How many times have we heard Sarah Palin say that “kids are off limits?” Bristol was pregnant during the 2008 campaign, and the comment about kids being “off limits” was originally made with Bristol’s pregnancy in mind. Let’s reflect on the media attention she has received that SHE willingly participated in and profited from:

1. People Magazine

2. Sale of Baby pictures for $300,000.00 

3. Giving Speeches

4. Making Commercials 

5. Giving television interviews

6. Announcement of Plans to Marry

7. Harper’s Magazine

8. Dancing with the Stars

9. Purchase of Home in Arizona

10. Announcement of Potential Political Future

11. Announcement of move to Los Angeles 

12. Announcement of a book

In fact there are over 1,400,000 pictures on google “images” of the woman who was supposed to be off limits, but who was posing for most of these pictures.

Jon Stewart did an insightful commentary of leaving kids alone, and Bristol Palin in particular.

Even Levi Johnston has enjoyed,and sought, media attention.

Levi Johnston Celebrates His 21st Birthday in Las Vegas

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