As Palin jets around the country campaigning for candidates in some of the most conservative states, we wonder what happened to her young children Piper and Trig. The Republican Party is also wondering what happened to the woman they promoted to one of the highest positions in politics and is responsible for her national presence. When she’s not filming with the producers of Amazing America she will be visiting in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Iowa.

The most telling endorsement and choice of candidates she’ll be supporting is Mr. Sasse. Sasse is running in the primary against Shane Osborn, a Navy Pilot, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroic service.
Mr. Osborn is not only a conservative, but a Distinguished member of the military. The message is that Sarah Palin values the military when it suits her purpose, and at no other time.

Democrats thanked John McCain for ensuring the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Democrats will thank her once again for splitting the conservative vote and electing Democrats once again to the Senate, the House, this year, and Hillary in 2016.

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