Harley-Davidson seems wedded to the V twin two-cylinder engine design. For comparable engine power, you’ll find that most any four-cylinder engine sounds much quieter. Over the years, I’ve owned two Suzuki bikes and two Yamaha (currently FJR1300) and I *much* prefer the sound. (Prior to these, six one- and two-cylinder British bikes–not so quiet.)


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