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My post today commenting on Palin forgetting Trig’s birthday appeared on the Internet at approximately 12:55 pm.
Almost thirty minutes later a post on Sarah Palin’s Facebook appeared. Sarah was wishing everyone a happy Easter and in a “PS” she mentioned “Happy Birthday” to Trig. The timing was priceless! I waited until two days AFTER Trig’s birthday to post anything thinking that if pictures were taken, or a party was planned it could have taken a few hours to process the pictures or post them on Facebook. Trig’s birthday was Friday. The “PS” post came today, coincidentally thirty minutes after I reminded Sarah that she forgot the special day of her special needs son. The fact that the mention of wishes for Trig’s “happy birthday” came only in a “PS”…afterthought…was clearly confirmation that Sarah DID forget Trig’s special day. More telling was the fact that she didn’t post a picture to advertise a cake, party, or presents. She was kissing Trig as he headed off to school on the bus.

trig going to school

trig going to school kisses

While she mentioned he was taking treats to the kids at school to celebrate his special day, it surely wasn’t cupcakes or a birthday cake. It must have been something that could be transported in his backpack…maybe fruit roll ups or gummy bears. There were no pictures of an Easter Egg hunt, Easter baskets the kids got, or even a picture of the family dressed up for Easter Sunday services. Sarah’s shoes look more like slippers so this picture could have been taken any morning …and by whom? Notice how the picture is framed as if staged. The kiss that is given is also staged. Everyone knows that boys who are six years old hate mom giving a kiss. Everyone knows that when a mother drops her child off at school, or says goodbye, she gives him a HUG! Moreover this picture is taken not as Trig is getting out of the car, or while entering the school bus, or on the way down the sidewalk toward the bus, but as if the picture is staged with the picture being taken in front of the car where Sarah and Trig could pose for the camera. A hug in this context would have been a sign of affection. A kiss like this one is staged. The look on Trig’s face before the kiss is a clear sign he isn’t comfortable kissing this strange person. The turn of his foot is an indication of his level of discomfort with the charade. It’s like Sarah was posing in front of the green screen for a show.

palin reading green screen

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