six brthday cake

What will be the theme of your birthday party? What kind of a cake would you like? How many kids will come? What is the gift you’d most like to get on your special day? These are the questions that fill the heads of five years olds across the country. Mothers of five year olds plan the party weeks in advance, and if they don’t personally decorate the cake, they find just the right bakery to supply that special cake on the 6th birthday.

In all the pictures we have seen of Trig, there has not been a single one with a birthday party, a birthday cake, or candles he blew out. We haven’t seen a picture of friends gathering around to sing to Trig, a picture of Trig opening that special present, or any candles he blew out on any birthday cake. Trig turned 6 years old on April 18th. Six years later, Sarah seems to have forgotten about that special day for Trig. She didn’t post even a note on her facebook
wishing Him a Happy Birthday, and explaining why mommy had to miss his special day.

The people at US4Palin are “not authorized by Gov. Palin, her staff or any other candidate or committee” but they remembered Trig’s birthday.

US4Palin posted pictures of Trig, taken near his birthday. Not one shows a birthday cake, candles, presents, or friends. The unbelievable thing is that for Trig’s 6th birthday, they didn’t seem to have a current picture of Trig. Recognizing that there remains a controversy about whether Trig’s birth mother is someone other than Sarah, the picture they posted for “Trig’s Birthday was a picture of the hospital where she supposedly gave birth. That’s a rather odd choice of pictures to post instead of the 6 yr old with his cake?

Todd wished Trig a happy 6th birthday, and posted this picture.

trig and todd snow 6th

Funny thing is that this picture looks so much like the one posted on Trig’s 5th birthday.

The Palins used to post pictures of Trig on his birthday. No there are no pictures to be found of Trig with either parent.
trig and todd snow 6th

trig third birthday

What was Todd thinking? Of course we wouldn’t forget that picture of Trig waving because of the position of his boot(it appears Todd is holding it, and Trig doesn’t have it on)!!! What a great way to celebrate the special needs of a child on his 6th birthday, with his mother gone, his father using a picture that is a year old, and the only picture posted by anyone for his special day is a picture of the hospital where he was allegedly born, to his alleged mother who used to be the Governor, and who used to pose in pictures with him. No party, no presents, no mother, no cake, no candles, no celebration of life!

trig 2012 fire

trig second birthday

trig march 2013

trig jan 7, 2014

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