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Chelsea’s pregnant! Hmmm. Hillary hasn’t even announced her candidacy for President in 2016 and journalists are already attacking Hillary for the birth of her grandchild, that hasn’t happened yet, for what she hasn’t done yet, which the media hasn’t reported on yet. The suggestion is that the media was too harsh in it’s criticism of Sarah Palin in 2008 for using Trig as a prop, so Hillary might use her grandchild in the same way, but the assumption is that the media wouldn’t report on it if she did.

There are so many things wrong with this story that it’s difficult to know where to begin.
(1) When Sarah Palin paraded Trig at the RNC, he was her child, she carried him with his face outward as if to make sure the audience saw his face and knew he had Down’s Syndrome.


Remember the shots of her family sitting in the audience with Piper licking her hand and smoothing Trig’s hair.

Nobody was critical of her for having her family at the convention. We expect to see the candidate’s family.

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(2) This baby would not be Hillary’s child, but her grandchild. Any person running for President with a child under a year old should be questioned about the time commitment necessary to devote to the Presidency and the child.

(3) During the time Hillary was the First Lady, she and Bill worked hard to keep Chelsea out of the public eye. There is no indication that Hillary would flaunt a grandchild. In fact history tells us she would work hard to keep reporters away from the child.

(4) If Chelsea’s baby was conceived for political purposes, this was poor timing. It would be sensational if the woman running for President had a daughter pregnant during the campaign, and Hillary would become a grandma during her first term as the first female President.

(5) Remembering the election of 2008, it was Sarah’s daughter who was pregnant at the time of the campaign. The party of morality and Christian values nominated a woman for Vice President who had been pregnant herself before she was married. Her daughter was pregnant out of wedlock DURING the campaign.

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(6) The contrast between Bristol and Chelsea is dramatic. Bristol had her first child while a teenager and unmarried. Chelsea is in her 30’s and has been married for almost four years. Bristol dropped out of high school and had to graduate late because of the pregnancy. She has never attended college. Chelsea graduated from one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, Stanford, where she graduated with highest honors. She has earned masters degrees (plural) from Oxford and Columbia. She is currently pursuing a PhD from Oxford and NYU. Her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is an investment banker, and has probably never shot a moose, or fathered a child out of wedlock named for a handgun.

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(7) When Sarah gave birth to Trig (assuming only for purposes of argument, that Sarah gave birth to a baby that is now called Trig) when she was 44 years of age she had a 1 in 38 chance of having a child with a Down’s. When Chelsea has a baby at 34 years of age, her risk of her child having Down’s is 1 in 500. When journalists reacted to Sarah parading Trig around as if carrying a trophy, they were reacting to the impression that Sarah didn’t think of Trig as her child, but instead as a prop, to remind her supporters that she was a right-to-life advocate. Now that Sarah still uses Trig as a prop,

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leaves him with babysitters, and even forgets his birthday, it is clear that reporters were astute when they characterized Sarah’s relationship with Trig at the RNC in 2008.

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