That Dog Don’t Hunt

For the last two years we have been inundated with the notion that anything Beautiful Sarah (hereinafter B.S.) said was divinely inspired. B.S. said, “I would never presume to know God’s will or to speak God’s words.” To the contrary, not only does she know what God is thinking, but she can reduce his thoughts to written form.  She had the audacity to write a letter to herself, in God’s voice, knowing what he would tell her if he could.  Of course she didn’t write the letter for herself, as she already knew what God was thinking.  The purpose of the letter was to tell other people what God was thinking (Palin 187). God talks to Sarah Palin.  It is his purpose that “calls” to her (103). God is also a constant source of explanation for anything for which Palin doesn’t want to accept responsibility.  When she does something foolish, like writing on her hand, she justifies it by comparing herself to God.  Promising to lead the nation with a “servant’s heart” B.S. suggests that she is holy, and part of God’s plan.  In church she has led her congregation in prayer for holy things, including a natural gas pipeline, and to make sure that the war in Iraq was a “task from God”.

The Holy Spirit actually speaks to her. If you can’t hear God or the Holy Spirit, you must not be as holy as B.S.   Certainly someone so tight with God and the Holy Spirit should be a beacon for truthfulness and virtue.  Obviously B.S. reveres herself as virtuous, as that is the subject of her new book, America by Heart.  However the truth, a concept unfamiliar to B.S., is that she lacks the virtue of honesty.  It is because Sarah Palin promotes herself as so holy that her deceit and lies are so offensive.

Earlier this month Michael Gross published the article entitled “The Sound and the Fury” which disclosed the results of a significant amount of research into the truth behind Palin.  Of course because the article was non-fiction, Palin herself did not contribute to the article.  In this article Mr. Gross reported that a friend of the family, who refused to be named, said:

This whole hunter thing, for Sarah? That is the biggest fallacyThat woman has never hunted. The picture of her with the caribou she says she shot? She got out of the R.V. to pose for a picture. She never helps with the fishing either. It’s all a joke…When Greta Van Susteren came to the house to interview Palin “[Sarah] cooked moose chili and whatnot. Todd was calling everyone he knew the day before—‘Do you got any.”

The report by this anonymous source is completely consistent with the report Levi Johnston made one year ago.  Levi explained that:

“Sarah Palin has said she’s a hockey mom and a hunter, but that’s really not the case. … People think that Sarah likes hunting, fishing, and camping, but she doesn’t. She says she goes hunting and lives off animal meat—I’ve never seen it. I’ve never seen her touch a fishing pole. She had a gun in her bedroom and one day she asked me to show her how to shoot it. I asked her what kind of gun it was, and she said she didn’t know, because it was in a box under her bed.

From the moment Sarah Palin hit the national stage she was advertised as a “lifelong member of the National Rifle Association” and a “keen hunter” whose favorite meal was “moose-burgers.”  Since that time B.S. has repeatedly promoted her image as a hunter.  In her national bestselling book, Going Rogue, Palin devoted an entire page to colorful images of her hunting and fishing exploits (Palin 146). In the caption of one of the pictures B.S. describes the scene, explaining that she is about to “field dress” the caribou that “I just shot.”  Whether Palin is a hunter or fisherwoman, is irrelevant to her intellect and her experience as a politician.  However if she is not a hunter, Sarah Palin has deceived everyone who has bought her book, listened to one of her speeches, or read an article about the woman she purports to be.  Because B.S. has chosen to describe herself as a keen hunter, whether she is in fact a hunter has everything to do with truth and honesty.  People who worship Palin do so because she is a “real person” and one in whom they can believe.  Now we know that she is not worthy of that trust.

Instead of asserting that anything in the article by Mr. Gross was factually incorrect, Palin lodged personal attacks against Mr. Gross.  Palin declared in an interview on Fox “News” with Sean Hannity that Mr. Gross was “impotent, limp, and gutless”.   Having listened to this interview I was offended by Palin’s personal attacks on Mr. Gross and her reference to “yellow journalism.”   Even though I have never met, or spoken to Mr. Gross, I assumed that he would not write such a story without a factual basis.  If for no reason, other than fear of a libel suit, I assumed that Mr. Gross was simply reporting what he had been told by people who knew B.S.  Having watched the interview on CNN of Mr. Gross, I was convinced that Gross was not “mean-spirited” but simply reporting the information conveyed to him.   The only person “mean spirited” or engaging in personal attacks was Sarah Palin.

On Monday, September 13, 2010 Palin was in Kansas City giving another speech.  It was the specific comments in that speech that alerted me to the deception that Palin has promoted throughout the last two years.  She mentioned that she had “recently gone hunting in Alaska, and still had caribou blood under her fingernails.  Furthering the deception, Palin said “We eat, therefore we hunt.” The idea that B.S. would appear for a speech with her hair and make-up done, with blood under her beautifully manicured nails, was too hard to believe.  B.S. had gone too far!  Palin was either lying when she made this comment, or she was announcing from her podium that she had violated Alaska’s hunting laws.  A casual observer would assume B.S. was smart enough to be alert to violation of the Alaska hunting laws after the controversy surrounding Troopergate, and Mike Wooten’s disclosure that he shot a moose out of season. A casual observer would be in error to make that assumption.

Here are the facts that I have been able to document from my home in Dallas, Texas, with the use of my computer and telephone.  The most important information, regarding the lack of a hunting license came directly from a representative of the Alaska Fish and Game Department.

1.  On Saturday, Aug. 28th Sarah Palin was with Glenn Beck at the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C.

2.  On Saturday, Aug. 28th the Alaska Fish and Game Department announced that it would close the Fortymile caribou herd hunt after a single day. The reason for the decision to close the hunt after one day was that last year in just three days, hunters killed 870 caribou.  Given the declining numbers of caribou, the Alaskan Fish and Game Department announced that hunting of caribou would cease at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 29th.

3.  The distance between Washington D.C. and Anchorage Alaska is 3369 miles. Even a direct flight, with no delays would take 7 hours and 30 minutes.  It seems reasonable to presume that Sarah Palin didn’t travel from Washington D.C. on Sunday Aug. 29th for 7 and one-half hours, drive to Wasilla, and then go caribou hunting in what was left of her day on Sunday.  If she hunted after that day, it would have been in violation of the prohibitions enacted by the Alaska Fish and Game Department.  What we do know is that she gave an interview to Fox “News” the evening of Aug. 31, 2010 wearing a pink suit.  There was no indication from that interview that she had been out hunting or that she had encountered any difficulty removing any caribou blood from her hands, face, or body.

4.  According to the Alaska Fish and Game Department, as of September 16, 2010 there was no record of a hunting license for Sarah Palin.

5.  Upon further inquiry I was advised by the person employed with the Alaska Fish and Game Department that Sarah Palin had not held a license for 2008 or 2009.

6.  Because the Alaska Fish and Game Department is committed to protecting animals that might be hunted in the state, the number of hunters allowed to hunt during the designated season (even if it is only one day long) is limited.  Because there are often many more hunters than animals, the Fish and Game Department holds a lottery to determine which hunters will be allowed to hunt.  This lottery is held in November and December of the year prior to the August season in which the hunters are allowed to hunt.  Thus the lottery to determine which hunters would be allowed to hunt in August of 2010 would have been determined by lottery at the end of 2009.

7.  In order to be registered for the lottery, a hunter would be required to have a license to hunt in Alaska.  Thus, because Sarah Palin did not have a license to hunt in 2009, she could not have participated in the lottery, and thus would not have been allowed to hunt caribou at any time during 2010.

8.  In searching the internet for the pictures of Sarah Palin hunting, the only pictures I can find are pictures of Palin with dead animals, but she is not holding a gun or knife and there is no blood on her hands.

Only two possibilities exist.  Either Palin lied in Kansas when she said she had been hunting caribou in Alaska and had blood under her fingernails, or Palin hunted in violation of Alaska law, and without a license.  In either case, Palin is dishonest

Adolf Hitler said that if you are going to lie:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”  Palin told a big lie.  It was simple.  We have heard about her hunting for two years.  People believe that she is a hunter.  Maybe Palin’s new book should have one of these titles:

  • Hitler was Right
  • The Virtues of Lying
  • You Can Fool Most of the People, Most of the Time
  • I’m O.K., You’re O.K., but I’m a Liar, and You’re a Fool
  • If You Don’t Like the Message, Attack the Messenger
  • Lying is the Secret to Success
  • The First $12 Million is Easy for Quitters and Liars
  • America by Lies: Refudiation of the Importance of Truth
  • I Talk to God, But He Doesn’t Believe Me
  • That Dog Don’t Hunt

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  1. Good stuff.

    None of this is surprising, especially when you consider that Mama Grifter’s other big claim: of being a marathon runner — is also untrue.

    One would be hard pressed to find a B. S. claim about herself that bears scrutiny in the world of objective reality.


    1. techweenie, Thanks for following, and I would love to get more information about her lack of running, but I’m not sure how to get that. If you have any ideas, please share them! Thanks, Malia


    1. Claire, THANK YOU!!!! It was you who inspired me to begin making phone calls and looking further into this story! It is people like you who really do make the difference! Thank you so much! Malia


  2. Maria,
    This is incredible research and I can tell you nothing stinks more than Sarah Palin’s lie about hunting caribou. This is big. The lottery winners are always in the papers all over Alaska. That she would straight-up lie about this is beyond all reason. This is a BIG. We take our hunting and fishing laws quite seriously.
    And given the time constraints, she wasn’t with anyone else. Did you check to see whether Tawd or Chuckie won the drawing?


    1. Jenny, Thanks for the insight. I have sent a link to the Anchorage Daily News, but I got the impression when I talked with the reporter there that he gets a lot of calls re Palin, and didn’t take this too seriously. If you know someone else I should contact, please let me know. Thanks, Malia


      1. Malia – beyond checking to see if any other Palin’s or Heaths got a license to hunt, you may also want to check back with ADF&G to see if a hunting report was filed by a Palin or a Heath recently. They would also need tags for hunting caribou the game management unit was not subject to a lottery permit system.

        I sent an email last week to Craig Medred at Alaska Dispatch urging him to check the license/tag status of Sarah Palin. If you have the time, you might contact him with the information you obtained. He might take a named source more seriously than he took my anonymous tip.

        Thanks for delving into this. As an Alaskan with caller ID, I am not in a good position to make these calls myself as you never know who is still connected to her.


  3. Great work, Malia! Goddammit, I wish the mainstream would pick up on this stuff! I know it wouldn’t matter to those that are totally enamoured with BS (those people would drink her bath water). They would claim that all of this is made up.

    All we can do is keep trying to reach the “sane” people that don’t know who BS is and about all her lies. Every time her name comes up, I point people the bloggers like you.

    I’m convinced that BS is a pathological liar, though. In her interview with Bill O earlier this week, did you catch her telling him that she felt that she needed to “one up” Glenn Beck’s trout story. What a fucking piece of shit she is! One upping someone with a lie, none the less!

    sorry for the profanity. 😉


    1. StevieRay, Yes, the initials are starting to catch on, and I am thrilled. Nothing would make me happier than to see her referred to in other publications as B.S. Malia


  4. Maybe the state allowed TLC to “hunt” for her staged TV show as part of some Alaska tourism initiative?

    just thinking there has to be some explanation!!


    1. But, then the agency would be breaking the law as well. Unless they have some sort of petition process to hunt outside of the season. Something else to look into. Good point, though. I guess we’ll see when her shows get aired!


    2. Lilybart, I bet the explanation is that she had permission from God to hunt….or that the only animals she shot rose from the dead so they don’t count. Malia


      1. Maybe it is the stand in again, you know, like when she she went fishing and could handle the rod/reel — and fell out of the boat.


  5. yet another great article. ty. well maybe it’s time palin was brought up on charges of hunting without a license. after all, according to her own words, she hunts. yet she hasn’t held a license for at least the last 3 years. shouldn’t the AK fish & wildlife service being paying her a visit right about now?


  6. Outstanding research Malia. Once again, she lies to establish her faux bona fides. And, she drags her 19 year old daughter into the mix. Bristol told Leno on Sept 3rd that her mom was out caribou hunting.


  7. Malia,

    I found some other info on caribou hunting. Here is a link that explains that there are three different herds to hunt and provides the hotline numbers for hunting info (which apparently changes quite often) It *could* be plausible that one of the Palins or Heaths hunted either the Nelchina herd or Mulchatna herd, which are both in the proximity of Wasilla. Nelchina is the most likely, since it is accessible by road. I called both hotlines and learned that the season for the Nelchina herd was open until Sept 14th.

    Since BS doesn’t have a license and would never, ever break the law as a good christian, *maybe* she went with her dad or Toad. Did you determine whether they had valid licenses?

    Sorry to bear the info, but I wanted to let you know….I still think she’s full of it since she claims to actually hunt and not *help*, though!

    Here’s the link I found:


    1. Oh, and the other hotline had some really old info and I wasn’t sure if it was still valid, so I couldn’t tell when the season actually was.


      1. mudkitten, I don’t know about that, but I do know she has said SHE shot the caribou, and I know she doesn’t have a license to do that. Minor detail. You would think that if you were going to tell such a big lie that you would at least be smart enough to create the appearance of being a hunter, and get a license??!!!! Malia


      2. Anyone can accompany licensed hunters on a hunt.
        It’s the shooting that needs a license, not the walking, waiting etc.

        I went, w/out a license, w/ my AK brothers on a moose hunt. It’s not that unusual.
        One brother was an AK State Parks Ranger, responsible for enforcement of hunting laws, not that that should convince anyone who didn’t know him. 🙂


      3. tm — Would your brother, the AK State Parks Ranger, know who to contact to report B.S.’s poaching? Or, who to talk to to reveal that fact that she has NOT been hunting legally in years?


  8. Of course it doesn’t surprise us. But Sarah and her seriously nutcase followers will come up with a million reasons (excuses) for this. Just watch. And what do you think her reality show will be like? Sarah will be there fakin the hunting and the fishing and the killing of animals, and her delusional fans will say SEE!! NANANANANA! Yes she does hunt!!!!!
    It amazes me over and over and over again how they excuse her outright lies.
    Are Palinbots so empty inside, so unhappy lacking and SOUL LESS that they have to put a phony like Sarah, a complete fraud, on a pedestal and make excuses for her lies and unethical behavior?? it is ridiculous………..

    I’m listen to the news now and there goes that lamestream media talking about Sarah being in Iowa and is this a sign she is running. And she thinks the media is against her??? HARDLY! The media has made this crazy bitch into something that she is not!!

    God save us all from this pathological liar and the rest of these nuts…..Just listen to them talking at the values voter summit. Value voters?? What a load of BS! Their “leaders” have no ethics, no morals. They are hardly the Christian/Mormans they pretend to be….Pathetic speeches blasting Obama were given by Huckabee, Romney, and crazy Michele Bachman….. they are extremists and are given far too much time for the percent they represent.

    Frankly, the media gives these people WAY WAY too much airtime. What percentage of the public are these teabag nuts? 10%?? And they are all we here about.

    Are we adding to that? I sometimes think so.


    1. Nancy, Thanks for your comments, and I can tell you feel as strongly as I do. It seems that what matters is the publicity, and Palin sells, so I get the feeling that the media isn’t really focused on the truth of anything she says, but the readers and listeners they attract. I have learned the hard way that the truth isn’t what sells, but people want what is pretty and sounds good. What B.S. says sounds good, and she is attractive to some, and she is willing to endorse outrageous candidates who committ armed robbery and oppose masturbation. That pretty much says it all. Malia


  9. Palin just told O’Reilly (link to vid below) that she had bagged a caribou around the time that Beck went to Idaho to fish trout. When was that? It must have been right before his 9/11-for-profit show in Alaska because that’s, apparently, when he told Palin about his trout tale.

    Between the 5:00 to 5:00 mark.

    Glad to know you are in the DFW Metroplex too!


  10. I thought about this when I first read about Levi Johnston’s comment and again today.
    What hunter leaves a gun under the bed?
    No serious hunter I know has a gun in the house unless it is under lock and key.
    I know her son and grandson are young, but Piper and her other children have friends over.
    How irresponsible to have a gun in the house and not have it locked up!
    I’m not even going to wonder where the ammo is!


    1. Diane, I am sure Palin doesn’t know if its loaded or not since she doesn’t know how to use it! Very frightening! You are right about the danger for the kids! She should be ashamed to have a gun where any child could access it! Malia


  11. I’ve been trying to find a complete list of the permit holders who can hunt the Nelchina herd. I’ve only been able to find the additional 500 who were awarded permits based on the recent litigation. No Palins or Heaths were on that list. The pdf link is at the bottom of the page:

    I haven’t been able to find the list of people who held the original permits.

    While I was looking on other websites for info, something else struck me as odd that I should have noticed earlier. Usually, when hunters have pictures taken of themselves with their game they also have their rifles prominently displayed as well. I didn’t see one in BS’ pic. Also, in the BS pic, she looks like she’s dressed to go skiing or make snow angels with Piper. She isn’t dressed to hunt.


    1. California Dreamin, You are exactly right. Before I posted this article, I searched hundreds of photos, and those were there is a dead animal, did not depict Palin holding a gun. What a surprise! Malia


    1. Puaan, Thanks for the link! It makes me sad to think about so many people taking pleasure in killing animals, but at least I don’t have to feel bad for the one shot by Palin, as it appears this was all B.S. Malia


  12. Along with that, there’s her remark in August about “I’ll go back to setting my hooks and watching the halibut take the bait.” But it seems that Todd does not have the special license needed for halibut. (See the Aug. 10 Palingates). Might be useful to see if Todd can feel the heat on this.

    One reader remarked that halibut usually feed on the bottom, but Wikipedia says they sometimes “move up in the water column” when feeding.

    Good catch, Malia. Better clean the pixels out from under your nails. ;-D


    1. Ferry Fey, Since I don’t have time to get my nails done very often, my nails are pretty short and easily cleaned. However if they were long enough they would have pixels not blood under them. B.S. is outrageous! Thanks for your support! Malia


  13. The title of the article had me chuckling all day. You done bagged her Malia. So why isnt this on mainstream media? This is big. She got caught lieing.


  14. I really had a problem with the comments of her hunting, remember Bristal said she was hunting a couple of week ago as well, but my problem is that you have 5 kids and when you get home for a day you go hunting!!!! give me a break. Who the hell is taking care of these kids, one with “special” needs? Has anyone seen that adopted baby….
    The picture of the Wasilla bash before the glenn beck dig, really bothered me where you see Piper looking up at her- like please Mom pay attention to me!!! I have only raised two and it was a lot of work to balance a job and two kids. I turned down lots of management opportunities because of my kids, because that came first. I really have a problem with any woman that thinks it is ok to let someone else raise your kids while you do what you want. That is not Gods way. I really, really hate this so called woman. She should not be allowed to call herself mom if she is not doing the job of mom. She does not hunt, raise her children, govern, have any ideas…… bla bla bla…………… way to go Malia it atleast made it to Policiusa, yea. Keep up the good work, and I enjoyed your book.


    1. Great post, Malia! Thanks for all your hard work that you put into it. I was also disgusted, to say the least, to hear her talk about blood under her nails after a week. However, that was her way to work her alleged hunting story into the speech. Even if it was true, which I highly doubt, there is no reason for there to still be blood under your nails for a week. Soak your nails in hydrogen peroxide, $arah, you idiot!

      She can’t stand it when she is found out to be the liar she is and the V.F. article proved just that. Her trashy mouth was evident on Hannity when she spoke of the author but of course, she didn’t correct anything. In fact, she said she didn’t read it, just heard about it and it was all lies. People were saying these things long before 2008 about her and yet she still continues to lie every time she opens her mouth. I really appreciate the many bloggers and few journalists who will call her out on it.


  15. Thanks Malia. You, and so many others, work hard to inform the public about what a fraud $p is, but as long as she is a mouth piece for big corporations, nothing will stick.


  16. Malia,
    In the last 15 minutes of shannyn’s show today she talked about this story. I couldn’t hear where she attributed the story to as far as the source. I just heard her say ‘ someone ‘ was reporting this faux fairy tale of BS.
    It might have been your story. It should be in the archive podcast.
    She made the whole story up… OR she was poaching I guess. Which one BS??


  17. Great post, Malia.
    I’m sorry to say that I have lost a lot of respect for Alaskans because of all the lies they have let Palin get away with.
    If they let her get away with these hunting without a licence lies and violations then, I’m not surprised they acted like they were blind when she walked around Alaska padding her belly to fake a pregnancy.

    Last month, Palin came to my state to give a speech. She told lots of lies about President Obama and then, she had the gall to try and tell my governor what to do about abortion legislation in our state! Yup, Alaska’s nutcakes 1/2 term ex-gov came down to my state and pretended like she had some kind of authority and had a say in our affairs; but, she’s for “small government and keeping Feds out of Alaska, right.


  18. Why am I not surprised in the least? Telling blatant, easily disprovable lies has been her trademark since she was “exonerated” by the Branchflower report!


  19. It’s not illegal to hunt and kill caribou without a license and permit – if you never actually went hunting in the first place.

    It’s not illegal to get on an airplane when you are 34 weeks pregnant and inconvenience all the passengers on the plane with a potential emergency landing – if you never actually were pregnant in the first place.

    Pathological and compulsive lying is not a crime – unless it’s under oath. This is the world of a sociopath. This is the world of Sarah Palin.


  20. Of course she lied. She lied about caribou hunting and she lied about the blood. She is pathological, but thinks these anecdotes are “homey” and “cute” to her audiences. I appreciate all the research you and other commenters here have done to “prove” that BS did not do what she said. However, her fans will call sour grapes and say we are “jealous.” The undecideds will not see this post and so it goes. I’m very depressed….


  21. liar liar pants on fire. she burnishes her credentials by creating a myth and is emboldened to tell more lies when she isnt caught. this one’s a whopper. where are the mainstream media?


  22. Thank you, Malia for this excellent reporting. I’ll look forward to Alaskans who may come forward when B.S.’s “reality” show airs that Palin did not do her stunts and is a liar. This show is so transparent I am incredulous B.S’s devout folowers distort it to being a “documentary” about AK. Tina Fey was on the mark doing the skit about the Palin tv channel lol!

    I also believe B.S. is a pathalogical liar.


  23. Could this possibly have been right after the taping of her hunting episode for Sarah Palin’s Alaska? Is there any way to find out?


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    They’re very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for starters. May you please extend them a little from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.


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